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  1. DressageCob

    Cone of shame alternatives?

    Hello! My pup is going to be neutered tomorrow. I have been told he will have to wear a cone of shame for 10-14 days while the wound heals. They said I can take it off if I'm keeping an eye on him, but he will need to wear it at least when he goes to bed or is left alone. Henry sleeps in a...
  2. DressageCob

    BD Whip length

    Hello! Quick question. Does anyone know what the max whip length is for BD? I thought it was 120cm but a quick scan of the handbook suggests it must not be a length which interferes with other people, or words to that effect, but no precise length. Only asking because I have a rather nice...
  3. DressageCob

    Best pepping up supplement or feed?

    Hello! I have a big black cob who gets quite stuffy in the summer. It's too hot for him, even when it's just in the mid to high teens. He does his best but it does affect his performance. He is fully clipped all year round. At present I feed him electrolytes after hard work, and he has...
  4. DressageCob

    Recommend me some reins

    Hello! I am buying a new bridle and want new reins to match (bratty, I know, but my existing reins are on their last legs so will look tatty!) I currently use plain leather reins with half rubber. They are ok but maybe a bit too thin. I hate the full thickness rubber reins. Can anyone...
  5. DressageCob

    Dressage Diagrams

    Hello! Does anyone else use Dressage Diagrams to buy dressage tests? I have bought every test from Intro-Medium over the years. They sit there in my portfolio and when I need them I just print off a copy (it has been useful when I've organised our yard competitions since I gave away my intro...
  6. DressageCob

    Find me a fly rug!

    I have a broad cob. Every year I buy him a new fly rug, and every year I get it wrong. So I need help! Most recently I bought a Weatherbeeta ripshield one, which has given him awful rubs, after only one day. His Amigo XL fits nicely. He’s normally a 6’3 to allow for his big shoulder, but he’s...
  7. DressageCob

    Competing in a pandemic

    Hello all, I'm just looking to see what everyone is doing since the government guidance to avoid social interactions, avoid all non-essential travel and not to attend mass gatherings. BE events are cancelled, but mainly because of the need for ambulances to attend. BD national competitions and...
  8. DressageCob

    New Puppy!

    On Saturday I picked up a new puppy. I haven't had a dog for 5 years, since we lost the family dog aged 15. I've never had a dog of my own before. I moved into my new house which is nearly fully renovated on the same day because we needed to live together, and I didn't want the pup to have the...
  9. DressageCob

    Best insurance company?

    I'm hoping to get a puppy very soon. My old dog was insured with Petplan all his life until we lost him in 2015. Never had any problems, although his monthly premium went up to about £100 once he turned 10. Can anyone recommend a reliable insurance company? I'm wanting about £4-£5k vets fees...
  10. DressageCob

    One of Kind Equestrian Auctions

    Has anyone done these on Facebook? It's the girl who has Ecqlusive. She has some very good bargains!
  11. DressageCob

    Horse missing from Talland

    Chestnut Hanovarian gelding in brown Horseware rug.
  12. DressageCob

    Best gloves for XC?

    Hello! I always had Roeckl XC gloves which were nice and grippy but not too thick. It doesn’t seem they make them anymore. My other Roeckl gloves now have holes in so I need new ones. I need shopping help! Requirements are fairly grippy and not too thick. That’s about it! Any...
  13. DressageCob

    Best feed or supplement for oomph

    Hi all, My black cob’s performance drops in summer due to weather-related lethargy 😄 he’s on electrolytes after heavy work, but I’m thinking of another supplement or food as a pick me up. He presently is on a light balancer (because that’s what my fatty cob has) and a general mix...
  14. DressageCob

    Eventing Eland Lodge BE80 competition report

    Hello! My big cob and I did our first BE80T event last Saturday, in the searing heat of the hottest day of the year so far. I went with very low expectations because (a) it was our first proper event, (b) I was ridiculously nervous and (c) big cob is black and absorbs the heat so always drops...
  15. DressageCob

    Jumping control help

    Hello! I will preface this by saying I have an excellent instructor who is working with me on my issues, but I just wanted to canvas for other opinions and experiences 😊 My big cob is 8 years old. Although we mainly do dressage I have a bit of an ambition to do a BE 80 this season. We've...
  16. DressageCob

    Best Stirrups

    Hello! I need new stirrups and the market seems much more varied than when I bought my plastic stirrups 10 years ago! So I don't know what to get. I currently have plain black plastic composti stirrups for jumping and plastic cheese graters for dressage. I'm looking for two sets, one for my...
  17. DressageCob

    Heiniger Midi or other trimmers?

