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  1. DressageCob

    Trace: "Woodpecker" chestnut gelderlander known as Woody

    If you look on Trace My Horse UK on Facebook, you'll see the OP did track him down :)
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    Weekend plans - clocks go back 😳

    Fig is looking phenomenal. Look at that muscle! And the extension. You must be chuffed with how he's doing.
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    Dog bit me - my fault - then I kicked it - need (much) better strategy

    OP I hope the visit to the vets goes well and you get some answers. It’s funny how you can overlook that sort of thing in different animals; if my horse tried to bite me I would immediately assume pain. If it were my dog I’d assume my training has failed somewhere!!
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    Dog bit me - my fault - then I kicked it - need (much) better strategy

    sorry, I wasn’t suggesting you said the poster should have her dog removed. I was meaning to say I thought it was cruel of another poster to make that suggestion. I agreed with you that bullying isn’t on, but I was saying I thought the knee jerk reaction that someone should have their dogs...
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    Amber is lame

    I’m gutted for you. I was really hopeful for better news. horses are such troopers. Amazing how she masked that level of problem and was only subtly lame. I’m glad Toby is working out for you so well. I think you’ve been lucky there. Sounds like he is a lovely person, and not lacking in...
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    Test sheet de-mystifying

    I got a "maybe you should try eventing" after my horse pinged out of the arena on my first prelim attempt 😂 I also like the subtle hints you get from judges sometimes. "Irregular footfalls" = lame "unstable contact" = you're socking him in the teeth "could have more cadence" = your horse is...
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    I like the professionals choice girths on my round, flat backed cob.
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    Dog bit me - my fault - then I kicked it - need (much) better strategy

    I do agree with you, but I also think it was cruel and uncalled for to suggest that this poster should have her dogs taken off her, when she posted here as a safe place to try to learn from her mistake. I’m afraid I see that as bullying, particularly when what we are talking about is a small...
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    Test sheet de-mystifying

    I once had "the rider typically smiles, not the horse". My little cob had the habit of halting at the end of the test, flicking his head up and flashing his teeth, Flehmen-style 😄
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    Dog bit me - my fault - then I kicked it - need (much) better strategy

    I don't see the benefit of banishing the dog later on, after the event. The dog won't know what the issue is at that point. To allow one dog to interact and be with you, and to ignore the other dog and not let it in the room because you needed a break and your hand hurt is not appropriate...
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    Buying a puppy

    I applied to several rescues for a dog, but was rejected every time. I tried over the course of a couple of years. but because I don't work the same hours every day they weren't interested. That is despite the dog wasn't going to be on its own. In the meantime I was researching my dream breed...
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    Recommendation for an equine solicitor please

    Mary Ann Reay Charles at Shaw & Co is excellent
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    Blue- Introduction + Photos

    Oooh he's just my type. Send him my way 😄 Congrats he looks lovely. That photo of him checking on you is adorable.
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    Does everybody use full necks on their horses now?

    Both of my fully clipped cobs have PE rugs with detachable necks. The necks are currently attached. The little cob who lives out is in 100g because he felt cold in his detachable neck lightweight. He just feels comfortable now, room temperature, not toasty. Admittedly my main reason for a full...
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    weekend plans

    I saw the girl's post on FB. 6.3 dressage is insane! I've never seen a sheet with so many 10s. I looked at the results and the same judge gave one rider a 53. So she wasn't afraid to use the full range of scores! Dolly looks fab. That's a decent fence. Hope the winter of dressage goes well!
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    weekend plans

    I didn't realise Darcy was out of action/not continuing as a dressage pony. What awful luck. You must be so upset. Your topcob is such a special girl.
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    weekend plans

    That's a great result, since halting and walking are required movements 😂 He looks super smart, when not on his hind legs 😄
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    Eventing Competition report - Swan River CIC (eventing in Western Australia)

    Well done! I enjoyed reading your report. Beautiful shiny horse too.
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    Dressage Nerves/anxiety/agoraphobia

    I don’t think you’re being fair to yourself. Your horse isn’t sitting in its stable, mourning its untapped potential. She doesn’t feel she’s missing out because she isn’t doing dressage competitions. She’s just happy with her owner, her field, her stable and her food. online dressage is a nice...
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    weekend plans

    I had a nice little dressage outing. The big lad came 2nd with 64%, which I’m pretty pleased with since we are still new to Mediums and he was a wee bit tense. He had been to the venue before but not that arena and there was a lot going on behind. photo of my happy face 😂 dramatic saluting
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    Amber is lame

    Oh that is painful! You get yourself geared up for news, good or bad, and still don't get it. I bet the next 5 days will drag. Fingers crossed for good news when you finally do hear.
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    weekend plans

    What rotten luck Dyllymoo. I hope it's a swift recovery. Looks sore.
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    weekend plans

    Good luck AE! I hope you get good news.
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    weekend plans

    I'm off dressaging on Saturday. Thankfully a local venue as yet unaffected by lockdowns. All the North Wales places are off limits for now. Then on Sunday I'm just having lessons on the boys.
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    To neuter or not to neuter?

    I've just had my male dog castrated. He is 10 months, which is the recommended age for his breed. Castration if not breeding is also recommended because they are particularly able scent hounds and very determined. Admittedly, my boy has such a nice nature there was no need personality-wise. I...
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    My best friend ❤️

    I should say, that dog is still alive now at 18 😄
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    Cone of shame alternatives?

    Thanks all. As expected the cone isn't working well. He got it stuck on things and got upset. I got an inflatable donut as recommended and it's better. He likes using it as a pillow too so that's a bonus.
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    Good dog bad dog

    I thought it was mad. My dog goes to day care. They have a couple of acres, a wooden cabin and a maximum of 8 dogs. The man who runs it has it has his job. He sits in the cabin and the dogs aren't ever left alone. They all get on and my dog thoroughly enjoys himself. When we arrive he legs it...
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    My best friend ❤️

    My friends JRT looked youthful until, when he 13, my friend ended up with a little pup she found abandoned. It aged him overnight, bless him. I don't know if it was because he couldn't keep up with the little one and got tired trying, or if he just felt he could finally have a break because the...
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    Retirement turnout WWYD?

    I personally wouldn't do it. If the horse is happy where he is (and you say he is, he's "king of the yard", loves his routine etc) I wouldn't feel right changing that. Especially if he has never lived out before. It works for some, granted. But I would be very reluctant to impose such a...