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    saddle help please

    My daughters pony is in a 15" saddle, my daughter is getting too big for this saddle and could do with a 16" Are there any saddles you can recommend that are short panelled Thanks
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    How many horses per acre of grazing do you all have?

    8 on 6 acres.. All ponies on track through summer let the middle grow really long then strip it through winter only 2 come in over night the others didn't need any hay until Feb so works well for me
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    Help, my mare needs to go on a diet tout suite

    When we first got one of our ponies she had quite a big tummy she was previously only fed hay as old owner wouldn't feed her as she was fat but it was only her tummy, we started giving her speedi beet with brewers yeast and the tummy soon went down.
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    What is the difference between running away and bolting?

    I get really annoyed when people say their horse bolted but they pulled it up after a few strides..thats not a bolt I have a bolter the last time he was ridden I don't know how we both survived the bolt that was when I decided he wasn't to be ridden again,I've had people say they will ride him...
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    Who's coming out of winter a bit to well?

    I have 2 that have lived out no feed no hay no rugs and still chunky..
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    How much am I looking at?

    Thank you I havnt started looking at adverts yet as I don't want to see something before I can afford it in a few mths I will have 2k so will start looking then thanks
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    How much am I looking at?

    I'm hopefully going to start the horse hunt very soon I will be looking for something 14.2/15hh native type Not bothered for colour age but must be safe and good in traffic Not for competing just a horse to love and enjoy So my question what sort of price do you think I'm looking at?
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    Xmas Day

    My kids get up about 6am so I let them open Santa presents then about 730 while they have breakfast I'll go let them out quick skip out and fill hays and waters then just ready to bring in later in the day
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    Soakable conditioning feed required - help!

    My oldie gets speedi beet with linseed and is holding her weight fab this yr
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    Age for backing

    I've backed mine this yr as a 5yr old he mentally wasn't ready before I'm glad I waited he has been no problem at all
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    Planning winter feeds

    Thanks I was wondering about either Alfa a or grass nuts along side speedi beet and linseed so I'm not having to buy loads of different bags in
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    Planning winter feeds

    I'm wanting to go next week to stock up on my winter feeds I'm a bit unsure best to get I have a 5 yr old cob in light work will be in over night out in day he will get small amount speedi beet micronised linseed & brewers yeast he did well on that last yr with a Rockies 5 star lick in his...
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    A 'what if ' question

    Ooh I like the idea of specialist livery I was thinking along the lines of retirement livery but rehab or laminitis livery would be good too. If it comes off my horses wouldn't be there they would be on my field at home this is neighbours yard that possibly might be coming for sale in a few...
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    A 'what if ' question

    What would you do if you had the chance of owning 6 stables and 6 acres of land and you really wanted to start up some sort of equine business what would you choose to do?
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    The Abscess Thread - queries, advice and tips

    Mine has just come in today lame slight bit of heat round heal so poulticed it up checked an hour ago and yuk it's an abscess lol burst on the heal so poulticed again and in tonight will turn out in morning unless still very lame
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    Getting weight off a very fat section A?

    Supagran I know what you mean I had the farmer ask me do I want him to fertilise my fields as that will help it shoot up I had to explain how I didn't want it to grow
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    Getting weight off a very fat section A?

    I have a fat paddock that's about 20 x 40 at the moment there are 3 in there looks a bit funny to people who don't understand seeing 10 acres of lovely fields then 3 of them in a tiny bit, every few days I put my bigger 2 in for a day to eat it too but it's pretty bare I feed soaked hay 3 times...
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    Height advice please

    I have a sec c that's breeding are all 13.2's all her siblings are 13.2 yet she is a dainty 12.1hh just happens sometimes she was treat no different to the others as a youngster
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    Spring grass

    She has been coming in through day so maybe I'll swap to her coming in at night again see if it helps willing to try anything
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    Spring grass

    Thanks, yes she's getting plenty of hay I have started adding meg ox but not seen a difference yet I will try salt ( normal table salt???) and see if that helps thanks for any help
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    Spring grass

    I've never had a horse that's been too bothered by spring grass before but my daughters pony that we got last summer over the last few weeks has turned into a spooky nervous pony I'm worried for my daughter riding her and am guessing it's the grass, I've put her in the little starvation paddock...
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    New mare & stallion next-door...

    We have stallions next door separated only by a farm track my mares are terrible flirts so I made sure extra electric fencing up the side and within no time they settled down i would just give it time it's still all new to her
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    Fibre and oil diet - do I need a balancer/vitamin supplement?

    I feed the same one gets alfa a oil speedi beet micronised linseed the others get hi fi instead of alfa a I don't add any thing else but they all have access to rockies 5 star lick and all look great
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    Track System/Paddock Paradise on rented land (only grass)?

    I set up a track last year in total to walk round it is .6 of a mile and I see the ponies one side then the other so many times through the day so they do walk a lot more than just in a paddock. My middle field is split into 5 winter paddocks which I will leave to grow now till winter for...
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    Insurance question

    Do any of the insurance companies do multi horse policy's and if so which is best thanks
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    8 acres of insanely lush grass plus 3 greedy ponies = ?

    I do pretty much the same as BBH suggested mine is 8 acres with 5 small ponies and 1 15hh cob ours is and L shape so spilt into two then each section has a track round outside 3 in one 3 in other then in winter they have the middle as standing hay it's saved me a fortune in hay
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    Anyone else still not feeding hay?

    Yeah me, 3 live out only had hay once and no feed either all looking great, 3 that come in over night have hay on a night but not through day yet too
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    Can rinsing sugarbeet remove the sugar?

    Thank you they do get benevit added
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    Can rinsing sugarbeet remove the sugar?

    I normally feed speedi beet but was in need of some more as my husband was passing the feed store (25 miles away) I asked him to pick me up some feed he got sugar beet instead of speedi beet by accident so if I rinse it after soaking will it remove the sugar? Added bonus £4 a bag cheaper with...
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    Horse rearing at stable door

    Quick update.. My OH was home this weekend to help out so he put bars across the top of his door then stood by while I put the others out on Sat he reared maybe 5 6 times then settled I left him 10 mins then put him out this morning he reared once then stayed in for 15 mins so hopefully we can...