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    Best pants for riding in

    now I'm riding everyday need something a bit more comfortable if you know what I mean
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    There is loads of advice in books etc about 3DE but not much about a ODE, I am hoping to start my BE career this year and will have OH as driver/groom. What is the best proceedure to follow with warm ups, how long do you usually have between phases etc...
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    "Black Type"

    Have come across this term a lot it the past week when people have been discussing TB pedigrees. Can someone tell me what it means please.
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    Hoping to do first BE Intro in March when should I start fitness work and how fit should the horse and the rider be.
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    How Many Rugs ?

    Go on be honest !
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    fallen in love and need to win the lottery!!

    just watching Tattersalls sales on Racing UK, some beautiful fillys/mare going for 550k gns+, fell in love with Magical Romance 4.6million gns!!!!!!
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    I am hoping to do Intro eventing and pelim dressage next year. I just have a gp saddle at the moment will i get away with it at this level ? If so what sort of level would i need to get seperate saddles at?