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    Horse crosses his front legs when moving??

    Has anyone have any experience of this. Were they ok to ride or did it interfere with work? Horse has been unlevel since before christmas now.Had steriod inj 2 weeks go with no changes as yet.Vet says no other treatment options if this doesn't work. Just wondering if this has anything to do...
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    Losing shoes?

    Has anyone any ideas what I can do with my youngster. He has heartbars on front feet and his toes are cut short as trips a lot if slightly long none behind .His pedal bone is 'flatter' than it should be.He is sound as long as he has shoes on. He loses one every 10 days on average,you get one put...
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    Anyone used them?We ordered a pair of boots then cancelled when they didn't have that size in stock but were expecting later. They have taken money but not refunded as yet. Get that annoyed panicy feeling now. Thanks
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    The Old Dairy Saddlery

    Anyone had any dealing with this place. Was looking at pair of Mark Todd boots but need by Sat. Jusy wondeered if any good/bad things pm if preferred. Thanks
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    Ariat versus Mark Todd

    Was wondering if anyone has any experience of both these competition boots. Daughter wants pair of boots for birthday.Asked about MT boots. Just wondering if any major differences? Oh and she does suffer with cold feet so are they much the same that way? Thanks
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    What would/should happen when on LWVTB?

    This is purely a hypothetical question ,it hasn't happen. A friend is thinking of doing this but it got me wondering what would happen if say horse does a tendon whilst on loan period? Would you expect the loaner to purchase horse for agreed price? lower price? Or would the owner be stuck with...
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    Energy without the weight gain?

    We have a warmblood mare who is a really good doer.She is kept in to keep her off the summer grass,soaked haylage and currently spiller lite balancer and cool fibre.Daughter rides for 45/1hr a day (canter work etc).Daughter recently took her to a 80 and 90 course.Mare was looking a bit tired...
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    Worming what do you do?

    Was wondering what others do for worm control. Do you worm everything every time due (with appropriate wormer of course) ? Do you worm count?Couple of random samples and if positive whole field wormed? Or do all your horses get a worm count and only ones over 200 EPG get wormed? We do...
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    Isolation for new horses on yard?

    What does everyone else do for new liveries arriving at yard. Really no facilities for proper isolation from other tbh. I have never been on a yard that operates an isolation policy as no facilities to do this. Most one did was had to box for 24 hrs when first arrived.Just curious if yard...
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    Global Herbs AlphaBute

    Has anyone tried it? And is it ok to compete on it?? Thanks
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    Does anyone have a 'dropped foot' and ride?

    How do you adapt/cope with it riding. I have this in my left foot and tbh am struggling my right canter is fine but left seems to go to pot due to lower leg not doing what its meant to. Thanks
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    Anyone have experiences of stifle ligament probs?

    Good or bad.How long did healing take? Horse had op on hind leg and discovered he had tear in stifle ligament.This was in September last year . Done all the box rest,paddock rest now been back in work since end of Feb/begining March. and not coping . Now back on 10 days boxrest and steriod...
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    What would you expect a 3yr old to do?

    Just as title asked as a novice to 3 yr olds .Would you expect them to be balanced on the bit( I mean properly not just looking pretty) ?Or just straight and foreward and listening? See a lot of youngsters 3/4 yr old that are truly on the bit,balanced and always wonder if good for them at such a...
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    Do you help at your riding club shows?

