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    Clear name of Bertram Allen

    Absolutely not. The rule is there to protect horses, whether injury caused is accidental or not and regardless of who caused it. If we start letting riders off the rules will be very open to abuse. The decision must stand for the credibility of the sport.
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    What do you get your farrier for Christmas

    I have kbown my farrier for donkeys years now and we have become good friends, drink in the pub, attend barbeques etc so he gets me a gift and i get him one and of course his apprentice who has patiently put up with our "banter" over the last year and borne being the butt of many a joke with a...
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    Manege not menage

    Lol, I have been known to take a red pen and correct the spelling when viewing property brochures with a friend. The estate agent raised an eyebrow and I had to red-facedly explain that as a teacher, I just couldn't stand not to correct it.
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    Beaters and shooters practically trying to kill us?!

    As someone who both rides and shoots for the pot, I can say it is utter tosh that a beater cannot stop the shoot. ANY member of the shoot can raise an alarm to halt the guns. If OP asked what was going on then that person should have said that it was a shoot not just laughed it off. Its poor...
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    Wocket Woy and Mattie Bach

    I can't watch them ... My bladder just can't hold up to vigorous laughter that I simply can't hold back!
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    Trying endurance with a cob?

    Go for it! There are plenty of natives out competing in endurance and doing pretty darn well at it too! I used to compete with my arab (before he retired from endurance at 24!) and we were often accompanied by a whole range of ponies, cobs and other non-arabs. My big heavy cob is going to start...
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    Livery urgently needed in the Plymouth/totnes area

    Her her I had to ban myself from going to redpost for sake of my bank balance lol! Oo it might be worth emailing them to ask if they have anything on their notice board or could put one up for you?
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    Livery urgently needed in the Plymouth/totnes area

    If you are on Facebook have a look at west Devon riding club page. There are a couple spaces advertised on there including a little yard available for two horses in crapstone which is really lovely if you could get someone to share with you?
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    At my wits end...story follow on.....

    Sorry but sack your vet. All the behaviour and ridden issues you describe absolutely scream pain to me and are classic symptoms of hind gut ulcers if not kissing spines. If I were you I would get a new vet to do a proper gut and lameness work up and contact a feed specialist to advise you of...
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    My old boy died this morning - feeling rather low

    Sorry for your loss. We all understand your pain here and we are here if you need us. Give yourself some time to heal, and chocolate, lots of chocolate xx
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    Grippy but soft girth?

    I second neoprene banana girths as a good option. Grippy but comfortable and not too expensive either (got mine from Equine Whispers). incidentally if your saddle is slipping then either it or you are not balanced. Might be worth getting it checked ;)
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    No Breaks!

    Do you tend to canter in the same places? I would personally not canter for a little while but instead be working on getting a good walk-stop and trot-walk transitions. Only once these are re-established, then I would start reintroducing short canters. If he tanks, its back to walk and trot...
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    Does anyone know yet why sycamore seeds are suddenly so toxic?

    I certainly don't agree with all Dave's points, but he does have some valid ones. Maybe he hasn't worded them very well but I didn't get the impression he was trying to wind anyone up, just stating an opinion (however well informed or not) on an open forum as we all are. I understand that for...
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    Does anyone know yet why sycamore seeds are suddenly so toxic?

    Well may be sycamores causing AM wasn't previously known but them being potentially harmful certainly was. I knew because I was told by a farmer, he knew because he was told by his father. My vet has been saying for donkeys years not to graze under sycamores or oaks (he is also very against...
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    Does anyone know yet why sycamore seeds are suddenly so toxic?

    Well I am not blaming the owners of dead horses and I don't think anyone else is either, but there does seem to be a bit of a panic about sycamores. All we can do is minimise the risk as best we can without over reacting IMHO
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    Does anyone know yet why sycamore seeds are suddenly so toxic?

    But the vast majority DON'T eat them. Maybe we are seeing more cases because the way we keep horses has changed so much and our managent is putting them at risk or maybe we are just more aware of it. Maybe horses are eating them because they are lacking a certain vitamin, maybe selective...
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    Does anyone know yet why sycamore seeds are suddenly so toxic?

    Your not the only one who has heard prior to 2013 that sycamores are poisonous. I remember being scolded as a kid by a farmer for putting berries in my mouth and got a good lecture about which plants were ok to scrump nuts and seeds from and which ones were not. I just remember him showing me...
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    Weight gain without fizziness

    I use grass nuts and chaff (along with a scoop of veteran mix and oil) through the winter to keep weight on my 28 year old. I have tried all sorts of weight gain and conditioning feeds and mixes but this works best for him. The grass nuts are great as they give him a little boost without sending...
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    Sharer dilemma...

    That seems like a really sensible approach. :)
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    Question about oldies

    The weather being so changeable isn't helping I think. I like to rug as late as possible so his summer coat is properly grown out and he has some winter woolies of his own. Thankfully he doesn't have Cushing's but is arthritic and the cold makes him stiff. He gets a joint supplement daily all...
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    Question about oldies

    My oldie feels the cold more now. I make sure he has plenty of hay out from end of September even though we still have plenty of grass as I find this helps him. We have lots of shelter from the wind and rain but if he starts looking too cold the rugs come out (usually around november). In my...
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    Horse Play that always ends in tears... help!

    I agree regarding removing all shoes if they are not in work and just giving them time to sort things out for themselves. As to putting sheep in, I would give them a chance to settle and then maybe add a few in later on and see how it goes. Some horses like sheep, some don't. All three of mine...
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    Went on my first hound exercise!

    Lol he was just a bit of an eager beaver wasn't he?! Glad you both had fun, thats what its all about :)
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    Best field safe head collar

    I use Horseware Field safe as it has three break away velcro points in case of emergency. They arent the cheapest but when my big fella arrived, he was feral so it helped to have something i could take apart in stages or leave on if needed. Had it a few years now and still as good as new.
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    Connemaras... experiences/opinions

    I have always loved Connies. They are fun ponies, cheeky but not silly and proper little troopers. My big fella is a Connie x Vanner and is the best horse I have ever had. He is clever in the funniest ways. There is not a gate, bolt, bin or box he cannot open and no hedge big enough to keep him...
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    Mature enough to back ?

    Yes right up til around six and sometimes later! Mine do light work for the first year, just hacking and basic schooling. They don't start jumping til they turn six much to the dismay of many locals who tell me I should be just getting on with it and be out round all the hedges etc by now! Sigh...
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    Help! Do I complain about my vet?

    Yes, which is what I then apologised for in my subsequent post!
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    Mature enough to back ?

    Nope but then I personally don't start any youngsters regardless of how mature they might look, til they are at least four and half, sometimes later depending on how I think they are physically and mentally.
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    Please talk to me about Friesians!!!!!!!!

    My old boss used to say of friesians and cobs " of course they move well, they must or they wouldn't stay sound. Doesn't mean they should be doing anything other than pulling a damn cart!" Needless to say he wasn't a fan lol! Personally I have known and worked with quite a few. The few i met...