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  1. BenvardenRach2

    Pictures Best fiancé award goes too..

    Got up at 6am on his weekend off, towed us to the beach and managed to capture these amazing photos:D!!! SO grateful for him and for my handsome chap who had an absolute blast. Oh and we lost a trizone boot in the sea AND he went in knee deep to fish it out for me...why he puts up with me I'll...
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    Pictures Working Hunter / Hunter showing advice please!

    Hi All, We have our second working hunter on the weekend which i'm really looking forward too - I think WH suits my lad as he's flashy and has a great pop but I struggled to find many competitions locally last year. I would like to do some more showing this year but would ideally like some...
  3. BenvardenRach2

    We made it to the BEACH in NOVEMBER?!

    In wales ;) Just a happy post! We had a super day at the beach today with a new friend, the sun even came out for a little while! This chap absolutely loves the beach, still smiling :D
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    I know this has probably been done to death! I’m currently on wood pellets which I really like but we have to buy them off the YO and they’re currently £6 a bag... new supplier and bags are getting smaller but price going up... I normally use 7/8 bags a month on average to maintain his bed...
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    Hunting together again after 7 years!

    I very nearly wimped out of hunting today... I've been checking the weather about 50 times a day and the forecast all week was sun friday, sun sunday but Saturday was heavy rain all day - and boy did it rain!! The last time I took Rocky hunting he was 4 and I was 14 :D ... since then I've...
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    First ever Affiliated BD 'Finals'

    Eeek, so we have qualified for the BD My Quest Novice Regional Final which is this Saturday! :D I'm really looking forward to it as we only 'affiliated' early this year and we haven't been able to go out much due to local flu outbreaks causing a few yard lock downs ( inc ours) a little while...
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    What camp does for your confidence! :D

    Jumping is something I loved so much as a kid, I would jump 120 for fun, bare back at times :D The at the age of around 15 I started to loose my nerve and my confidence never fully came back. Before camp a couple of weeks ago an 80cm would be my 'comfortable ish' height and a 90cm pretty damn...
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    Just arrived home from an amazing few days at our first ever camp! My butt cheeks hurt like never before and I feel like a broken woman but it was so worth it! We arrived the night before to settle Rocks so he could have a decent rest before the start of camp. It's a good 3.5/4hr drive for us...
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    Pictures Digital Art?

    Hi all! Is anyone into 'digital art/graphics' on here? I have recently decided to get back into drawing, I downloaded an app on my iPhone and have been using my finger to draw as have no stylus and I think I'm one of the few people without an ipad :p :rolleyes: not ideal... Looking for...
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    Pictures The perfect Sunday at the beach!!

    My lovely partner got up at the crack of dawn with me today to take us to the beach before the heat! Rocky was fabulous considering it was only his 2nd time on a beach :cool: Had a super time, he was even brave enough to have a paddle. Feeling very fortunate to have this beach close to us!
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    Pictures Helping my horse to cope with a loss

    Hi everyone, A lot of you know about my lovely little pony having to cross the rainbow bridge highly unexpectedly just over 2 weeks ago.. :( Rocky was very distressed to start with, they shared a small barn so when for the first 2 days he was in a huge panic whenever he was in without her, he...
  12. BenvardenRach2

    Goodbye my perfect Lily life is so cruel

    I cannot believe I am writing this, yesterday evening our perfect Lily was taken away from us so suddenly and sent over the rainbow. I found her in the field with her hindleg broken in multiple places, artery and tendon severed. She still so calm and gave me my usual greeting neigh even...
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    Pictures Over 70% for ponies first ever dressage test!!

    :D I am currently absolutely beaming!!!:D As some people know Lily came to us last August in a bit of a state.. very underweight and red raw in multiple places from untreated sweet itch. She also hadn't been in work for 7 years. Some pics from when she arrived.. We entered an online...
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    I promise I'm not a rescue sanctuary ha ha - before & afters!

    Just a proud post really... I wont go into too much detail as I have commented before on previous threads - my two childhood ponies found their way back to me in the past year (ish) Lily (grey) my first ever pony I had her when I was 11 she was 5, lightly broken :D mad I know. Sold her in 2012...
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    Eland Lodge Summer Camp 2019

    Woo hoo I just booked my slot on the summer camp :D We have never done camp before so I am really looking forward to it! I love Eland, we used to live in Ashby so were about 40 mins from there, used to be there quite often. We now live in South Wales :( so we have a 160 mile road trip(one way)...
  16. BenvardenRach2

    Welsh Dressage Championships

    Has anyone been? Held at The David Broome Event center... I am contemplating taking my boy, we have a qualifying score. This would be our first taste of any sort of 'champs' we only were affiliated at the start of the year. Is it a good one to go too? :) Thanks!
  17. BenvardenRach2

    You know your pony is a saint when..

