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    Part Full/DIY or grass livery hackable distance to Tillyoch

    Think you will be hard pushed to find somewhere in vicinity you want that offers individual turn out. Yard I am on has spaces but it is DIY and you get a stable and up to you if use it or not. Or if you mean a spare stable that you can access to as and when but not pay for it he doesn't do that...
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    magnetic hock boots, reviews

    [I bought the premier equine ones in their 40% off for daughter's mare with bone spavin. We put them on for hour before riding and does appear to help her a good bit. Even her instructor says that noticed she wasn't as stiff coming into lessons. So glad we got them. But will admit unsure if...
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    grass livery, what should you expect for your money?

    It would depend on what was agreed when you moved on .We are on diy(with a stable) and whilst yard owner would never ignore a horse in trouble and does glance over them,it is not his role but we all know that. Would expect fencing to be sound etc.If full grass livery would expect horse to be...
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    Magnetic hock boots - worth it?

    According to our dogs vet some can. Dogs apparently do respond to placebos.He said it in response to a jokey comment I made re our dog. I think it was to do with injections but can't swear to that. I have no reason to doubt him tho can't understand how it would work! I have used magnetic boots...
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    Feeling desperate - help re livery in Aberdeen

    The yard I livery on seems to tick your boxes. He has an 'injury paddock' set aside . He does not have a starvation paddock tho it is only for injuries. It has an indoor/outdoor, 40 liveries but herds are no more than 8/10 most are less. Mares and geldings are usually seperate unless agreement...
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    Full livery required. Aberdeen

    Depends how much you want to pay and how far you want to travel to horse. If its got an indoor then tend to be a bit more expensive obviously. The one with indoor schools that are nearer south side are Oldfold(Aberdeen Riding Club)its a riding school,Tillyoch Equestrian, Graeme Scotts at...
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    Horse crosses his front legs when moving??

    If thats whats its called lol! He's rising 6,got steriod injections for pedal osteitis as not lame just unlevel and unhappy.Kept pulling his heart bars off probably because of this which in turn caused a flare up. Just can't quite shake it this time.
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    Horse crosses his front legs when moving??

    Has anyone have any experience of this. Were they ok to ride or did it interfere with work? Horse has been unlevel since before christmas now.Had steriod inj 2 weeks go with no changes as yet.Vet says no other treatment options if this doesn't work. Just wondering if this has anything to do...
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    Arena Bookings - Is this reasonable?

    Is instructor that fixed that they can't change?I totally get where you are coming from BUT sometimes thats the way things go on yards and we have to suck it up. We have a similiar system on our yard that you can book it for lessons only but no lessons during core time(4-7pm) and this usually...
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    Riding with carpol tunnels

    Totally agree with this. The recovery time far outways the problems of the carpal tunnel. Take the time and don't try and rush to do things too fast or you could impede the healing. I had only one hand done and tbh was so grateful to stop the interupted nights,no feeling,dropping things etc...
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    Could we have a disabled riders board?

    I sooooooo relate to that feeling (and the feeling like a moaner lol)!!!It so frustrating as your riding gets worse instead of better!!And you have no control over it to a certain extent
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    Aberdeenshire peeps

    Where are you? I am Aberdeen and know more than a few scottish farriers up here? Maybe they just keep to certain 'sides' lol OP really don't know why they don't say.local farrier says its the climate! Def not a lack of work. In fact they sort of can pick and choose who they take on or...
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    Experience of claiming on BHS Gold member 3rd party liability?

