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    Millie/milly liver and white ESS rehomed

    Hi, as it's coming up to Xmas I thought I'd just pop back and see if the lady I rehomed Millie from was still here just to let her know that she is still going strong and is still a ruddy loon
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    We Lost an Oldie yesterday

    Sadly yesterday the sanctuary had to say goodbye to its eldest resident Min. At 35 she let the manager know she had had enough and lay down and wouldn't get up. A vet was called and it was agreed that Min wanted to go surrounded by love, warmth, compassion and people who she genuine tears of...
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    We have a beautiful natured and very intelligent Springer bitch. She has no papers. A couple of years ago at a game fair in warks we were approached by a chap who asked if she was papered, a worker, ever been bred from-the usual questions who then asked if we would consider letting him put his...
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    The rejected Foal

    I posted for help a few weeks back about a foal who had been rejected at birth by his mum. He was born on 1st April and his owners were convinced that if they could get him to 2 weeks old then they had a fighting chance and it was a fight they were prepared to take on and did! Well I've just...
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    Table Top Sales

    We are holding a Table Top Sale in aid of the Sanctuary on 24th May. Its been held at Earlswood Village Hall. Doors open at 7pm! For more info visit
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    Rejected Foal

    I won't be able to go into too much detail so please don't let that put you off posting! Long story short-we were called to help a foal who was born 1st April early hours. When he was found he was clean from top to toe but being sheltered by another mare (who is not in foal) He is about a...
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    Feral Cat Appeal

    Sorry Folks, on the beg again :( Feral Cat Appeal on behalf of Fur And Feathers Lisa Hunt of F and F has been contacted by a 'pest control' company regarding a feral cat situation at a business park. The Pest Control company are trying to get on top of an situation that has got out of hand...
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    Feral Cat Appeal

    Sorry to be a pain folks.. Feral Cat Appeal on behalf of Fur And Feathers Lisa Hunt of F and F has been contacted by a 'pest control' company regarding a feral cat situation at a business park. The Pest Control company are trying to get on top of an situation that has got out of hand. Sadly...
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    Hello, Futurity Novice

    Howdy, I don't think I have ever posted in here before but from what I have heard you are all nice! Soooooo many moons ago I worked at a welsh D stud. We didn't do futurity, we took them to shows and the ultimate was a Royal Welsh Win. Anyone who could say they picked up a red at the RWS...
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    Yard/Feral Cats

    Howdy Doody. I am posting on behalf of several clients who are in need of a job. My clients come in all colours and sizes. All have wonderful CV's and are at the top of their game when it comes to rodent prevention and management. They would need a live in position but only need feeding...
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    The Law Is an Ass

    Daily Fail So what became of Simon Fielding? And then? Read the...
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    Virbac Backhome Chip

    Howdy doodles. Just a heads up for anyone....yet another problem with them! I sent off change of details form for Egg and Toast. This was about 8 weeks ago. I received a letter today saying that according to their records Toast's chip may have come from a faulty batch and he may need...
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    Charity Theft Can I ask that anyone who is offered tack stupidly cheap does not buy it!! Please don't help these people profit. :(
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    A plea

    I posted a few days ago regarding a theft from a charity. Can I ask people in the Midlands area to keep an eye out for any tack that is offered...
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    Just found out that the place where I learned to ride as a child was broken into last night and all the tack taken. This place is special as it is in the middle of Birmingham and is a charity that encourages ALL children to ride. Not only are the riders special but everyone of the horses has...
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    Tina Cook in the Daily Fail

    ....but don't worry I've copied and pasted so as you don't have to damage your eyes! (Unless you want to see Tom Daley dressed as a fireman!!!) Daily Fail has done an article on the Olympic Village. Seriously...our Eventers are the best! Made me smile! "Back at the village, Shadow...
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    Horsey dreams

    Do you have a horsey dream? Not one that you have when you are asleep! Possible: On my 40th I would like a welsh sec D youngster to bring on and take a 1-3rd at the Royal Welsh. Pipe Dream: I'd love to own a horse that does 3 day eventing. I wouldn't have the balls to do it myself but would...
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    Dog needing home asap

    Mrs Tarn!/groups/378345438856737/ needs to go this weekend-passing on this link for a friend.
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    I've entered a few. All a great laugh if not a little too competitive...some people go all out. Good friend has opened a mini sanctuary/foster home/rehoming centre. Asking people for donations seems a bit cheeky as its a new venture and only small. I wondered if holding a photo show would be a...
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    Springer needs new home

    NOT MINE!! although very similar. Three year old un-neutered bitch. Good with kids. Family and work commitments mean they cannot give her the time she needs. That is all I know for now. I am posting this third hand as it has appeared on my FB page.
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    Could this be a landmark case?? Should she sue? Is she right to sue? Was the court right to throw it out originally? If this did go to court and she won what consequences could it have? Discuss-but be...
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    Inter Equine

    They say you have to be in it to win it and a new online shop has opened. I am in no way affiliated to it but its running a competion to win a fantastic hamper of horsey goodies just for 'liking' it FB page. Just thought I'd pass it on as its not often a horsey competion type thing appears.
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    For those who do not enter the Soap Box!

    I have in my posession 4 tickets for Cliff Richards at the LG this Saturday. They are currently being auctioned for Equine Market Watch. I'll be honsest I got them dead cheap as I have a man on the inside. Can I interest anyone in them? I can post or I am happy to actually meet at the LG on...
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    Rose's Transport YORK SALES Willing to pay!

    If anyone can help at all, I am willing to pay to have her transported 25 miles to safe haven. I myself will be travelling from Birmingham the night before the sale and back to Birmingham once Rose is settled. I cannot tow as I only passed my test in November and have no other transport...
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    28 year going through sales. PLEASE READ

    Can anyone offer transport from sale to a 'holding livery' in Leeds???
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    Hmmm...Good to catch??

    Good to catch? So why the lead rope trailing across the floor? Not the best ad pics but not the worst and fair play they must be doing something right as he is a bit of a looker. (well I think he is)
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    Beechhouse stud

    Anyone know it and been on it recently??
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    Rude Road Riders!

    While pootling about through my neck of the woods I have come to notice that there are a great many Rude Road Riders!! Yesterday was a prime example with riders on route to a show. Two riders, riding two abreast (I know its a safer option, hell I've done it myself in the past) failed to even...
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    Please no arguing or blaming just need facts and quick! Can the RSPCA LEGALLY remove animals? If they enter your property and just take animals have they not acted illegally? Doesn't an RSPCA 'officer' equate to Joe Bloggs taking your animals? Surely only the police can enter and remove...
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    Virbac microchipping-backhome WARNING

    Just a quicky so as to give you all a heads up just incase one of your pets goes missing. Since findind Oscar and seeing him reunited with his overjoyed owner I thought I had better check that Egg and Toby Toast's details were all present and correct. Egg was chipped in 2007 and her...