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    Transporting from Ireland - insurance?

    Just wondering if anybody here has experience of transporting horses from Ireland at all, and if you did, did you insure them for the journey? Curious as to how it works, and where you an actually get such an insurance from? TIA!
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    Buying a horse - how did you know they were "the one"?

    As titled, really. How did you know, and did you compromise on anything at all? Curious to hear responses :)
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    Desensitising a clueless 4yo?

    I'm aware everyone will have differing ways / means, but I'm interested to hear them :) Scenario: You have a 4yo who has grown up at his breeder's private land, been loved to pieces, and very well looked after, but has never left the yard. Now imagine the look of awe / horror on his face when...
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    Sorry, another "which bit?"!

    As there's so many out there, I'm baffled as to what best to try. Pone in question is a 7yo 14hh cob with a very tiny mouth. I've had him 6mths, and he had "always" been ridden in a happy mouth full cheek snaffle. Snaffle mouthed, yada yada. The bit he came with had been pretty much chewed...
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    What to do with a rig... WWYD?

    Question, really, is in the title. I bought a 6yo 14hh cob in September. Friendly, cheeky, hacks alone or in company, bombproof in traffic and open spaces, but still green. He is 100% all of those, however suspicions and tests have shown that he's also a true rig. He's not aggressive, he's...
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    True rigs (blood test confirmed), any experiences?

    Title is pretty self explanatory, really. I've had concerns over my new boy's behaviour, so opted to have him tested. The results have come back as a pretty resounding "yes, he's a rig" (7.8 on oestrone sulphate determination...). So... any experiences? Vets are coming back later this week to...
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    Liveryman Harmony Plus vs. Masterclip Ranger clippers?

    Hi guys :) Any opinions here would be good, I've narrowed my search down to 2, just torn between them! They'll be clipping a hairy, cobby pony, but likely only him. Not for any serious clipping, and I don't want to spend masses as a result. Any experiences? Much appreciated!
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    Cob dropping weight... how best to combat?

    First things first, he's wormed, teeth done, no medical problems. Hairy cob, 6yo. He's a very active boy who razzes round a lot in the field, and isn't as food oriented as you'd expect a cob to be. He often sweats up, and he's usually making a pain of himself playing with the other horses...
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    Protecting a long mane from (standard neck) rug rubs?

    As the title, really. You know that annoying little bit just around the withers, that always seem to snap, break, and be consistently shorter than anywhere else, complete with miniature-mohawk going on? Is there any way to protect against this, that actually works? My new boy has an immense...
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    Sweaty horse living out in this weather... to rug or not to rug?

    Little bit unsure here, so some opinions would be good! Neddy has just been moved to a new yard. He's been living out unrugged thus far, with a low chaser clip, with no problems at all. New yard involves him being out in a herd which he's not used to, and is apparently very exciting. He's...
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    Your Horse Live... do you need a ticket just to shop?

    Duncey question, as I've never been! Purely to go and nose around the shopping, do you have to buy a full ticket?
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    Frantically itchy pony??

    Just curious as to whether anyone has any ideas? Pone is a 14hh heavy, hairy cob. Over the past few days he's been itchy, and I mean really itchy. It seems to be pretty much all over, but the worst bit is his back, just under where the saddle would go, and the left side is itchier than the...
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    Weighing up yard compromises... turnout vs. facilities?

    WWYD? Yard A) I've been on in the past. Turnout 24/7/365, decent hacking, offroad riding, 6 miles from home, but no school which makes exercising difficult in the winter (working full time). Yard B) Good hacking, offroad riding, floodlit school, 3 miles from home, but stables for 6mths of the...
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    Selling horses... how to let go of that guilty feeling?

    Any experiences? I've been finding myself getting on much better with my boy over the past few weeks. Now I've taken a deposit on him, I'm feeling really rather :frown3: about him going. He can't stay, my new boy is already here (who is perfect), and I know that I don't have the time or...
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    Selling a horse, and multiple viewers. What's the protocol?

