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    Calmsden first Be100? Or wait till next season?

    Hi guys, I'm so pleased, I'll soon be the proud owner of my first ever horsebox! :) For one reason or another though I'm not going to be able to compete/event again until the end of September. To tide me through this gap, and the disappointment of missing a summer of competition I've been...
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    Feed for barefoot, thrush and working

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some advice. My mare has always been shoe-less and has always been sound over anything. I'm starting to get concerned with a deep central cleft in 3 of her frogs, extending back and down the heel. They aren't obviously infected or gooey, but I'm guessing thrush is too...
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    what does this say about fitness?

    Hi guys, after a little advice regarding my horses fitness. I would deem my mare fit, she happily hacks 10 miles to competitions or xc schooling lasting about 1.5 miles. And the journeys aren't slow. Including long bouts of trot or canter. She doesnt sweat from this exertion and is just as...
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    Dressage - take a risk?

    Hi guys, So after an unsuccessful weekend - missing an event due to the combination of a flat tyre, not loading and then jumping out of the box - yes we had it all... But thats another story. I feel we need to get out, down the road from me - 7 miles but hackable, luckily :D There is an...
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    Troublesome traveler

    I'm at a loss... We were supposed to go to event today... But after a more bad luck than I can count, well it didn't happen. My mare is a pain to travel but today she decided to be a pain to load... Eventually got her in to go find we had a flat tyre, this was 20 mins after my dressage...
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    Guilt and a matchy matchy

    Hey guys, just a little question, do you feel guilty when you don't ride often enough? Currently I'm working two jobs, which leaves me little time to see my horse... This week's been pretty bad, we had a xc clinic and a hack this week, so only 2 days of riding - with no time to ride this...
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    Aston Pics are up! - And a CC request

    Hi guys, Aston pics are up here: And I wonder whether it is ok to post a link to my pictures directly to ask for some cc and which you think I should buy? Thought I better ask before I pop the link up? I have to say, mine are pretty funny...
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    Stirrups for xc?

    We had a great time at Aston on Sunday and achieved what we set out to -all three phases with no stops in the jumping :) v was a little star and would have had a double clear if it wasn't for my panic striken riding - Bell went in showjumping and I panicked and turned straight for the first...
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    Photographer at Aston

    Good morning, Just wondered if anyone knows who the photographer was at Aston le walls over the weekend? Cheers :)
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    Aston Times

    Argh just got our times for Sunday, que panic - this is our first event and it all seems real now :S Got good middle if the day times, so happy about that - have a big gap between dressage and SJ but only 30mins between SJ and Xc. That's going to be a fun change :) - it takes me at least 10...
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    Instructors in West Berks?

    Good evening guys :) Does anyone know a good instructor who teaches in the West Berkshire area? Wantage to be precise :) I'm looking for a dressage instructor mainly, as our flatwork has gone to pot recently. I think I've found someone for jumping, but suggestions are still very much...
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    Confidence issues (numpty not horse)

    Hi guys, I've just entered our first competition of the year and I'm already regretting it! Its the BE80 at Aston le Walls. Problem is I'm a big worrier and I'm now so scared, torn between the fact that I really want to do it and the all consuming fear at the thought of the showjumping and...
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    Livery near Lambourn

    Hi guys, just a quick question. We'll be moving to Lambourn soon, so need to find livery, does anyone know of good livery yards in the area? Preferably within 5 miles of Lambourn? Any help much appreciated, I'm struggling to find anything, Cheers, EC
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    Chiropractors/back specialists in the Bristol/Gloucester area

    Hi guys, I wonder if any of you know good chiropracters/Mc timmoney etc.. 'back' people in the Bristol/Gloucester area. Unnfortunately the lady I usually use is unavailable this side of easter. V definitely needs checking, so I was wondering who you might recommend? Cheers, EC
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    Supplements for immunity?

