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    Choosing puppy from litter (GSD)

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has any advise on choosing a puppy from a litter? After many months we have finally chosen the perfect litter which we are very excited about and we are in the fortunate position to have 2nd pick. We have always gone for the puppy that tends to ‘choose us’ in a...
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    How to get a ‘bigger’ canter

    Hi, Any advise would be much appreciated! Exercises etc to achieve this thanks!
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    Carpal Hygroma

    I’m looking for a magnetic knee boot to hopefully bring down the swelling. Has anyone used magnetic knee boots successfully here? If so what brands have you used? TIA!
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    Clincher Browband

    Hi, I've seen quite a few of these around recently and I just wondered what people think about them? I quite like them but I can't decide if I would want one or not. Are they usually used on certain colours or types of horses or for a specific discipline? TIA
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    Is there a 'win olympia tickets competition'

    I am sure I saw a similar competition last year and I would love to have a chance of winning. TIA:)
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    Smart country/ riding boots

    My mum is going to take up riding again, just hacking once or twice a week at the most. It won't be anything more than wondering around on a very, very safe horse. So I am wanting to buy her some country boots or similar. I know that they are not the best for riding but she wants something...
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    Leather headcollars

    I have recently bought a leather headcollar from PE but its so new and clean i'm now a bit worried to use it!! Does anyone have any advice on keeping them in good condition or do people recommend just keeping them for travelling and shows instead of everyday use? Thanks :)
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    Heather Moffett seatbone saddle saver

    Obviously it is quite expensive so was just wondering if they are worth the money or if there are any cheaper alternatives? I’m finding my wintec saddle really uncomfortable especially on longer hacks! Thanks
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    Hay ball / Stable toys

    Has anyone used a hay ball to keep a horse occupied...( fat pony needs to stay in to reduce grass intake) They’re pretty expensive so want to make sure peoples horses use them first. Thanks !
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    Ideas for sponsorship for university club

    Hi I hope this kind of post is allowed! I'm on the committee for my universities Equestrian and Polo society and I really want to try to gain some new sponsorship for the club. We're a successful club and can offer different packages to companies including having their logo on team...
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    Foxhounds and Bloodhounds

    Hi, Sorry this has been posted before but I'm still confused... what is the difference between hunting with foxhounds and hunting with bloodhounds? Probably really silly questions... Would there have been any differences pre ban or is it something that has come about because of this? Do hunts...
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    Arthritis help

    My 7/8/ year old GSD has been lame for the past couple of week. It is noticeably worse when she has been sitting down however some days its barely noticeable and others she really hobbles. Vet has said its arthritis of her shoulder. We've just started her on yumove however if bloods come back...
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    Polo boots

    I started playing polo last year at university and I've decided to buy some polo boots. As I haven't been playing for long I'm not looking to spend to much money. I haven't had much luck with finding a second hand pair and id rather buy new anyway. Ive looked at the RJ polo ones and the Tuffa...
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    Favourite online shop?

    This has been done to death I know! But.... what is your go to online store for horsey things?
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    Jump exercises

    I only have access to two jumps (2 sets of wings and a couple of poles) Has anyone got any good exercises that I can do with these? Obviously I can just place them individually but its not giving my horse that much to think about... time to invest in some more jumps probably! thanks
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    Green Guard Muzzle

    Hi my horse needs to be on restricted grazing so we switch between small paddocks and muzzling him as it is a lot nicer for him to be out with his herd. However he has a sensitive nose (pink and prone to sunburn)and his normal basket type muzzle rubs if he wears it for more than a day. We are...
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    can you wash hi-vis exercise sheets

    I have a newish Mark todd wrap around exercise sheet, that was put in the machine and washed as it was so muddy however the yellow hi-vis and i think also the waterproofing has come off! Can you not wash them, or should I get in touch with MT. Obviously they get covered in mud so quickly so...
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    this made me smile

    :o This morning when out on a ride, I was sped past really fast by a really inconsiderate driver, luckily my horse being the saint he is he didn't bat an eyelid. But on the way back, I passed an elderly gentleman on the pavement across the road from us who proceeded to put down and fold up...
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    Boxing day deals

    :eek: Boxing day deals! has anyone come across any good deals on rugs? I really need a lightweight turn out and am keen to find one in the sales, thanks!
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    Getting horses back done

    Just a question, I get my horses back done every so often by an equine spinal therapist just to keep him feeling great! (theres nothing wrong with him) so I'm looking to book him in again but am not sure whether to book him in before or after we go hunting? theres nothing wrong with his...
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    I am a first year student and was planning on joining the equestrian society but for various reasons have instead started playing polo which I am really enjoying. However like everything in the equestrian world it is so expensive(although it is a lot cheaper than usual)! I am currently looking...
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    Equestrian societies at uni

    Hi, Im off to university in a few days and will be joining the equestrian society and maybe the polo society as well. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of either societies although I appreciate this will vary from different universities. How often did you ride, and was it...
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    How to cope with change

    My share horse is moving to a different yard as I am going to university in October. I will still be able to ride him but it won't be the same as I love the yard and the people on it so much, and am so sad he is moving. and i know we will not get a space back on the yard once we move to new...
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    Missing your horse

    Im going to university in September and I'm going to miss my loan horse so much:( Ive had him for 5 years and I honestly love him so so much. How do you all cope not seeing your horse while at university/ away for long periods of time?
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    not sure if I've made this up?

    may have made this exercise up or i may have seen it before but i have no idea! Is putting the poles of a jump course all to the group a beneficial exercise? So still having the jump poles in the place where jumps may be but not having jumps. Would this allow you to work on transitions, turns...
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    Cobs can! Your fit cobs

    Just for fun! Show me your fit cobs and how you keep them fit!
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    When does hay get cut?

    I have no idea when it comes to this so may sound completely stupid! Just wondering what month roughly hay gets cut off fields? Or does it vary form field to field? thanks
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    Best online shop

    What if your favourite online equestrian shop? Cheapest/ best deals!
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    Correct spacing for canter, trotting poles and cavaletti

    I've heard a few different ways and distances that people space their poles so now I'm a bit confused! Please can someone tell me the correct spacing for trotting poles and canter poles. Do you count your steps and if so how many? Also are cavaletti placed the same distance apart as trot/ canter...
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    Best and worst thing about your horse

    What is the best and worst thing about your horse?? - Just for fun:)