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    How Long To Rest an Underweight Horse?

    Since he's clearly being treated by the vet I would ask their opinion.
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    Help!! Can only handle one leg???

    I'd definitely get the vet out for IV sedation net time, and while they're there ask them to have a look at the clipped legs to see if there's a problem. In fact if they know you want his legs examining they may clip them off for you rather than wait for you to do them, and being more...
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    Police horses spooking at a rainbow crossing

    Some of the kids chalked NHS rainbows on the roads around here - not as bright as the one in the clip - and it was interesting to see the different reactions of horses and riders, and how the riders influenced the horses.
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    Yard owners - what would you do in this situation?

    I'm not a yard owner, but as livery I would ask the yard owner to make a decent sized pen in front of the gate ideally with two entrances. The alternative would be a pen area the troublemaker could be put in until the horse that was wanted was out of the field, but that does involve liveries...
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    Please help what is my riding ability ?

    Some of this is quite different to what you're posting on another forum, and from the pictures you posted there I'd not say that you were riding at novice dressage level and working elementary, and your jumping looked to be very much that of a riding school rider. I think there's a lot of...
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    Too much to expect?

    I'd rather lose the deposit than get hurt. I wonder if she'll feel differently if you say there's no sale if you can't see it tacked up and sat on?
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    Grass livery wanted near Swindon

    Could Claire fit her in if you're desperate? I know it's not as close as you'd like though.
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    Clipping advice

    I can live with lines being less visible, and since I have clippers and he's so good to do I don't mind if a clip doesn't last as long - it would mean I got more practice too! From the sound of it his coat isn't heavy enough to need coarse blades so I'll just order some medium ones.
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    Clipping advice

    I am not good at clipping nicely despite my Welsh being an absolute saint. Last year he ended up with several areas having a patchwork effect, and since the clippers and blades were new that just leaves operator error. The blades that came with the clippers are fine blade and someone mentioned...
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    Best feed for a treat-ball for a laminitic/PPID pony

    Yes lucerne is alfalfa. Just be a bit cautious with much alfalfa and laminitics, while it is low in sugar and starch it can still have quite a high feed value (DE) and some laminitics have a problem with the high levels of protein in it. Bear in mind that it's the overall amount of sugar, starch...
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    Best feed for a treat-ball for a laminitic/PPID pony

    I don't think I'd want to put anything wet or damp in a treat ball as it would almost certainly stick to the inside and they aren't easy to clean out.
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    Close contact long boots?

    I like my Ariat field boots - I find the lacing across the front gives more flexibility through the ankle and also is kinder on the damaged arch of one foot - but realistically any pair of proper long riding boots as opposed to country boots should give you what you're looking for. Go to a big...
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    Best feed for a treat-ball for a laminitic/PPID pony

    I use high fibre nuts. It's worth reading the ingredients, and if needs be ringing the companies for starch and sugar levels, as not all high fibre nuts are the same. I find that if you put a small quantity in they come out more slowly, so if you want to keep him occupied longer then two, or...
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    Restricted access to footpaths

    But people may be using these paths as a way to get out somewhere relatively safe and relieve their own anxiety - be kind works both ways. For example my dad had a shielding letter but a few months in started getting increasingly frequent and severe migraines. Spoke to the family doctor who said...
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    How to accept leg contact

    Sometimes with a sensitive horse it's best to put your leg very lightly against their side and keep it there. When you try to keep it off to avoid a reaction all that happens is they have a shock when you do use it and so you get a big reaction to even a small aid. As a general rule with a...
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    Wits end with feeding Equimins!

    It's too early to see an improvement in his feet from the diet, but getting a good farrier out to balance his feet up and take some of the pressure off the cracks will have an immediate effect.
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    Slipping saddle on Chunky Cob

    I'm so glad you've got a saddle sorted.
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    Would you expect a YO to be able/willing to remove a shoe?

    I would only expect the yard owner to remove in an emergency, though I agree it's a skill every owner should have. Under normal circumstances I would expect them to get a farrier, or even vet, and also if it had had to be taken off as an emergency to check no damage had been done. A badly...
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    Pony Struggling with Dust

    If you live there could you not put up an outdoor stable for her?
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    Pony Struggling with Dust

    So only soak enough for one day - it shouldn't be hanging around long anyway - and she'll eat it all before it's dried out.
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    Pony Struggling with Dust

    I also think you're going to struggle in that enviroment. The best you can do is keep her out as much as possible. Is there nothing else that can keep the lame horse company? Having her in eating haylage is likely to increase her weight, out on poor grazing is better, if she must be in feed...
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    Sensitive to shoe

    If it's after every shoeing and your farrier is already being careful and doing a good job then I would suspect an underlying problem in the feet that is temporarily highlighted by trimming or shoeing. I'd want the vet out and x-rays done to try and pinpoint the problem.
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    Overgrown feet with hoof lines - what are they?

    I'd say those feet have been left untrimmed for a long time and Covid is being used as an excuse. To me they don't look like laminitis rings, and while it's possible for a 4yo to have had laminitis it is pretty unusual. Have you seen them handle her feet? I'm wondering if there's a bit more to...
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    Stubben Equisoft or other anatomical short girths?

    I did find my Prolite went a bit hard if I didn't wash it thoroughly after each use - not a problem in the summer but a pain in the winter - but a LeMieux sheepskin cover helped with that and I only ever had a couple of rubs from it and they were when I was away so I suspect the rider wasn't...
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    Feed reccomendations please - overweight native

    Cortez can you tell me what was over supplemented to mean a horse had to be pts?
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    Feed reccomendations please - overweight native

    Why? And unless your grazing is incredibly poor - think wearing his front teeth down - I wouldn't be giving hay either, especially if you aren't soaking it for at least 6 hours. He's fat, you need to reduce calories to less than he's using on a daily basis so more energetic work and less food -...
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    Who is responsible?

    I would expect the insurance company to take this up rather than yu having to deal with it. Have you notified them yet?
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    Cobs and jumping (again)

    Ask to see him loose schooled over a small fence. I don't think I'd want a lane set up, certainly nothing more than a single pole to guide in, because I'd want to see if he was happy to give it a try rather than jumping because he has no option. I'd like to see him do it a few times to see if...
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    People wanting to return horses 6 months later after buying?

    If it's anything other than giving the previous owner first refusal then they're being ridiculous.