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  1. Hornby

    SJ Report (Pics & Vid)

    What a lovely round, is she one of yours or are you bringing her on for someone? She looks nice, do you know her breeding?
  2. Hornby

    A Bramham CIC*** report (warning...long!)

    What an exciting thread, well done to both of you
  3. Hornby

    So, I think Monty's Advanced debut deserves a post of its own!

    Superb! You are an inspiration :-)
  4. Hornby

    My baby horse won her first test with 74%!

    Brilliant! Loss of video means you have to go again ;-) please can we have a report about your Ruth Edge lesson?
  5. Hornby

    (or, more accurately, not doing much Eventing)

    Brilliant, as ever ! :-)
  6. Hornby

    Thoughts on my new 4yo (videos)?

    Hello S, I can't get the videos to play at the moment but from the stills she looks lovely. I am sure you will make good progress once you feel more confident in her. Congratulations on the baby and what a shame about Badger, I remember your fearless hunting pictures, he was a superstar.
  7. Hornby

    Update & lesson report!

    Love him, lesson sounded really interesting, hope you get the chance to compete soon.
  8. Hornby

    ADVICE REQUIRED: Stables in/near South London

    What about Wimbledon village stables? Excellent reputation, very nice horses and a good social scene too.
  9. Hornby

    Change over 2 1/2 years

    She looks great, 10 years younger! Can you care for me too? :-)
  10. Hornby

    Dressage: Loss of a friend

    That is very sad news. I knew of her reputation as an extremely capable and sympathetic rider, with a real talent with young horses. What a shock, thinking of her friends and family at this distressing time.
  11. Hornby

    The orange one gets a win! Rackham BE100

    Loved the blog, you are sounding really positive and confident, excellent report!
  12. Hornby

    Anyone want a ride XC on my super cob?

    Brilliant, love your cob , love the neck strap ( that's how I did all my hunting! ) lovely course.....why does the video say " last one ever " it would be such a shame to lose a great venue like that.
  13. Hornby

    Couple of updates (and some tempi changes!)

    Brilliant results, you are both stars! Love the blog, please keep it up, I am looking for updates before you have had a chance to do a comp these days ( not brave enough myself, but love reading about others exploits)
  14. Hornby

    A day of twos - County showing report!

    Excellent report, we have missed the lovely boy, love the pics with donkeys and snoozing. Are you qualified now ( so more competing time?)
  15. Hornby

    First ODE (the sequel to the give and retake reins thread!)

    What a lovely horse, glad the G & R reins plan worked ��
  16. Hornby

    Hambleden BE100 - last run before Badminton

    Brilliant report, good luck at Badminton
  17. Hornby

    2014 - A great year - and some hope for everyone!

    What a brilliant year! So nice to hear a real success story :-)
  18. Hornby

    Fog stops Fun at Askham Bryan Horse Trials

    Fun report, especially the clarification about who did the 5 poo's :-)
  19. Hornby

    Starting dressage ponies - recommendations please!!

    Gill at is very approachable and friendly, her daughter rides beautifully and they are based in Lancashire. They breed, break and train dressage ponies.
  20. Hornby

    First Course in prep for Kelsall on Friday :) Video!!

    What a lovely approach she has, not phased at all! Love the grey "statue" horse with you too :-). All the best for Friday, please let us know how it goes
  21. Hornby

    Atherstone team chase report. first ever TC, with drama!!

    You are officially brilliant! Excellent report and even better stick ability than Mr Nicholson !
  22. Hornby

    Billy goes eventing with some amateur dramatics!

    He looks so handsome, really made up into a lovely horse from his gangly youth! :-). Well sat for the rear, sounds dramatic, as you say. Well done for your result.
  23. Hornby

    Andrew Hoy Burghley

    Anyone know why Andrew Hoy retired when going so well XC? BBC didn't say and the round on Burghley TV stops after the dairy mound (?) Just curious as he was so well placed.
  24. Hornby

    Bit of an update

    Nice to see you are out and competing again, what a horrible injury - how on earth did he do that?. Please post an " after" pic to settle my stomach! :-). Lovely that your son is enjoying hunting so much and the dressage pic looks very smart
  25. Hornby

    My sons first show with his shettie :)

    How cute are they? More sashes than pony in the last one.....ahhhh :-)
  26. Hornby

    Chaos reigns, ND BE100 report, and exciting times ahead!

    Oh to be young again.....please can I have some of your energy ? Excellent report and I love Pickle
  27. Hornby

    Bestest hoss just got betterer. Ltl Downham BE100 . Headcam xc

    Great report and I love your dogs, what breed are they please?
  28. Hornby

    Orange horse is off to Badminton!!!!!!

    Excellent, well deserved
  29. Hornby

    The bestest horse in the world ! BCA, BE100. Headcam of xc

    Excellent, really positive. Love the hat cam but how is the image so stable? Where is the camera attached as it seems you can see the peak of your hat to the left but the image doesn't move as your head would over a jump....puzzled :-). All the best for Sunday :-)