    Talking members here.If not why not?Or are you a member that just competes?Just wanting to see what peroples thoughts are on this? I will help at any of the shows I can .Usually all the shows because as do dressage(not very well I might add) am not competeing all day so can usually work some...
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    Tildren 34 days on

    and no change to how mare going. Mare had Tildren and steriod injection 34 days ago for bonespavin. Should I have noticed something by now? She is just the same as before when ridden and have had to put her back on Danilon .
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    Best thing to get rid

    of smegma.Boy has been on 6 weeks box rest and tbh its gross!Its on his legs -managed to scrub that of with warm soapy water but there is resistant bit just beside his bits which won't budge despite scubbing and picking(yuk!). Any suggestions welcome.Thanks
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    Has anyone had ethanol inj

    for bone spavin in their horse.Was it any good? Would you do it again given the choice? Thanks
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    Ethanol Injections for spavin?or Tildren?Expeiences or thoughts

    Mare was diagnosed spavin Nov 11.She has had 2 previous sets of steriod injections and now appears to need a 3rd in less than a year (she need 2 injections in each leg).Mentioned to another vet(that was treating other horse-yep other one broke as well))from same practice.They mentioned ethanol...
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    Micklem Bridle

    Who has used them and what did you think of them?Was thinking of comp one Thanks
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    Dressage legal bits -with brakes!!

    Mare(warmblood if it makes any different) goes beautifully in a myler combination bit. You can get some really nice work out of her get her nice and light in front and truly working from behind not just looking pretty BUT put her in another bit and its not good.Gets really really strong and...
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    Hay/Haylage. How much a big bale this year?

    As title really.We currently pay £5 week all year round for haylage wether in or out,use it or not. YO has said may have to put it up. Just wondering just how much it has shot up this year.
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    How often do you work your youngster?

    We have recently backed my 4yr old and he has been an absolute star about it all. Just don't want to take advantage of his good nature.He gets worked for 2/3 days in row for 10 - 20 mins per day then day off.Would I be better doing something most days or just do 2/3 times a week? He does learn...
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    Anyone any good with show names

    Looking for a show name for my coloured youngster(rising 4). I am absolutely awful at show names. His stable names Marley and hes a bit 'tim nice but dim'.Great nature,takes everything(so far) in his stride.Standing at approx 16/16.2 at moment Thanks
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    What do you do with Rossettes if not a 1st/2nd?

    Person at yard said that their kid didn't like their rossette (5th) so threw it in bin.One of the adults said they do the same with certain placings. I would have gave my daughter a row for doing that with her rossies tbh as does seem a bit ungrateful but hey ho So would you keep them...
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    Dressage Girths??

    It was suggested that I need a different style of dressage girth for my warmblood mare.Mare 'bangs' elbow when moving esp trot on girth area.She said it was a common problem in warmbloods and there is a girth that is longer so buckles go under flap and it may or may not be shaped?Anyone...
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    Opinions on best course please...............

    16.2 10yr old warmblood mare diagnosed with bone spavin 2 months ago after she started bucking in canter.Knew it was a problem but thought back as up til then had never bucked (rearings her thing if she does anything)Had her 4 yrs. Now shes on cartrophen injections monthly and had 1 steriod...
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    How often

    would you ride a horse with bone spavin diagnosed 2 months ago tho joints are narrow. no painkillers from vet,is fine walk and trot.We used to ride her 5/6 days a week but now wonder if maybe too much to try to go back to that. Oh and it really wasn't 'hard' work, 1/2 hr to hour if hacking...
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    Bone Spavin questions

    Mare has just been diagnosed with bone spavin- had x rays.She is getting injections into joint.Vet said it was hard to get needle inbetween joints as they were narrow.Is this the joints 'fusing'? Plus vet said they can give an injection that helps delay damage.Is this a good thing? Just...
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    Anyones horse have bone spavin

    and still ok to compete.Mare who we thought was suffering from sore back actually may have bone spavin.She going to vet on Wed for leg work up to be sure. Does your horse still compete at RC level(or above)and what discipline do you compete at? Wasn't initially worried about bonespavin til read...
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    feeding an old gent?

    Friend has old pony 30 plus.He stays in in winter.He can't seem to eat haylage/hay this year. Tried soak readigrass but hasn't eaten this either. Anyone any ideas?Looking for a substitute for hay at night not a feed. Has been mentioned that well if can't find something he can eat...