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    Help needed regards to jumping issues

    Sorry if this is a long post but I'm in need of some unbiased advice and help. Basically my pony has a few issues when it come to jumping at competions. He loves jumping at home and has a lot of scope but as soon as we enter a competiton we end up being eliminated becasue he just refuses...
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    Exercise sheets, what size will I need?

    Having never had to buy one before I have no idea what size I should get. My boy currently wears 5ft9 rugs at the moment if this is any help! Thanks x
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    Lameness on a cirlce

    The last 2 days my boy has been very slightly lame on a circle on the right fore in trot. He's sound in straight lines but on cirlces and tight turns he is slightly lame. I've noticed a new lump on the right fore just below the knee on the outside, not sure if this is a splint?? There is no heat...
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    Help needed with an NVQ question

    Hi, I'm currently taking my NVQ 2 Horse care and I'm a bit confused on a question. The unit im doing is: Contribute to the initial equine rehabilitation plan, and the question is: Establish the following types of equines within their accomodation a. equines that live singularly b. equines that...
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    How much would you pay for this saddle?

    I've found a used, but very good condition Wintec dressage saddle for sale on ebay, it comes with 3 changeable gullets, how much should I pay for it? Thanks x
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    Charles Owen Collarbone Protection System Does anyone have any experience of these? Just wondered if they are any good? X
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    Riding hat recommendations please!

    I'm looking to buy a new riding hat and I just wondered which one's you all recommend. I'd prefer the ventilated ones but Im open to suggestions. Thanks!
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    Which riding hat should I buy?

    I need your help, i've currently got the Harry Hall Elite Plus but I had a bad fall so I'm getting rid of it any buying a new one. Shall I stick with this one or go for the Just Togs Juniour JTE...
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    How to achieve collected trot?

    Can anyone explain how I can do collected trot? My boy can do medium trot fine now but I would like to start doing collected trot. Any help apprecitated on how to do this X
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    Blinkers for jumping?

    Ok please don't shout at me if this is totally stupid, but someone at a show today who was watching me jump suggested I try blinkers on him as he spends the whole time looking elsewhere. I have no idea about blinkers so I thought I'd ask on here as to wether or not you can use them for jumping?
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    Need some advice with napping/excitable pony.

    Right my pony is nappy at shows, did our first dressage test yesterday at the show at home and in the warm up he was a nightmare. He was strong, excitable and continually trying to nap to the gate or any 'friend' he thought he saw. Then when we went in the ring he tried to nap out of the arena...
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    Stess Ban? Anyone use/heard of it?

    Hi has anyone heard or use a calmer called Stress Ban? Someone mentioned it to me but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I think its a sachet of powder that you give on the day of the competition. Thanks in advance X
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    Bca sponsoured ride photographer

    Hi did anyone do the sponsoured ride last Saturday at BCA? Just wondered who the photographer was I've forgotten the name! Thanks in advance X
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    Sweet itch please help

    I know this should be in vetinary section but more people read this. My shetland has sweet itch she is itching alot of the time and has new rubbed patches almost everyday. Im using a cream and an anti-itch spray which is helping ease the problem, except she is terrified of sprays so actually...
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    Treeless saddles opinions please

    Just been looking at soem websites and saw the treeless saddles. They look good but does anyone have any experince of using one? X
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    Magnetic Browbands

    Just wondering where can I get a magnetic browband from? I heard someone on here saying they've got on but I don't know where to get one from, roughly how much do they cost? And has anyone used one and what results did you get? Thanks X
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    Is this hat ok for dressage?

    Is this hat ok to use for dressage competitions (prelims and novice's). Thanks x
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    Help with pony that rushes jumps?

    My 17 year old arab x welsh has a tendancy to rush jumps. The first couple of jumps are ok ish but once he's jumped a few he then charges at them as soon as you turn the corner, hence making doing courses a bit difficult! He seems to just switch off if you know what I mean and is only interested...
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    Greenguard grazing muzzle replacement straps

    Hi all, I need some replacement straps for my Greenguard muzzle but can't seem to find the number for greenguard to get some. Does anyone know where I can get some from or have greenguards number? Thanks Samx
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    How much weight can he carry?

    Just a quick question, how much weight do you think my 14.1 arab x whelsh can carry? i know it depends on how the person rides, but a rough estimate please. thanks X
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    Itchy Shetland

    My 7 year old shetland mare is very itchy. About spring time last year she started itching very badly mainly, her mane and tail but also her back and top of her hindquarters too. She had a couple of baths when the weather was good with the Dermoline Insecticidal shampoo and I also found some...
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    Show names, help needed!

    Hi all, I need your help picking a name for my boy. His stable name is RJ (doesnt mean anything) and his current show name is Royal Jester Hate that name doesnt suit him! Im not bothered about the name having anything to do with RJ. About him, hes 14.1hh Arab x Welsh, chestnut, 17 years...
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    Acheiving medium trot & canter.

    Hi, Hope this is the right place to post this. I've just been looking at some of the Novice tests and I ws wondering hows the best way to acheive medium trot and canter? He has a tendancy just to try to break into canter or just go faster, any help/tips would be much appreciated! Thanks in...
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    Which bridle should I buy?

    I need your help. Im thinking of buying my pony (in sig) a new bridle from pink equine. I've found 3 I like but I'm not sure which to get. He's a 14.1hh Chestnut arab X if that helps. I want your opinions on which would look best on him. feel free to browse
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    Nupafeed Calmer?

    Just wondering does anyone use Nupafeed Liquid calmer? I saw it advertised and it sounds good but don't know anyone that uses it. Any opinions welcome! Samx
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    Bit of a rant, sorry!

    Right sorry if I go on a bit! My horse is kept in an american barn type thing with 8 other horses, everything has been fine fot the past 18 months, but we have one lady who likes to 'baby' her horse i.e he doesnt go out if it rains or is slightly windy etc.. I don't have a problem with this but...
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    Advice needed

    I need some advice regarding bits etc... I used to ride my boy in a Myler corectional ported with dee rings which he used to go realy well in, but then learnt how to grab hold of it and bugger off I have now put him in a hanging cheek waterford as he has a hanging cheek french link for...
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    Worcester Noseband? Any one use one of these? Or have any experience of one? I've just been looking through the shires website and they say that this noseband is good for horses that rush or dive on the bit etc.. thinking about trying on for my boy as...
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    Long winter boots for on the yard??

    Does anybody have any warm long boots for wearing round the yard? I need some warm ones as wellies just make my feet so cold i've been looking at the Derby House Thermal long boots or the Woof Long winter boots but not sure if they are any good. Someone suggested I get Derri boots but again...
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    Should I throw my hat away????

    I fell off 2 months ago but havn't been able to ride since due to broken ankle and collar bone. Just wanted to know if my hat is still ok to use or should I throw it away. I did bang my head as I had a lump on my forehead but I really can't remember how hard I hit it. Is there anyway of testing...