    Help :( Imagine you're selling a 4yo. He's been advertised for around 3wks, you've had 2 viewers thus far. One was a dreamer, the other was a timewaster. You've had another lady booked in for around 2 weeks, who is coming to view next week. She sounds lovely, and very serious, but has been very...
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    Clippers for very hairy horses? Any recommendations, please?!

    I know this has been done to death on here, but I'm still baffled. Ideally looking for a set as cheap as possible (before you say it, I know, but the most we're likely to take off is a chaser), the mane and feather will never be touched ;) Anyone have any recommendations? This is the guy in...
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    Recommend me some horse-for-sale sites, please?

    I'm hoping this is allowed, as I'm not actually advertising? I'm feeling a little disheartened after various time-wasters for my boy (difficult decision anyway, and it's not helping!). Any recommendations for decent sites to advertise on? We have one more viewing booked in, but it's not for...
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    How many viewings before your horse sold?

    Pure curiosity. Those of you that have sold horses, how many viewers did you have before the deal was done?
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    Really long manes & living out over winter?

    Any tips?? :rolleyes: Cob, mane is well past his shoulder. He'll be living out 24/7 as much as possible. What's the best way to manage it? Leave it be (I'm thinking protection from elements), plait up, mane bags? Unknown territory for me. Any experiences welcome!
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    Scenario re: buying / selling / crossing over horses. WWYD?

    Scenario: your horse is up for sale, because you just don't click. He's reasonably priced, so hopefully won't take too long to sell (but with the current market, who knows). What appears to be your perfect horse virtually falls into your lap, at the right price, and at that price he's unlikely...
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    Is anyone on here good with conformation?

    As title, anyone I can pm for a second opinion on a horse, please? :)
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    4yo with melanomas - would it stop you buying?

    As title, really. 4 year old grey gelding, two melanomas. One under dock (removed by vet), another small one on shoulder. I understand they're fairly common in older greys, but what about younger ones? Would you be weary?
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    Matrix Bitless Bridle: does anyone have one?

    I'm curious as to what you make of it, and if you have any photos of it being used? :) I was considering trying a hackamore on my cob, who we're having bitting trouble with. I'm debating if the Matrix is worth the extra money for the adaptability?
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    Flexi vs wide footbed stirrups for dodgy ankles?

    Any experiences? My ankles / knees are terrible for locking on me, especially when out hacking. We went on a 2hr ride a couple of days ago and was in utter agony by the time we got back :o I'm looking at Sprengers, cheaper flexi type stirrups, wide stirrups...
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    Nose poking, snorting, coughing and subdued?

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone can drop me some ideas? I brought my cob in last night, he seemed fine. I tacked him up, took him in the school, he seemed to object every time I took up a contact on the reins. He was pulling his head down, poking his nose out. He'd had a few days off due...
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    Head rubbing as soon as bridle's on? Sensitive head? Micklem bridle?

    Quick question :) Once tacked up, my boy rubs his head. A lot. On anything. I've had horses in the past who've done it when untacked, sweaty, etc, but with him it's virtually as soon as the bridle is on? He's fine being ridden, but as soon as he's stood still he's trying to rub on something...
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    Extra livery charges for soaking haynets (DIY)... WWYD?

    I'm after some opinions, please! Scenario: - DIY yard - £32.50 per week DIY livery - Hay is supplied by yard, £40pm, green good quality hay, you can't supply your own forage - My cob is a good doer - He's out in the day (7am to 5.30pm), in at night - I work full time, 8am - 5pm - I've been...
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    Farrier overtrims your horse... do you get rid?

    Say you've had the farrier out for your (unshod) horse. Used him for the past 6mths or so, no issues. He comes out one rainy afternoon, when pone is due a tidy up, and seems to take more off than usual. Neddy isn't hopping lame, but seems hobbly and is tripping an awful lot on stones. He wasn't...
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    Soaking haynets / frozen hay?

    Do you still soak haynets in this weather? We were at about -4 here yesterday, plus an arctic wind (it was COLD:eek:). I managed to put my haynets to soak yesterday morning. I got there after work, there was a sheet of ice about half an inch thick welded to the net. I broke it off, rinsed the...
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    Biothane bridles: anyone got one?

    What do you make of it? Also interested to see pictures, escpecially if you jazzed it up on colours? ;)