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    Need your Help - If you can't at least give me some encouragement!

    I know it's not really horse related although I did see all my horses this morning for a christmas cuddle. Anyway now for the dilemma, I am spending Christmas with Delphipuppy and Super_Kat! Oh no I hear you all cry you are spending christmas with the mad ones! yes I know but then anyone who...
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    Good news for my friend today

    My friend had her mare have it's final scan today. She was put in foal and has been playing polocrosse for this season so just to make sure all was going well, she had a scan this morning. Yes she is still in foal and all is looking good. So I just wanted to share her good news and so we are...
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    Where to get a IW510 or a Fautrus 2nd hand

    Just posting for my boss he's looking for a 2nd hand trailer if poss. Does anyone know of anything for sale?
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    RIP - Weedy

    It's a sad but happy post. Poor Weedy has gone through so much in his short life and it was time to call it a day. He was given every chance possible to become just a field friend, but unfortunately his growth spurts hampered the operations he had on his legs. He has seen this summer and was...
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    I should have worn a Sports Bra!

    Ok I hope Cullohill doesn't mind me posting the photos of the Gorgeous Finn at Addington at the weekend. Buy boy I really should have remembered to put on the sports bra! DOH!
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    Addington on Sunday, Cullohill I hope I did your horse justice.

    I am posting this since poor Cullohill had to do a mad run for it to the airport and was not able to take her boy in for the Championships. I met with her and her mum just before she had to go and then saw what I needed to do. Next job get horse, bless Finn for his age he is a good boy. Well...
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    Big Thank You . . . .

    Ottinmeg, thank you so much for taking such lovely pictures of Super_Kat and myself at the weekend. It's a shame the weather wasn't a bit nicer but at least we managed to escape the torrential rain. For anyone who wants to have a little look at what we were up to here is the link to the fab...
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    Please help, need some calming vibes!

    Ok you are all going to PYSL at this one. But have a tournament on tomorrow and since this morning feel really sick and nervous. I know I'm not the best with my nerves but this is getting rediculous. I can't eat as I feel sick. I will be fine once I have actually got the horse on the pitch...
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    Essex at the weekend directions to meet up

    Please see below address and directions to get to the matches. Or have a look online and download from there (look for Western Phoenix tournament pack) UK vs Australia Test Matches at Ashfields Carriage & Polo Club Green Street, Great Canfield, nr Dunmow...
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    Essex at the weekend, info for those who want to meet up

    Please see below address and directions to get to the matches. Or have a look online and download from there (look for Western Phoenix tournament pack) UK vs Australia Test Matches at Ashfields Carriage & Polo Club Green Street, Great Canfield, nr Dunmow...
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    Has anyone out there come across

    a warmblood x Quarter Horse. Just wondering what it would look like as mare has just been confirmed as being in foal. So am impatient and what to know roughly what other peoples look like.
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    Whoop Whoop Just scanned in foal!

    Well after having the good news earlier this year that good 'ole faithful RN was in foal to our stallion, have just had the vet up this morning to scan one of the other mares and she is in foal. So next year hopefully the pregnancy holds up and all goes well. But we will be looking at a pure...
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    It's just Cruel.

    Please go and see Super_Kats photos in the picture galley. I mean what is she thinking. . . . . . How Cruel. . . . . . Her poor horse . . . . . . the humiliation of putting pictures up for all to see of poor old woody (chestnut Gelding) in bright pink bandages! It's just WRONG ! ! ! ...
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    Hello who's not competing this weekend?

    Just thought I'd ask who's not competing this weekend. If you fancy a day out and hopefully it will be nice weather anyone feel like coming over and visiting me and my rabble then you are more than welcome and yes you can have a go on the wooden horse (woody) the polo practice horse. So if...
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    Nail Bomb in Exeter Today

    Sorry I don't know any details, but have been informed that a nail bomb has gone off in Exeter town centre.
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    MalteseCat - Sorry probably spelt it wrong! PM's

    For some reason your pm is not accepting messages
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    Madhossy & Eaglestone

    Why don't you guys get together give me a date and come on up, I am sure a few of the other HHO'ers around me will come up and we can do a have a go at polo day if you're up for it We have a wooden horse and polo pit to have a practice on to get your swing right and eye for the ball, and then...
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    Anyone in the Bucks/Beds Boarders or know of anyone who?

    I am looking for some help. I work full time and currently have 10 horses in, so am doing what I can before I go to work and then sorting them out when I get home from work. Trouble is with all the mucking out, feeding, watering etc, I am not getting time to exercise any of them. Do you know...
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    Please can you have a peek into breeding section

    sorry just noticed more viewing in this section, please can you have a look at my post in the breeding section trying to find the TB Stallion I was recommended to have a look at last year. Thanks
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    please help can't find my old post!

    Sorry have an oldie moment! I posted on here at the back end of last year, my friend is looking to put his 14.1hh pure NZ QTR horse into foal, we are looking to produce something will longer legs and a shorter back. Someone posted about a lovely TB stallion which was known for throwing foals...
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    Picking your brains

    Ok I have a few polo ponies, one of them is not going to be playing this year as we are putting her into foal, so to keep her ticking over as I have been told to keep her fit is to do a bit of dressage on her. Ok plus side, she will do all her manouvers immediately when asked for them. Down...
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    Brewers Yeast

    Ok being really thick here, but where do I get it from and how large a quantity to they sell it. And how much would you recommend I feed? I usually supplement with Triple Crown Full Energy Plus which does smell suspiciously very yeasty and it looks like breadcrumbs but I would like to try mine...
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    Just heard from the vets

    Aparently it all went very well. Hubby on his way over to the vets to see how the little man is doing. All going well he will be home on Thursday/Friday. Oh and then have to look forward to 4-6 weeks box rest! bugger!
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    Need some HHO Healing Vibes

    Our 3yr old is going under the knife today to have his hernia operation. Please can you all send your healing vibes for him.
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    How would you?

    Describe to someone how to do sitting trot? I know someone on here will be PTSL as I went through it with them at the weekend. I find it really gives me a brain workout when I have to think of different ways of describing the feel and the motion to different people so they understand what I am...
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    Warning - Self Indulgent Post - I Rode Casper at the Weekend

    For those of you who know me and alot more besides know I lost my best friend this year to a broken leg. Well her 3 year old son was backed and broken last year and has been brought back into work this year by my hubby. Each week he has been asking if I have ridden him yet. Well I bit the...
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    Another Fireworks and Sorry Guys TOWNIES!

    Ok these people are townies and they have rented a cottage on our estate and have been there now for just over a year. Last year they spoke to the estate manager about setting off fireworks and because we had no horses in the field by their house at the time the answer was yes. Well this...
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    Time waster of all timewasters! (RANT)

    OK two weeks ago two of our horses we have for sale were tried out. Guy says like them both will bring the family up with me at the weekend and will make my decision. Ok no problem, I have no problem with this at all. So last weekend said guy came up with family, we tacked up the horses for...
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    Quick Question

    Please can someone give me the link to AHHO - computer been playing up and I've lost all my favourites! ARRAAAGGGHHHH
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    Suggestions on Stallions Please

    I am helping a friend look for a stallion for her mare. Can't put it to ours as her horse is related to our stallion. She is a full Quarter Horse and we are looking for a nice pure TB with good stamina background, looking for a TB between 15.2hh and 16hh, as breeding the foal for son who is...