    Public Liability insurance doesn't mean automatic payout. My horse literally stood on a friends head and body she was critical for ages in hospital/rehab for a year so went thru the whole solicitor thing. PL covers you for being sued and person had to prove negligence. Petplan also said I had...
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    Delivery times for online equestrian retailers

    Maybe because of new year/christmas? I have always found Equestrian Clearance delivery time really quick 2/3 days,sometimes even next day.
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    Henri de Rivel saddles - opinions

    We have the Henri De Rivel jumping saddle which daughter loves bought 6 yrs ago and still looks good despite my daughter being bad at cleaning/oiling or any sort of maintainance on saddle. Will say they did come up small in sizing as compareed to a JW jumping saddle and also we found out they...
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    Name plaques

    I got great wooden ones from a local place. loved the fact that you send them a headshot of your horse and they paint it on. My ones caught my 2 really well down to the coloured who you can see the whites of his eyes. Am gutted that one has teeth marks on it after I...
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    Losing shoes?

    I actually had no intention of puting shoes on if I could avoid it when I got him as a yearling(his feet were a right mess). Wasn't until we started the breaking process that he kept showing up with a slight lameness then x rays and all that led to the heartbars He isn't even sound in a...
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    Losing shoes?

    At moment micronised linseed, boswelia, Spillers cool fobre and spiller original balancer plus succulents,out during day in at night. Haylage(not rich stuff) at night.Farrier no longer than every 6 weeks There was a yard not not far from us had soil tested and was deficient in zinc and...
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    Losing shoes?

    Has anyone any ideas what I can do with my youngster. He has heartbars on front feet and his toes are cut short as trips a lot if slightly long none behind .His pedal bone is 'flatter' than it should be.He is sound as long as he has shoes on. He loses one every 10 days on average,you get one put...
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    Aberdeen people

    Don't think he's giving up think he'll relocate or thats the rumour. Who knows lol!!!.Don't know when just that it was going to I suppose a bit like Loanhead - its been 'closing' for years and years lol Oldfold always was going to go but the knew that when they took it on.Again they will...
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    Aberdeen people

    I think Mithras is right.Its the end of an era with Loanhead and Hayfield closing If you look at their plans Countesswells etc are all earmarked for housing etc and once the bypass is built there will be no stopping them as they can access ground they couldn't before.Sadly I think yards will...
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    no one used them? Have googled but only found one person who was experiencing sanme problem. Just as well used OH credit card as they will cover but it is annoying
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    Need some sharer adivce...(long)

    This and make it clear you mean whats agreed and write it in if not they don't do whats agreed then share can be cancelled immediately or the preferred option If the financial contribution isn't that important to you would stop it immediately no ifs or buts . Sounds quite a demanding mother...
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    Anyone used them?We ordered a pair of boots then cancelled when they didn't have that size in stock but were expecting later. They have taken money but not refunded as yet. Get that annoyed panicy feeling now. Thanks
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    Aberdeen people

    TBH the hackings pretty poor imo. You have direct access to railway line but if its nice everyone and their dog(literally lol) are out. And since they tarmaced it you have the racers on their bikes which annoy EVERYONE as they stop for nothing. Also now (a very recent addition) have a council...
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    Aberdeen people

    Ah are you stabled then or grass as wasn't aware of any stable coming free but I'm a livery there not a confidante lol so someone may well be leaving. Yes yards good I'm the moaning old git in corner. He must do something right most of us have been there yrs and yrs. Think I am 10 plus. He has...
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    Aberdeen people

    I'm at new yard at Milltimber.Don't think old yard is closing as he has just made an indoor school(as in weeks old) and doubt he would have paid the thousands he did for the surface if he was closing. I know he is losing grazing to road and some to housing so is limiting the amount of liveries...
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    Breaking/re-schooling Huntly area

    LM Equestrian?? Think they are out that way.
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    Aberdeen people

    Was told tonight that liveries at Tertowie have been given a months notice but again that is just what has been said.We have had 2 liveries move on from there. But you know what horse world is like
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    Aberdeen people

    A friend of a friend recently moved to Hogholm and loves it. Think they have indoor and 2 outdoors says the hackings great.Don't think its cheap and unsure of the services they provide outside full livery. Don't know about the rest tho the rumour is that Tertowie is closing???But don't take that...