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    Cushings and loss of appetite

    Basically diagnosed with Cushing's in January this year. TRH stimulation test showed a level of 660 when should be below 100. Started on 1 tablet of Prascend/day. Had to reduce for a week as loss of appetite and diarrhoea. Retested end of March when level had dropped to just over 300. Another...
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    volunteers needed at Weston park

    Sunday 12th October, SJ and dressage stewards needed. Please let me know if you can help and I'll pass your details on.
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    Volunteers needed for Brand Hall on Sunday

    As above, please let me know if you can help? Thanks
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    Anyone at Bradwall yesterday that can help Bonnie Fishburn?

    Message from her facebook - Please can anyone help...I have just gone to unpack my vehicle after Bradwall horse Trials yesterday and I am missing my riding boots. They are the Equiclass Italian ones and I had cleaned them and put them away in my navy blue Koniq boot bag. I was in a black Nissan...
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    Stafford Horse Trials, still more volunteers needed please

    Another plea for some volunteers for Stafford please? If you can spare even half a day please call Michelle Taylor on 07909526068 Thanks
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    Rekindling that passion for dressage, with Lee Pearson..........

    One of our local riding clubs organises a Chinese Auction every year to raise money for the Midland Air Ambulance. This year we raised £3,040 on the evening for this worthwhile charity. One of the star prizes (£10 per ticket) was a lesson with Lee Pearson, who is an ambassador for the Air...
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    Stafford Horse trials volunteers needed

    Can anyone help fence judge or dressage steward first weekend in April, Fri Sat or Sun? Very well looked after, super food, bottle of wine after and free school round course on the Monday weather and ground permitting. If so let me know and I'll get you in contact with either Michelle or Jo. Cheers
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    Recommendations for decent leather girth for jump saddle please?

    Ok have used a stubben string girth for years but have recently swapped to a different breastplate so am after a decent leather girth to go with my stubben seigfried jump saddle. Not that I'm fussy ;) but I need a nice soft leather one on the horse side as my boy is a sensitive ginger, and would...
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    Stafford BE FJ report and a plea to competitors walking courses

    Spent a lovely day in the sun yesterday FJ'ing the water complex at Stafford Horse Trials, BE90 first then the B100. Course was prepared beautifully and we didn't see any tired horses which was a pleasure as their course is pretty hilly and near optimum length. The water complex in both...
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    Helpers needed at Stafford Horse Trials

    As title, can anyone help in the dressage please? If so please pm me.
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    How often do you jump outside comps, especially with older horses?

    I've never jumped a great deal at home, just the odd session or lesson, certainly never more than once a week tops. Its mainly XC schooling or farm rides on a weekend when not competing. However last year and this I have cut down a little as am conscious he is getting older and he does have...
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    XC schooling yesterday, any improvement? *pics and videos*

    Ok so what with one thing and another it has been 6 months since we both saw a XC fence :eek: so despite getting no sleep due to a raging ear infection and being decidedly cranky I was determined to go! Last year if you remember we had problems with control XC due to me feeding his winter feed...
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    Stafford BE Friday cancelled due to heavy snow fall

    Such a shame.
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    Jumping in a 18x30m indoor school, help please?

    Ok am struggling to get more than one fence in the school to play over until its light enough to school outside, so I'm after any help on this you can give please? Where exactly can I position the fences to get more than one in and to jump it from both reins? On the plus side it is making me...
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    Proposed route of HS2 - staight through BE events!

    Not sure if any of you are aware of the destruction this will cause not only to the countryside, people's lives etc but that it is also proposed to go straight through Stafford BE course!
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    Seeing as a lack of reports, here is a different report to enjoy - plus video

    Annual Christmas fun show for our local riding club, where there was fancy dress, drill rides over fences and then a team gymkhana. Please excuse the lack of fancy dress as I only got roped in late Friday night and it was on the Saturday morning! If you don't want to watch the whole video...
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    Where do you get your supplements from?

    Following on from the post on NJS and the effects I was just wondering where you buy your supplements from? Am after somewhere reliable and cheaper than buying direct from my vets please?
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    Red frilly at Arena Eventing, help with pic choice please.......

    Ok local RC ran some arena eventing on Saturday so decided to enter the 80cm pairs for a laugh with a friend who also has a ginger boy, so team Ginger Nutters were go :p Organisers took on board what I'd shown them about unfixed portables so the XC section was all WH type fences and knock down...
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    For those ladies with boobs, best sports bra recommendations please?

    Ok so my trusty shock absorber level 3 has finally bitten the dust so am on the hunt for a replacement or two. Anyone got any recommendations or do I go for shock absorbers again? I have a large bust and it needs to be strong enough to hold everything in for SJ and XC :o
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    What do you use under your saddle and why?

    Just musing, so interested in whether you use a saddle pad, half pad, saddlecloth etc and why? Has anyone used the prolite pad and if so do you use it with or without a saddlecloth? Do you use different combinations? Ta muchly
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    Jump saddle recommendations please?

    Ok have been very happy for a couple of years with my Stubben Seigfried Special jump saddle. However Pidge has finally decided to fill out so the saddle is now a little narrow for him. Is it worth getting altered or do I go jump saddle shopping? If so what saddles give you a secure feeling but...
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    I got my XC machine back, very successful schooling session at Eland today........

    So its now been nearlly two weeks since I cut his feed down (took out the 1/2 scoop of super conditioning flakes) and popped his drop noseband back in. Well after last weeks successful trial at local HT, went with sis and friend to Eland for a school round. Well what can I say other than he was...
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    Where is best to advertise a 17.1 ISH for sale?

    Not mine, but a friends circumstances have changed and means she can no longer afford to keep her horse anymore. Which sites are the best for selling as she would prefer to sell to an individual than a dealer if she can? Thanks in advance
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    Super quick response to sorting portable XC fence out today, and quick HT report too!

    Did local HT today and noticed one of the Intermediate fences was only secured at the back and not the front, big wide table. Told the nice ladies in the warm up and had to explain the problem to those in charge as she didn't understand the problem to start with. Within 30 mins (fence wasn't...
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    Good safe XC courses near to Stafford?

    Am after places that have properly constructed and secured XC fences that are not too far away due to cost of diesel! Currently compete at Eland, and school or farm ride at Somerford with the ocassional spin round Woodside (local unaff course).
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    Kerilli et al need serious advice XC please..........

    Ok am after some serious advice now from the likes of Kerilli, Sarah Jane, Nicky M etc whose advice I take on board. As some of you may have been aware I've had problems with the XC pace esp at Eland this year not that we've done much but still! So swapped his drop noseband for a mexican...
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    Vote for Olympic equestrians here.........
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    Look what the postman delivered FOC! Came last Friday, not sure where from as entered a few comps recently, but gave them a try out on Saturday when went for a play XC and they didn't spin round at all. I usually use the equilibrium ones but find they...
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    Red frillies, change of career perhaps? and jacket advice please?

    Ok seeing as most of this season has been a wash out :rolleyes: took the errant Veteran ginger beastie to our local riding club show yesterday. He was a very good boy and jumped a nice CR in the Working Hunter ring, followed by two lovely clear rounds and really nice shows to win the Novice and...
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    Success at local RC show, finally seem to have control sorted....

    First local RC show this year, damn weather!, thought as only doing the working hunter classes I'd try him in the Mexican Grackle again and see how it affected his jumping as only time previously I'd jumped him in it he hated it and it killed all his enthusiasm for jumping So took him round the...