    Hello! I’m looking for some trimmers for my horses’ faces and ears. And heels if good enough. They need to be quiet and not too big. My big cob is a worrier and the little one is a bit headshy especially since he came back from hospital. I bought the Heiniger Midis today on an impulse buy...
  18. DressageCob

    Dressage Competition report: the cyclops makes his debut!

    Of course, it’s not truly a debut, but it is the first time out since he lost his eye 😊 So for those who don’t know, my little cob Albert has a corneal ulcer, an auto immune meltdown and a liquid eyeball which had to be removed (following almost 2 months in Leahurst). We’ve reached a...
  19. DressageCob

    Best ergonomic bridle

    Hello! I currently have my big cob in a Micklem bridle. He goes well in it, but holds tension in his neck and jaw (which we are working on in lessons). I am thinking about changing bridles and trying something new. I like the drop-like noseband on the Micklem, rather than anything with a...
  20. DressageCob

    Eye saga

    The people who read the weekend plans threads will already about my little cob’s eye woes but I thought I’d start my own thread. The story starts almost 2 weeks ago, when my little cob came in from the field with an angry eye. Since you can’t mess around with eyes, I got the vet out, who...
  21. DressageCob

    Masks which stay on

    Hello! My horse is having an eye removed tomorrow due to an ulcer failing to recover and the cornea collapsing. It turns out he has a problem with tear production and so the risk is if anything gets in the other eye, the same will happen again. He has to wear a mask at all times now. I...
  22. DressageCob

    Fairfax, PS of Sweden or other?

    Hello! I will preface this by saying I don't expect a bridle to solve all my problems. But I thought I would explore some options. I have a horse whose default reaction to most things is to make his neck very tight. He can work softly, and mainly does, but the frequent problem is getting him...
  23. DressageCob

    Showing: how long do the classes take

    I’m taking my cob out to Warrington Horse Show on Monday. My class is 7th after 10:30. Roughly what time might my class start? I heard someone say it’s 10 minutes per class, but with 11 horses in the class before me, all to be ridden by the judge, that seems unlikely. Thanks :)
  24. DressageCob

    obtaining height certificate - how is it done?

    Hello! Having had a go at showing this season with my new boy, I fancy doing a bit more. I realise that to do *proper* cob showing I will need a height certificate. I'm not really sure how to get one, what I need to do to prepare etc. Can anyone assist? This is for hogged cob classes. I'm...
  25. DressageCob

    How does a pony end up here?

    Just doing my nightly Facebook trawl! I came across a pony, which I remembered seeing advertised in H&H a while ago. This is a link to the advert...
  26. DressageCob

    Cheshire Show Novice Cob

    Hello! I'm competing at the Cheshire Show for the first time this year. I am unsure as to what happens in the class and wondered if anyone could help. Is the entire class done en masse, so everyone walking, trotting and cantering together? Or do we have to do an individual bit at any point...
  27. DressageCob

    Basic questions about cob classes

    Hello! I'm competing at a county show soon with a friend's horse. I don't have any real experience showing. It's the novice cob class. I have some probably silly questions! What is the usual routine for what happens? Does a groom normally come in the ring too, and what do they wear...
  28. DressageCob

    AVA or Native Pony Saddle Co

    Hello, I'm looking for recommendations. I have a 14.2hh LW cob who I do dressage with. We are currently on the Novice/Elementary border :D My current saddle is an Equipe Olympia which I loved at first. However, I'm finding that it has two main issues. Firstly, it slips back...
  29. DressageCob

    Hot horse showers

    Does one exist that doesn't require connection to a hose? Like one that has a built in water tank...I want one to use at fun rides etc you see :) I have searched the forum and can't find the answer. I've found showers with cold water (which I could fill with warm water, but the water won't still...
  30. DressageCob

    Competition Report - it's a blooming long way to Hickstead

    Three weeks ago at Beaver Hall, my little dressage cob and I qualified for the Dressage Masters League Finals at Hickstead in the prelim. I then had a mad panic while I tried to organise time off work and company for the trip. Luckily my friend also qualified and managed to rearrange her work...