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    Moving yard decision!

    Hi, I wonder if you could help me! I went to look round a new yard that was lovely, I wasnt really planning on moving but wondered what you thought! Current yard, on the plus side, very friendly help if I need it reasonable facilities, its diy but £10 for a day on livery annd £15 at weekends...
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    Yards Sepperton, Laleham, staines, egham

    Hi does anyone know of any livery yards in these areas? Thanks
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    inhand showing what do you lead with

    Do I lead with reins over head, or do I need a special lead rein?
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    Equi bling - where can i find it?

    Hi, I am getting tempted, but not sure where to look for diamonte (SP?) horsey stuff!
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    lump on spine

    Hi, I know this should probable be in vets but I though I might get more response here. My horse has a lump on his spine about 2 vertebre long. There is no heat and no tenderness. Any ideas of what it could be, or what I should do? It is not rom his saddle as it is def not touching his spine. Thanks
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    Laudrette to take horsey rugs to in Surrey

    Hi, does anyone know anyy laundrettes I can take horse summer setts ect to in Surrey. I dont fancy putting them in my new washer. Also dont really want to send them away as I'm looking for quick turn around! Thanks
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    bit not as strong at dutch gag, but not hanging snaffle any ideas

    Hi Guys, Can anyone reccomend a bit which is not as strong as a dutch gag but not hanging snaffle for horse with high head carraige, soft mouth but throws him self around when excited. Thanks
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    keeping horses near main roads

    Hi, does anyone keep there horses near main road/motorway? Any thoughts on this, and do you worry about it? Thanks
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    Horse with no respect for electric fencing - any cure

    Hi, My horse has no respect for electric fencing and tends to run through it. This is worse in winter when he has a rug on. Does any one have any suggestions as to what to do. Is there some kind of super charge battery I can by and give him a proper shock!? I think that the little click just...
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    Questions to ask when looking at a new livery yard

    Hi Guys, I am looking around a yard this weekend, and wondered what kind of things to ask. So far I have wormimg, turn out arrangments, whats included/not included, any other ideas?
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    contact- how should it feel

    Hi, I am going through a few issues with my horse at the moment and i am try to develop a consistant contact. I tend to ride too softly and my instructor says I need to push him forward into the contact. But how much should I feel down the reins? I hate to see people sawing at their horse mouth...
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    Harbridge or martingale

    Hi, I am struggling with my horse getting above the bit and throwing his head around. Could either a martingale or harbrigle help? Thanks!
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    dressage legal bit for horse unhappy in his mouth

    I can any one advise a bit for me, which I can use for dressage. My horse isn't strong but has tends to throw his head around. I went on holiday and my instructer had been schooling him in dutch gag, he now goes well in his, but is awful in snaffle. Today I tried him in hanging cheek, and he...
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    Johdpur colour - dressage/ showing/ show jumping

    Hi, what colour johdpurs should I buy for competing. i have seen some lovely white ones in derby house, but not sure there suitable. Also any reccomendations makes with a limited £40 budget. Thanks!
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    Embrodered saddle cloth - dressage

    Hi, can I use a white saddle cloth with my horses name embrodered on it for unaffiliated local dressage, I dont really want to buy a new one if I can help it!
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    Livery Surrey

    Hi, can anyone reccomend DIY/assisted DIY livery in the lyne, virginia water shepperton weybridge area of surrey, many thanks!
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    Hi, I am looking for a bridle in brown which I can buy a caverson noseband and flash nose band, and maybe shorter cheek pieces in enlish leather. I like the look of the heritgage, but can you buy another noseband? Thanks!
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    horse transport self hire or some one driving

    Hi, I this year I am hoping to get me and horsey out and about, I dont have my own transport and passed my driving test after 1998. I have looked at the 3.5 tonne lorries for hire which are about £90 a day. I am looking at shows which are 10 miles away max, and £90 seems like a lot. Are there...
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    Self help schooling book

    Hi can anyone reccomend a schooling book. One is plently of excersises for horse and rider. So if you have a little problem like weak lower leg position you can look it up and get some ideas on how to improve. Thanks!
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    Pros and Cons of getting a sharer

    I am thinking about getting a sharer a couple of days a week for my horse. He has been broken in about 9 months and is hacking out nicely and doing some schooling. I am getting busier with work and I would like it if he could be doing a bit more, expecially duing the week. Do you think that as...
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    Riding with straight arms- tips please

    Hi, I have a habit of riding with my arms straight, I keep trying to remember thumbs on top and bend my arms, but I seem to be struggling. Any ideas? Thanks
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    NAF mud guard or mudx

    Hi, can anyone advse which supplement is better or more palletable?
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    Young horse throwing his head around-advise please

    Hi, my horse has been broken in a few months, but has started tossing his head in the air. I have haad him checked by the physio and saddle checked and it is not pain. It happens mainly in walk, or after fast work, so I think it might be excited. I have tried riding on a long rein and ignoring...
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    flexible stirrups

    Hi, I have started getting ankle and hip pain on longer rides and wondered if flexible stirrups would help. My budget doesn't stretch to the sprenger ones, so I was think the thorowgood T6 ones, or there are other about £20 on ebay. Can anyone offe any advise on what to, or not to buy?
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    Anyone keep there horse in Chobham, or belong to the riding club

    Hi, can you recomend a DIY livery with a floodlight school? Also is it worth joining the riding club. Thanks
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    poly pad alternative

    HiI usually ride with a polypad but I want todo some showing so will need a numnah instead of a sadde cloth. I think that the polypad numnah looks very big, can anyone reccomend a well padded numnah which is not cut to big. Also for dressage poly pad dont do white trim can anyone reccomend a...
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    what to wear

    I am looking at buying a new jacket, and I am not sure what to wear. Could any one offer some advise or a website. I want to do a bit of dressage and show jumping over the winter, then showing and working hunter over the summer. Should I get show jacket or hacking jacket, and stock or tie? Thanks
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    hay suppliers

    Hi, can anyone recommend a hay supllier in surrey. I am looking for big round bales, or small but reasonably priced normal bales. Thanks!
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    Hi, I am looking at diferent sources for my horses bedding and wondered how small woodchips need to be for beding? Obviously it needs to be clean and not too dusty. What is better sawdust or larger 'chips'? Thanks
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    can I wear these to ride in and do you think they would be waterproof

    Hi, I am looking for some boot for the winter to save my nice leather ones. I want to ride in them, but also know they will be ok walking in muddy fields. What do you think, or do can you reccomend and better alternatives? Thanks