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  1. Elsiecat

    Mis-sold horse. Wondering if anyone could offer legal advice?

    I've not read all the replies. But my personal thoughts are - you didn't get horse vetted, you can't prove the dealer had any prior knowledge of the issue (would have flagged up had you had a vetting) and also if you send the horse back, it could be sold on. I'm afraid I'd be PTS and cutting...
  2. Elsiecat

    Warning signs. Legal or illegal?

    I think you'd be extremely unfortunate to find a judge who would act against you.
  3. Elsiecat

    Dealers in Cheshire - help!!!

    I've heard lots of good things about CodsNPlods and also Right Ride Horses.
  4. Elsiecat

    Pricing a horse......

    I'd feel comfortable offering as low as 70% of the horses advertised price under usual circumstances. Definitely add a little on to the price to allow for bartering.
  5. Elsiecat

    My obese horse

    Depending on how fat and depending on how hairy, I'd be stripping horsey off. But then again, I am cruel!
  6. Elsiecat

    irresponsible horse owner

    We can give each other reputation points! If you look on the bottom left of posts there is now a star!
  7. Elsiecat

    irresponsible horse owner

    I concur. Shall I use our new forum function to show that I approve?
  8. Elsiecat

    irresponsible horse owner

    I don't buy it. But even if I did - her benefits are to do with as she pleases. And it still doesn't excuse you're lack of communication..
  9. Elsiecat

    irresponsible horse owner

    You sound like a nightmare, OP
  10. Elsiecat

    Katie price on mag cover

    So you're saying Katie Price doesn't have morals? Does she not meet the minimum moral criteria to appear on the cover of HHO?
  11. Elsiecat

    Katie price on mag cover

    I hope she appears on the front cover topless just to knock a few of your noses out of joint. Hilarious that some people are so snobby and spiteful!
  12. Elsiecat

    Tell me about Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

    I think if you are to look objectively that any and every dog breed has it's list of problems. I think if you look carefully and find a dog with health tested parents, then you can't go too far wrong. Despite cavaliers being fairly prone as a breed to health issues, I will never be without one...
  13. Elsiecat

    Tell me about Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

    Lovely dogs. I have them and I have known plenty. Never met one that I didn't like. One of mine is about 10 now and is just as active as she was as a puppy despite always having a minor heart murmur. Mine have never had health problems except one who has had ear infections once or twice.. But...
  14. Elsiecat

    Tack Shops around Manchester

    Robinsons, Hope Valley, Mares R Back. All in and around Manchester. Particularly recommend Hope Valley.
  15. Elsiecat

    What are the most popular brands of saddles in the UK?

    All of the above. Plus I know a number of Whittaker and Heritage saddles.
  16. Elsiecat

    White snot coming out of one nostril?

    Just keep an eye on it for now. As others have said watch out for coloured snot. My horse once had green snot and it was influenza.
  17. Elsiecat

    Where to buy beautiful browbands?

    Search 'bespoke equestrian browbands' on Facebook, they are lovely :-)
  18. Elsiecat

    Does a Riding Club Camp appeal to you?

    This is exactly what id like to do this summer! Can anyone recommend one with space?
  19. Elsiecat

    Shwmae Products....see what you think of my experience with them

    "We don't accept paypal disputes" no, I bet you bloody don't. Painful.
  20. Elsiecat

    A plea for help nr Welshpool Powys/Shrops boreder.

    I'm not that far. Can someone copy and paste?
  21. Elsiecat

    Equestrian stuff in Aldi....

    Same!!! And I only checked the offers a few hours ago. I also check Aldi and Lidl offers just to see if anything interesting is coming up!
  22. Elsiecat

    What happens after a bunfight? A proper HHO pony...

    How don't I remember this thread!? Link required!? Lovely lovely horsey. I am more than slightly jealous!
  23. Elsiecat

    Smallest pony that could carry 11 stone?

    New forest, I'd say!
  24. Elsiecat

    Owner decided to sell to someone else after vetting

    I can't help wondering whether the horse came in lame prior to the vetting and the seller decided to take shoes off and create a 'reason' for the horse being lame..
  25. Elsiecat

    Owner decided to sell to someone else after vetting

    Sounds like £125 well spent to me!
  26. Elsiecat

    What does 'price negotiable' mean to you?

    I'd say around 30% as a rule of thumb. So if the horse is priced at 8k, I wouldn't really offer below 5.5k if the horse was as advertised. Likewise, if the horse was £1500 I wouldn't really go below £1000 with an offer.. You can be cheeky without being insulting. As others have said, it depends...
  27. Elsiecat

    I know I shouldn't feel hurt but....

    Your poor children. I'd be devastated if I was you as well.
  28. Elsiecat

    Went to see a horse; is this a fair price?

    I'm really surprised by the responses. To me he is a little on the pricey side. Is it a regional thing or am I just a cheapskate!?
  29. Elsiecat

    Cud some kind person get me a number on preloved

    Actually, I don't think that they are. Surely they're just questioning where this strong moral line starts and where it ends? Can I get a number for my mum or should I tell her to pay her own fiver?
  30. Elsiecat

    travelling with lorry windows open

    My big grievance with trailer doors is that cars on the motorway etc ahead can flick up stones or something and it hit the horse. I don't think this is physically near as likely (or really that possible) with high side windows on a lorry. Or at least I hope? I always travel with lorry windows...