    ...She can teach a young girl how to jump, school nicely pulling off a lovely leg yield for one of her first attempts and do tack-less for the first time in 7 years all in the space of an hour N had a jump again this weekend for the 2nd time, she was brilliant and is learning to sit up...
  18. BenvardenRach2

    Dressage to music -Help!

    Hi All, Thinking of trying something a bit different alongside the usual aff stuff. A venue local to us is hosting a dressage to music class next month - nothing serious, it's unaffiliated and a bit of fun. We have been given the list of what needs to be included in accordance with BD rules -...
  19. BenvardenRach2

    First Affiliated BD report!!

    Well... after being stuck on the M4 in standstill traffic for an hour and a half we made it to the venue with 25 mins before my test time! 🙈 Got changed in the back of the car on the way there so threw the tack on the lad, crap all down his tail despite my attemts to plait, bandage and tie...
  20. BenvardenRach2

    Not eating/drinking much!!!

    I'm worried about my two horses, they're both fit, aged 10 & 13, out during the day in during the night. They have had no routine change, no field or stable change. No recent stressors that i can think about. We opened a new large bale of hay a couple of weeks ago they were more than happy...
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    Amigo net cooler rugs on sale at £20 on the Robinsons website :-)
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    Dressage girth on GP saddle?

    Just a thought..may be totally stupid, would it be possible to attatch girth exetenders to GP saddle girth straps in order to be able to use a dressage girth?
  23. BenvardenRach2

    Logo on dressage pad

    Right.. I may be totally overthinking this!! We have an unaffiliated novice test next weekend, i have a white saddle pad with a blue chip logo in the bottom corner will this be okay? I know it's unaffiliated so they usually are a bit more relaxed however there are BD affiliated tests also...
  24. BenvardenRach2

    Masking the horsey smell

    How do you all mask 'the smell'? I have to sort my horses on the way to work every morning, I look like a plonker wearing blue plastic gloves but i cant seem to get the smell of 'horse' of my hands if i don't wear them :D I tie my hair up and wear a baseball cap but it still absolutely reeks...
  25. BenvardenRach2

    Pony weight loss - it is possible!

    Just a post to show everyone Rocky's weight loss over 7 months :o I am so chuffed! Long story short, I sold him a couple of years ago to a lady who was looking for a been there done that horse to help her out competing. In December 2017 she contacted me to say she hadn't ridden him for over a...
  26. BenvardenRach2

    Budget Trailer Camera - It worked!

    Hi All, We have been wanting to get a trailer camera for a little while as one of ours doesn't travel too well, everyone seemed to recommend the Rydale cameras they look fabulous but a bit out of budget at the mo! We purchased a car reversing camera on ebay for £30, for that price it was...
  27. BenvardenRach2

    Show Hunter Advice?

    Hi All, We are out competing on the weekend for the first time in months. I'm looking for peoples opinions please, we have always competed in SHP classes my horse is 15hh so we compete at 153cm classes & Intermediate SHP as I am under 25. I am interested in a few 'proper' hunter classes, do...
  28. BenvardenRach2

    Loading tips please - pony hasn't traveled for 7 years

    Long story short(ish!!), we are going to pick up a pony next week, we owned her 9 years ago. When we first bought her she had not left the farm where she was bred and walked onto a 3.5 tonne box for us like a dream, she was young no reason to be afraid, traveled with no issues at all. The next...
  29. BenvardenRach2

    Appendix Removal..

    Hi All, I had unexpected surgery on Monday evening to have my appendix removed. I have a large scar as well as 2 keyhole camera holes :-( I've been told I cannot drive for at least 4 weeks and cannot ride for 6 weeks - I can hardly walk at the moment and am lucky enough that my OH is going up...
  30. BenvardenRach2

    ARGH Expensive Transport :(

    Loosing the will to live a little.. Quite fancied attending a local show 4 miles away from our yard, I thought it wouldn't cost too much compared to attending events over 30 mins away (where most are!) so asked for a quote from a resident transport company who is also based at said livery...