    Hi there you guys, I wondered if anyone feeds or has fed a supplement which aids the immune system? I think I ought to get one for my mare, as we had to call the vet out for the second time this week today... The horse in question is only six, we went XC last saturday and its been a nightmare...
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    Sweating in horsebox? HOY travel boots?

    Ok, my horse is new to travelling, our first outing last week was certainly 'eventful' in the transport stakes, we're going out again this weekend, with hopes of actually competing this time, dressage. She was sweating up a lot last week while travelling, not exactly suprising as it is so...
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    Our first report, and one very lucky horse...

    Hi... I think I mentioned that I was taking my youngster to her very first show at the weekend, well it was certainly eventful. The plan was to hire a 3.5 ton and head to Hartley wood for a non stressful clear round jumping session if she was calm enough when we got there. It was to be her...
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    Wow saddle fitters - Bristol/South west

    Hey... Looking to get my saddle checked soon, it's been fitted by a wow recomended fitter, but I'm just not 100% convinced that the flair is set up right, its due a refit/check now anyway. I've not had any problems with the saddle, no soreness or slipping, however last night my mare was a bit...
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    Young event horse classes?

    Hi, just looking for opinions on the young event horse classes, I'm thinking of aiming for the Gatcombe and/or the Hartpury events at the beginning of August. I'm curious as to whether as a non-professional rider I would be in way over my head. I don't event and probably won't with my horse...
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    Bournemouth/Poole livery yards?

    As it looks like me and the horse will be moving to Poole in the near future, (- July) I've been looking at Livery yards online, but obviously not all are on there. I wonder if you guys can help? I'm looking for a yard with 24/7 turnout in the summer, would be a bonus if they can stay out 24/7...
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    Difficult Decision?

    I've posted this in new lounge too, But as you guys know more about breeding and the pro's & con's... Hi, I'm after some opinions on what I should do with my young mare. I've owned her a year, she's 3 going on 4, I've backed her myself and although we've had one setback after another in...
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    Difficult decision?

    Hi, I'm after some opinions on what I should do with my young mare. I've owned her a year, she's 3 going on 4, I've backed her myself and although we've had one setback after another in terms of injuries and saddles, she's starting to go really nicely for such a small amount of work. She has so...
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    Help!? Dentists near Bristol?

    Hi, I'm looking for an equine dentist that covers the bristol area. Anybody recomend a good one? EC
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    dressage instructors Bristol/avon

    Hey, I posted a few days ago but only two were mentioned, just wondered if there were any others out there? Thanks JT
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    Dressage instructor?

    Hey, do you guys know of any dressage instructors, particularly classical dressage, in the bristol or surounding area? I'm looking more towards classical as I want someone who believes in soft effective riding compared to that of some of the modern techniques... Any help appreciated... EC
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    Best place to sell saddle online?

    Hi, I'm looking to sell my SC saddle as its just too long for my youngster, very annoying as its new I don't really want to use ebay if i can help it. But is there anywhere else good for advertising? I've tried my local equestrian website and h&h only has two on at the mo, so not sure that...
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    Showing- Horse make up recomendations?

    Hey I'm planning on getting some black horse make up to cover up some scars on my mares legs. However which one would you guys recomend? Supreme products? Or Shapelys? Or some other? Links... Cover magic...
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    Covering up scars? Any sugestions?

    Hi, I'm planning on taking my youngster to her first show this month. Unnfortunately she has several scars on her legs, just patches of white hair on her black legs. Whats the best way to cover these? Horse make up? Any help appreciated
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    Livery yards Bristol?

    Hi, am looking at livery yards round Bristol, is there any you guys would recomend? Ideally looking for 24/7 turnout over summer plus winter if we can get it, but quite happy to have a stable in winter as long as there is day turnout. An arena. And near Filton Bristol. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Which showing classes...?

    Yes me again... Getting very nervy about showing my youngster in hand. Not had much experience outside of welsh cob classes. So question is.. what classes? I am planning on entering her in the sports horse and other breed classes at her first show, but the next show which i was planning on...