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  1. Elsiecat

    Do I keep her? WWYD?

    A neighbour asked me about 10 days ago if I'd be interested/know anyone who may be interested/be able to spend a few days on his horse. I said yes. Took him about 3 days to manage to catch her as she's 4 and hasn't been handled at all in 1 or 2 years. Anyway, she's a gorgeous section D with...
  2. Elsiecat

    Have I found the WORST for sale advert picture of all time? What a lovely looking pony! Nice conformation and a kind eye.
  3. Elsiecat

    Spotted Shetland? Showing?

    Basically my mum has fallen in love with a spotted little RSCPA pony that she has seen at an RSCPA centre. He's not yet online. To me he is a shetland. She wants a little pony that she can show, but when I looked on the Shetland breed standard it says "Colour Shetland ponies may be any...
  4. Elsiecat

    elsiecat draws a horse - GG and Chan inspired me!

    Need a bit of fine tuning but I'm quite please with the finished result :)
  5. Elsiecat

    **UPDATE** Bailey goes to a show! Week 9 - Pictures

    We decided to take Bailey to what we thought was a small local show.. Big mistake. Turns out it was a huge agricultural show! He behaved like a dream but had a few wobbly moments - a bit of reassurance and he was fine again though :):D There was big confusion over what we should enter among...
  6. Elsiecat

    Showing help please! I couldn't be more confused! Height: Members are asked to take the following heights into consideration for animals registered in Section B and Section C: Yearlings 12.3 hh. 2 Year Olds 13.0 hh. 3 Year Olds 13.1 hh. 4 year old & over to exceed 13.2hh Our Welsh Section C is 12hh...
  7. Elsiecat

    Day 23, **update** on Bailey our little scruffy freebie!

    Well, I say 'scruffy' I like to think he's made the transformation in to a fine young man! He's gone from this to this in just over 3 weeks! It's hard to believe he hasn't been here forever. He follows us around like a puppy. He's always looking for ways to please. The other day I...
  8. Elsiecat

    **Update** Diamond in the rough Pt.2 - PICTURE HEAVY

    Anyone thats read - will know that scruffy little pony was due to arrive yesterday! Here he was when we viewed him - We were literally handed his passport and told "Good luck with him, hope you enjoy him" Nothing else asked! So...
  9. Elsiecat

    Just shook on a new pony! Gorgeous little diamond in the rough!

    I've been after a little summer project and I've just shook on him! I'd say hes about 12.2hh. I think once he's scrubbed up and had a few good meals he'll do cracking at in-hand. Also want my farrier to have a good look at his feet! If all goes well planning to sell him July/August time...
  10. Elsiecat

    Fish people? Help :( high fishy casualties!

    A few weeks ago I bought some cold water fish. I had about 8 fish of 2 or 3 different types. On top of that I got a mini eel looking thing (about 2 inches long) and a white frog. My tank had been alive for 3 days beforehand like i was recommended. Eel died within a week. The rest were...
  11. Elsiecat

    Could this be a cyst on her ovaries? Ideas?

    My horse has always been opinionated and quite moody. I've never took it as anything more than that. She's had her silly moments whilst been ridden eg. bucking when I've asked for a canter occasionally (which I've put down to excitement) or suddenly having a mad few seconds and then calming down...
  12. Elsiecat

    What do you keep on your horse box?

    Where has the thread gone from a while ago where people listed what they liked to have on their horse boxes? I can't find it :( Also feel free to list what you take! I'm trying to write a check list :o
  13. Elsiecat


    Well after always using cheapo/second hand saddles tomorrow I shall be putting down my first payment on a brand new Bates VSD. In brown, so will look smashing on the ginger I think. Pointless post but I feel like I'm starting to get *my own* things for her and it's very exciting :D
  14. Elsiecat

    Having an inspection to foster dogs tomorrow afternoon - panicking!!!

    Having an inspection at half 4 tomorrow to foster dogs. We've signed up for overnight, weekend, emergency and for fostering dogs that can't cope with the kennel environment. Starting to panic a bit now. What types of things do I need to consider? What do they look out for? What questions...
  15. Elsiecat

    Toying with the idea of getting a small pony for showing.. Options?

    Really enjoy in-hand showing but none of my horses are particularly 'inhand' horses. I am seriously considering getting myself a nice little pony for in hand. Can't decide whether to go for something young or not. Want it under 10 hands really. Whats my choices? Obviously theres the...
  16. Elsiecat

    Someone 'ew'd my horse!!!!! Why be rude!!!!!

