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    US members: Is Badminton Horse Trials screened on TIVO?

    I go on holiday to Florida on Saturday 3rd and I'd love to be able to still catch some of the coverage of Badminton over the weekend. By Sunday, I will be in a house with TIVO. Does anyone know if any of the US channels are covering it?
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    Competing barefoot on grass?

    My mare has been barefoot for a couple of years and this year one of the centres I plan to compete at (dressage) runs some classes on grass. I'm aware that people with shod horses tend to use studs on grass and I'm also aware that the bare hoof is said to have better traction anyway. I worry...
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    Petition re: Fees for Vets Prescriptions

    Apparently, there has been a restriction on Vets charging prescriptions fees, but it expires in October. From then a charge of £15 can be made simply to prescribe. It seems that there is a petition to Downing Street to ask for the restriction to remain in place. For anyone interested in signing...
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    Baileys Lo-Cal Balancer

    I give my mare Biotol Equine Gold, Baileys Outshine and (just added) Formula 4 Feet. I think I may be better simply giving her a feed balancer instead. Baileys Lo-Cal has good reviews on another forum. It seems to cover the above, with the exception of maybe Outshine in the winter to maintain...
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    Equilibrium Massager

    I wonder if this will produce similar results to the Equissage. This is the link Its also featured on page 30 of April/May edition of BD Magazine. Apparantly, its £183! My Equine Physio has always said that although an...
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    Mary Wanless demos

    I know there are quite a few Mary Wanless fans on the board, so I thought I'd mention that I've heard that there are still tickets left for most of the demos in the tour! Go to the Lecture/Demos tab on the website
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    Tell me I'm not the only who spends what I haven't got ..!

    My mare has a truly horrible left canter. She used to have a truly horrible canter on both reins, but we have some progress Before I got her she just hunted and it seems she must have constantly gone around with a right bend and a right canter lead! She has a very strong preferrence for this...
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    World Class Development Programme?

    How does this work? I've tried googling and only find bits on some activities. I'm wondering - is it a programme that provides funds to assist riders who show particular talent? Also when did it start and how did it develop?
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    Advanced Dressage Horse?

    I'm just being nosy really. Does anyone know what kind of money an 'advanced dressage horse' (I think this term refers to a higher level than affiliated advanced dressage) sells for? One of my instructors is looking to buy one from Germany and is sworn to secrecy on the price. I'm just curious...
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    Insurance Claim when a horse is PTS

    It occurs to me that I, and all of us really, need to know what we can about this before that bleak day comes. I read somewhere that if a horse is PTS and the owner will want to make an insurance claim, the company must agree to release the horse before its body is removed. This is because they...
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    Impuls or Rollerball Spurs?

    Anyone use the Impuls or rollerball spurs? If so how have you found them compared to regular spurs? My mare can be a bit lazy at times and then she is fine if spurs are worn, not necessarily used, just worn As she is becoming more schooled though, she is more in front of the leg. We still have...
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    Amersham Horses on ITV News at 10 soon!

    The Amersham Horses on going to be ITV News at 10 soon in the next half hour! It seems to be a 'then and now' feature
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    Tennesee Walking Horses OMG The Cruelty!!!!

    This was just brought to my attention on another forum. There are many videos showing these classes. I can only get through a couple of minutes of one and then I have seen enough. Here is an example I finally found a video that I...
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    Question about Freezemarking on Shoulder?

    Does anyone know why 2 to 4 days off are required (according to Farmkey) after a horse is Freezearked on the shoulder? As I understand it, only 5 to 7 days off is required after marking on the back. Given that no equipment or rider needs to touch the shoulder, I don't entirely understand why...
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    10 non-riders ride TBs on Grand National Day!

    Interesting, entertaining, but a bit mad? I know they will have the kind of intensive, expert training that the rest of us only dream of, but still ......... __________________
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    Dressage at the Swarland, Northumberland?

    I'm thinking of taking my mare up to the Swarland for their unaffiliated dressage on 24th February. I just wondered if anyone here has been along and if so, what is it like as a venue - quality of facilities, organisation, friendliness etc?
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    Freezemarking: Who have you used and experiences?

    The rescue of the horses from Amersham has got me thinking about the situation of stolen horses. I haven't previously felt the need to have my mare freezemarked or micro-chipped because I didn't (and don't) think it would be much of a protection against being stolen. Like all people who care...
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    Eventa Reins?

    I need some new reins and I'm thinking of sending for some Eventa. Anyone use them/can recommend them? etc.
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    What does QR mean?

    I'm guessing this will seem 'obvious' once I know, but what does QR mean when used in a post?
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    WOW saddles: Do those at the top use them? etc!

    I'm still reserving judgement on WOW saddles. I know people who love them. I know people who tried them and their horses reacted by flipping out - clearly expressing their own reservations I was a spectator at a clinic held by a well known dressage trainer and one rider (who also happened to...
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    Menapausal Dressage: what fun ...!

    Dressage today - it followed a night of 'hot flushes' and a morning of being on planet hormone So my head was all over the place (everywhere but where it should be) which led to me arriving late, being tacked-up and 'ready'ish late. I realised going into the warm-up that I only had 4 minutes...
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    Baileys Outshine

    Does anyone use this? does it cause any fizzyness? I have been thinking of giving it to my mare for coat shine and skin condition.
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    Little fury girl in hospital

    One of my Standard Poodles is in hospital tonight. She has a total dislocation of the hip and is having surgery tomorrow. This happened after a fairly small quarral with her sister. The vet said this sort of injury is usually seen after a major trauma such as falling off a cliff (!!!) or being...
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    Sprenger Turnado Snaffle

    Does anyone use this bit or have any experience of it? My mare likes a single joint and I ride her in a Neue Schule Demy Anky. I have always preferred Spenger bits though and have just noticed this, and that it appears to be a single joint. I'm intrigued by the write up which states that the...
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    Anyone used Stencilbum backcoming quarter marks?

    Question in the title They seem to be more thought out than the other more widey available stencils. I quite like the idea of stars or shamrock and, lets face it, I will need a stencil to do them! I'd love to here from people who have used them - are...
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    Carl Hester's Elastic Rein?

    I'd be interested in others opinions on this Apparantly, it is to be launched at Your horse Live. There is a small demonstration on the website. I'm still mulling it over. What do you think?
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    Experiences of Equestrian Support Services Horsebox Recovery

    Anyone here have any experiences of ESS recoverying their Horsebox? I have had them for a year and when they had to come out to me once they were very good. My renewal quote is £149. To go with Anthony Evans would only cost £89. I tend to find that you get what you pay for in life, plus I'm...
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    Anthony Evans Horsebox Breakdown Cover

    Has anyone used this company? If so, would you recommend them? I used Equestrain Support Services last year. They did have to come out to me once and I was happy with the service. They are quoting £149 for the coming year. Anthony Evans are quoting £84. Seems a bit odd because ESS are basing the...
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    I have to hand it to Robert Whitaker!

    I'm not really one for Show jumping, Dressage is my thing, but I do watch the TV coverage of HOYS each years. I have been critisizing Robert Whitaker when I have watched him the last two years. I hated watching him ride. Aside from the fact that the guy appears to have had a charisma bypass...
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    Racing Two-year-olds

    I don't have much interest in racing, so, other than the National, I don't watch it. However, it happened to be on when I switched the TV on this afternoon and as they were talking about two-year-olds, I watched for a while. I have to say it troubles me The fillies (to my comparitive...