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    Check ligament injury.

    My horse may have injured his check ligament..Came in from the field with a swollen fetlock and lame. I kept him in as vet due next day for routine visit, tendon area from knee to fetlock was swollen by the next morning. On advice I kept him in for a week, he improved greatly. The vet was going...
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    Retirement Livery Why?

    I have owned horses for years . I keep my horses on DIY or rent a local field. When my horses retire I want to look after them until the end of their days, I have done this and PTS when the time is right. Why do people send their horse to a retirement livery? Is it cheaper than caring for the...
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    icey roads are you riding?

    I have a weeks holiday from work and want to ride.I hack and have no access to a school. To reach the fields I have to ride on the roads for about half a mile.The roads are rural,icey and untreated. I don't feel happy riding on icey roads. I have friends who will risk it. What are your opinions?
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    Bog Spavin.

    My Standard bred was diagnosed with bog spavin 5 weeks ago.The inside of the hock was swollen and he was lame. He is much better now and I hope to start gentle exercise at the weekend. Has anyone else got a horse who has suffered from this? What are your experiences and has the hock always...
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    Do you vaccinate your older horses.Discuss

    Hi In the past I have stopped annual vaccinations once my horses got older approx. 18 plus. I have always kept the tetnus up to date. My horses are hacks /pleasure horses. We don't hunt or show etc. What do other owners do ? Do horse build their own immunity as they get older?
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    Surface for Corral. Enclosure around Field Shelter.

    I rent a field with a field shelter and have got permission to build a Corral around the shelter . The idea is to use it to shut horses in this area at night. During the dry weather it will be fine , part is hard standing. I am concerned that it will be poached in the winter. What...
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    swollen sheath help!

    I have a shirexcob gelding . He gets this problem each summer due to the flies . They congregate around his sheath he kicks at them and bruises his sheath ,which becomes swollen and lumpy. I can usually keep it under control by using summer fly cream ,fly spray etc. If I could stop him kicking...
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    polo pony to happy hacker

    I have just got a polo pony he is 16 and I intend to hack him. Has any one here retrained a polo pony or got any experience of helping them adjust to a new life style.My pony has been playing all season and is quite fit but underweight, he is settling in well. He is argentinian and branded on...
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    Standardbreds .Has any one got one ,what can you tell me.

    A friend has just bought one as a hack. I have never really come across the breed before.I am impressed with this horse, and wondered if any one could tell me what they are like to own and ride.
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    Would you buy a horse without a passport?

    Do travellers passport their horses? Would you buy a horse without a passport? I think its a bit odd if mature horses don't have passports ,but I am a bit suspicious. What do people think, what is your experience.
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    polo pony to happy haccker / leisure horse

    Has any one got an ex polo pony who has changed careers ? Do they hack alone ? What are your experiences. I am considering this option, but have been told that they often don't like to hack alone. I am looking for a happy hacker type would an ex polo pony be suitable?
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    How does this effect the value of a horse?
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    How far to you travel looking for a new horse.

    I have been looking for a quiet hack for a while now . I have had a few bad experiences and lost some confidence. Do I need to extend the area of my search? Start to look at dealers instead of private sales,or just give up. Does any one know of dealers in Gloucestersire area? I have been...
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    Asking price and actual selling price.

    If a horse is advertised at £ 1600 how much would you expect to pay ,and what would you start at if negociating on a final price. Horse advertised a £ 1600 ono but been on market for 3 weeks.
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    Happy hackers ,where are they?

    I am looking for a hack ,must hack on its own willingly,also hack in company.Does n't need to jump or have an illustrious show career or anything like that. Don't mind an older horse. A few I have phoned up about, did n't hack on their own. What do you think is a sensible budget.This could be...
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    Sweet itch and melanoms

    Hi everyone, This is my first thread . Just wondered if Sweet itch and melanomas would put people of buying a horse ,and how it would effect the price.Also has any one got any experience of these issues.