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  1. melbiswas

    Healthy chews?

    I have just seen a horrible video showing how rawhide dog chews are made. Another forum has been slating PC Dentastix ( I think these may be causing softer poos and anal gland issues ). What do folks recommend as healthy alternatives and are there other products sold widely to avoid?
  2. melbiswas

    Trailer servicing

    Any recommendations? I live near High Wycombe. The chap I usually use is too busy I think. Ifor williams 505
  3. melbiswas

    Loan / new home register

    I have in the past taken on a lovely retired eventer who was neglected in his previous loan home. His owners were visiting regularly but he declined rapidly over a winter period when they couldn't visit. The loaners were very convincing in their commitment to him and his condition was a huge...
  4. melbiswas


    Following forum discussions last night I thought I might share my experiences with this worrying condition. MUNCHAUSENS-BY-PONY Reading this forum can start this syndrome off. You read about problems and start to think your horse has them all. The early signs are frenetic googling and...
  5. melbiswas

    Stallion got in with my mare; advice please

    I have a very beautiful mare on loan who even my geldings think is hot stuff and who has shown hussy like behaviour at most times. I moved my three back to my yard from their Summer grazing last week and today when I got there I had gained an extra 7 horses, one of which was an Andalusian...