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  1. P

    Navicular bone cyst - any straws to clutch at

    Fwiw I think your doing the right thing I wouldn't have gone down the bar shoe route, my horse has navicular not a cyst like yours but he had osphos and the bursa was medicated I turned him away and took shoes off, he wasn't sound straight away it took nearly 4 months, so I don't think the...
  2. M

    Fractured sidebone

    Thank you, its fine I need to know. I am sorry to hear about your experience sounds awful. The sidebone is very large but has been there for ages it was the trauma that caused the lameness the osphos treatment I believe is to reduce additional boney structures. Tha k you for your reply
  3. TotalMadgeness

    Hock arthritis

    For mine the steroid injections didn't work effectively and he is now on Osphos and 1 x danilon a day. I don't jump him but his dressage is hovering around novice level at the moment. I tried using hock wraps but they gave him mud rash (?) through overheating I think. I also use devils claw and...
  4. P

    Hock Injections lasted eight weeks...experiences please.

    ...arthritis his were medicated last summer and his been fine, sometimes comes out a bit stiff but fine after 10 minutes I use boswellia and msm daily. Vet did say to me they sometimes use osphos for some arthritis now and have had good results, maybe something to consider if steroid isn't working.
  5. H

    Looking for some sensible support I think

    There are so many things out there that can help with lameness especially when you have pinpointed what the issue is. From cartrophen, Osphos, Amikin, Athramid, HY50, Adcortyl etc for joints. Is it’s a soft tissue there is PRP, IRAP, shockwave, stem cell treatments et. so don’t feel downhearted...
  6. L

    Talk to me about tildren

    I believe Osphos is what the vets are using now have a Google about it
  7. hopscotch bandit

    Hock arthritis worse in cold weather - what can I do? Here is a quick search. Plenty of experience on here.
  8. hopscotch bandit

    Hock arthritis worse in cold weather - what can I do? Here is a search, plenty of information from experiences on here
  9. Goldenstar

    Talk to me about tildren

    We got the same side effects with Osphos as we did with Tilden . I avoid both these treatment now
  10. TotalMadgeness

    Hock arthritis worse in cold weather - what can I do?

    Update after vet visit. He has recommended injecting my horse's hocks with osphos which is a bisphosphonate. Has anyone had experience with this one please?
  11. ihatework

    Navicular bone cyst - any straws to clutch at

    ...clinical relevance of the cyst if you don’t have any earlier xrays to compare to. I think in your shoes I would try a bone remodelling agent. Osphos or Tildren, they aren’t without risk for sure, but those xrays are compelling enough for me to try. And the beauty is that you can follow up...
  12. P

    Navicular bone cyst - any straws to clutch at pre lameness xrays. He's almost sound (unless you look too closely) on circle on left rein, hopping on right so marked difference. Osphos has been given, box rest on bute for 4 weeks then vet will re-assess. I had a recommended barefoot trimmer booked anyway for this week as I wasn't...
  13. P

    The dreaded N word...

    ...short walks and then over a few months brought him back into full work, he was never foot sore and took to it really well and have not had any problems since and that was 2 years ago. He had osphos and they medicated the navicular bursa when he was first diagnosed but not had anything else...
  14. M

    Fractured sidebone

    ...but it's normally fairly poor. He is recommending more rest already been in 6 weeks but at least another 2 months on bute and to have osphos treatment followed up a Month later with steroid into coffin joint and after 2 Months rest to be able to go I to restricted paddocks. My physio so...
  15. P

    Navicular bone cyst - any straws to clutch at

    ...around the cyst that causes the pain, aggravated by it growing and / or the hard ground / being in work. He said bute for anti inflammatory and rest to try and settle it to being 'clinically silent' . Also recommended Osphos injection that is supposed to change how bone is remodelling
  16. TotalMadgeness

    Arthritis in young horses

    ...when he was 9. Steroid injections worked very briefly, boswellia didn't work and neither did tumeric. The most success I've had is with osphos and keeping him on danilon (once a day). His supplements are currently Science Supplements Flexability and devils claw root. His weight is managed...
  17. mavandkaz

    Talk to me about tildren

    ...He is convinced that the suspensories are not the issue, and wasn't overly concerned about what he saw on the scans. He prefers tildren over osphos due to the way it is administered - he has seen quite a few horses have reactions at the injection sites with osphos, and leaves them very sore...
  18. P

    Acceptable level of lameness in retirement

    My 7 y/o has a bone cyst. After a months box rest, Osphos and bute the vet reassessed. He was not great on the rein it's on in the school and on the hard surface he looked grim on both reins, sadly. I pushed him hard for his opinion on 6 months in the field with that level of lameness, I was...
  19. V

    Hock Injections Investigative Costs

    My bill for Hock investigations earlier this year was: £1400 for flexion tests, nerve blocks and X rays. £800 for an osphos injection He ended up having the fusion surgery but haven’t seen the bills for that one yet ! :oops:
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    Gosh this feels like a long time ago now. My horse initially responded very well to PRP and Osphos injections. But after the initial improvement he started toe dragging and swinging his leg out again. We tried more controlled rest in a small paddock but both his movement and temperament...
  21. ihatework

    Hock Injections Investigative Costs

    £1400 for flexion, nerve block and X-ray? You were robbed.
  22. hopscotch bandit

    Talk to me about tildren

    I remember one of the side effects with my friends horse was the amount of wee he did the following day! She said his floor was soaking wet and she had to put two bales in to make up the amount of bedding that was saturated. :) I'm glad your vet has given you the go ahead. Best wishes
  23. S

    Just mega fed up and needing a hug

    ...with hock arthritis at 10, steroids failed after 3 months, workup showed suspensory issues as well. Had one hock denerved, rehab programme, osphos, steroid in the other, then second hock denerved and osphos. During every spring she developed an extreme panniculus reflex (nerve issue) found in...
  24. ester

    Coffin Joint Arthritis

    Other options would likely be cartrophen, osphos, arthrimid.
  25. M

    Talk to me about tildren

    My horse was given Osphos for severe navicular damage, found on xray and nerve blocks (age 14). The vet wanted six weeks box rest, i did field rest instead (he didnt run around a lot). No difference after the six weeks, very lame on hard circle. I went for MRI, this confirmed navicular damage...
  26. V


    I went ahead with the hock fusion surgery for my boys hock (near side). The osphos injection didn’t work for us unfortunately so my vets suggested doing the surgery. It cost just over £3500 to have done, not sure if has worked yet (op was done in August), but may be something to consider...
  27. Sasanaskyex

    Hock Injections Investigative Costs

    Visit, workup on hard and soft surfaces inc. flexion tests, X-rays and injection about £350 in 2017 in the South West. Osphos and Cartrophen course (done by me so no call out costs) from memory £400ish and £320 respectively. This doesn't include the investigation works done at the hospital...
  28. F

    Just mega fed up and needing a hug

    Thank you, and you are absolutely right. It’s the ups and downs, and knowing the inevitable outcome is probably not going to be a good one, that just wears you down. I’ve done PTS before, and will do it again. And if I’m brutally honest, it will probably come as a bit of a relief in the...

    Talk to me about tildren

    I have used both tildren and osphos. My horse did not suffer any side effects. All treatments helped; he had navicular issues, bone spavin and slight kissing spines. It is DEF worth a try!
  30. Puddleduck

    Navicular syndrome

    I did 2 rounds of Osphos with my navicular horse, discontinued because it didn’t seem to be helping massively Took shoes off 6 weeks after diagnosis and haven’t looked back. It’s been 2 years now and horse is sound and moves beautifully. There are now opinions that Osphos & Tildren are...