    Hacking down a fairly narrow (one car width) lane earlier with foxy and cromdoms. A lad and girl were walking towards us. Instead of going to one side so we could all pass each other they continued to walk straight at us. So we stopped and waited for them to walk around us. This meant the lad...
  17. Elsiecat

    A BIG thumbs up for Hope Valley

    Went instore the other week, fab shop, fab staff. Bought far too much. Whilst I was wondering I took my gloves off to try on hats. Drove home (well over an hour away) and realised I was gloveless. I rang up and they said if I could cover posting or order something online then someone...
  18. Elsiecat

    Horse boxes.. Possibly a daft question?

    Looking at a horsebox where the owner has said it's suitable for two larger horses (16.2) and a smaller pony. They said they regularly take a 16.2 and 2 14.2s in it. They reckon my horses (16.3 tb, 16.1 tb and 11.2 welshie) would definitely fit comfortably in, but mentioned that I should work...
  19. Elsiecat

    Getting weight back on an ex-racer, am I missing anything?

    Got him October time. Racing fit with no fat. Weight/muscle dropped faster than we could keep it on. So we're building his fat back on still. He's a million times better than he was. By December he was very skinny. He is - suitable rugged, ad lib haylage. And gets 3 times a day a rugby ball...
  20. Elsiecat

    Just a proud little gloat about the pony we were told to give up on!

    I was given (yes, shock horror - still hasn't been beaten with sticks either) an overweight pony. When they unloaded her at our house, she was chucking her legs high into the air as she walked. We cringed a little but didn't make a comment. We got the farrier out the next day who reckoned her...
  21. Elsiecat

    Photoshop Level 1000
  22. Elsiecat

    Would you take a horse to a show knowing full well they had no chance of placing?

    I quite enjoy inhand showing but the pony I inhand show is now gone. I have a welsh sec-A that hasn't ever been to a show and I want to make her into the perfect all round kids pony eventually. She is cute, very very cute - but not something you'd go out and buy for inhand showing! However I...
  23. Elsiecat

    What goes through people's heads? So they admit that the dog NIPPED (not bit) because he had his foot stud on. This doesn't make the dog vicious! :( Took to the centre after the owners had had him 5 days. They got rid because he was licking...
  24. Elsiecat

    Will someone help match me a nice matchy matchy travel set please?

    Want a nice matchy matchy travel set for the Fox. She's a chestnut mare and about 16.1hh if that helps. I was thinking possibly brown? Not sure what would suit her? Maybe green as she really suits this in a numnah but can't decide how she'd look nearly head to toe in it!!! Don't really want to...
  25. Elsiecat

    Can I legally put signs up on the council-owned grass verges by the road?

    Sick of ringing the council up, being told they will put horse signs up. Horse signs never happening. They then come up with a reason. Usually that there isn't enough horses locally to warrant it (theres easily about 100 within a 2.5 mile radius) or they don't have room in the budget. Today we...
  26. Elsiecat

    A saturday night rug ponder..

    Ok bare with me here - if we exclude what I like to class as 'special rugs' - eg. fly rugs, coolers, exercise sheets, show rugs etc etc. Lets just look at T/O and stable here for this ramble. Say I had a Lightweight T/O and a Medium weight stable - would they using either or, or a...
  27. Elsiecat

    Mud rash questions!

    Foxy has mud rash, fantastic! Her legs around it feel warm - could this be connected? I've trotted her and watched her move around and she definitely isn't lame or anything. The heat is just around the rashes and doesn't extend to her hooves. Any tips for getting rid of mud fever...
  28. Elsiecat

    How much weight can an 11.2 welsh pony carry?

    I posted a while ago about Welsh Pony being lame. Vet looked at the cause and advised box rest as running around with the others wasn't allowing her time to heal. He came back the other week and was extremely pleased with her progress. He said she is now ready to start being re-backed! Also...
  29. Elsiecat

    My house rabbit.. rabbit people opinions please :)

    Just want to check I'm getting it *right* with my rabbit. Had them in the past but wasn't aware of the hay things etc. also past rabbits have always lived outside. I now have a lionhead called Deirdre. She lives in a cage in my room which is about 1.5 metres by about 0.8 metres and she can...
  30. Elsiecat

    Christmas present for my mum.. what do you think?

    As well as the typical stocking fillers I wanted to get her something nice she could keep whilst still being in my limited budget! What do you think of this -...