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    Cavallo hoof boot sizing

    Hello all, Sorry for resurrecting an old thread but I'm all of a dither trying to decide which size Cavallo to get my boy. Length wise he is at the upper end of a size 2 (125mm after a trim) but width wise he is almost a cm wider. Should I go for a size 3? can I then pad them out length wise to...
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    I'm sure this has been asked before... Shavings!

    Not shavings but I can recommend bedsoft bio chopped rape straw - or they do one mixed with shavings. It smells nice, is relatively cheap, absorbant and quick to muck out. if the horse is particularly wet, using wood pellets underneath can help :)
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    muddy gateways/tracks - woodchip or what...?

    Road planings for sure... they last years and even if grass does start growing through them, it is still a firm surface underneath... I'd be tempted to dig out your gateways and fill with hardcore and then plannings on top...
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    Getting a cob fit after 3months 'off'.

    I'd start by doing half an hour of walking, gradually building up the length of time over two or three weeks before you introduce a little trot work - again, building up over two or three weeks and then do the same with canter - assuming you are riding her virtually daily. She may just be fit...
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    Outdoor mirrors to fix on a wooden stable wall beside the arena

    Buy a stable mirror or two side by side? I picked up a big one that I think was 3ft x 4ft or something...
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    Is this unprofessional?

    This TOTALLY. If I were you OP, I'd be tempted to record some of her commentary on your phone if you can and then discretely play it to your friend's trainer so that she can hear exactly the sort of thing that is being said. I'm sure the trainer would be MORTIFIED to hear it!
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    Possibly the funniest photo ever

    Love it!
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    Yard Move Dilemma, what would you do?

    I think you need to follow your gut instinct. 2nd yard does sound good and not THAT much more travelling in the whole scheme of things.... particularly if you can get help so you only need to visit once per day...
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    Stopping horse getting love bites.

    It's a boy thing... :/ My two do the same and short of splitting them up , there isn't really a great deal you can do...
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    New horse -fingers crossed for me this time!

    YAY! I'm so happy for you! She sounds perfect! and a lovely combo breeding wise :) Good luck with her xx
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    We have a baby clydesdale!

    Another 'I can't believe I haven't seen this thread!!' Anyway... She is absolutely GORGEOUS! As I have already told you!! Don't panic about getting weight on her - it will come. Slowly and steadily is far better than trying to pack it on, especially a horse of her size and gangliness. Both...
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    Please help, my foal is causing big problems!

    OP... I think you have received some very useful and realistic replies. Young horses need the discipline of older horses but they also need the company of younger horses to play with. If you stand and observe the interaction between horses in a herd of mixed age and gender, you will see...
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    Reassure me fellow commuters...

    I commute an hour each way each day, starting work at 9.30 and finishing work at 5.30 and keep my horse(s) on my doorstep on Grass livery. If it weren't for the fact they are on my doorstep and on grass livery, I think I'd really struggle. As it is I get up at 5.30 mon - Fri to feed and sort...
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    What's with all 600d turnout rugs?

    Weatherbeeta are fab. Durable and waterproof. My boy has lived in his all winter. I use the Landa Originals.
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    field left to grow all summer by winter would horses need hay?

    I personally would turn them out on 3 acres to begin with and then strip graze them across the rest over the duration of winter. That way you are preventing them just trampling the grass into the ground. We did this this winter and have only just finished strip grazing. We offered them hay early...
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    WWYD - RE: My mare's big attitude problem with spring back gates

    Get off and lead her through and use the horse hops to get back on or take a log or something down there to leave permanently as a mounting block (I'm sure others will thank you!) We have a similar gate in our woods and someone has kindly made a mounting block either side of the gate for this...
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    Well she's grown...

    Plenty of time to grow! They don't stop til they're 7! I'm sure she'll make up that extra inch in a couple of years :)
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    about to die from stress

    I think some are judging OP too harshly... many people have 2 or more sharers and it works perfectly well and we all have times in our lives when we need a little help. IMO the 2nd sharer sounds rather flaky and like she's having her cake and eating it. I would look around for a 3rd sharer and...
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    So pleased.......

    Great news!
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    Saddles for Welsh D's

    :D :D :D Yes! I haven't put it on FB yet as it was a bit of an impulse buy!... :D :D :D I will update you later! ;)
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    Saddles for Welsh D's

    Thank you all for the ideas! I do have an ideal saddle so when I get to that stage in his training I might try it for size. I think it will be too long for him though. :)
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    Yup! Was just about to point this out! ;)
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    Saddles for Welsh D's

    Ok... being new to Welsh D ownership, I have no idea as to the style of saddle that may suit them... are there any makes / styles that tend to fit them particularly well? I know with Clevies for example, Ideal saddles are a popular choice... I'm a little way off the saddle purchasing side...
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    What the..?!?!

    What a sad, nasty woman!! All over a little family holiday too.. :(
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    Colic surgery - would you? Have you?

    Holier than thou? Have you read your own words?? I too am very sorry for what you have had to go through with your mare but please don't judge people for making the decision for a quick, clean end to their horse's suffering. Many of us would pay much more than we have to keep our horses with us...
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    And what's the most unreasonable rule at a livery yard?

    We had someone at one yard I was at try to do this... I ignored her as I chose the yard based on the flexible turnout, meaning that I could turn my horse out in the morning before work, and bring him in after - just because I happened to work a FULL day, does NOT mean that fellow liveries can...
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    Charles Owen 4 Star Hat

    The padding does flatten... I am the same as you and have problems finding hats to fit. I find if they cause you any discomfort when new, they are likely to continue to do so... I would be tempted to get the bigger size and ask them to put extra padding in it.
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    She's critically ill and I'm scared stiff!!

    I am so sorry. I hope the pain gets easier to bear and you soon manage to smile about the short but wonderful time you had with her. Big hugs xx
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    If you could make one yard rule what would it be?

    Yup! I was going to say 'be nice' but you've put it so much better! :)
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    Road planings on top of existing yard?

    I would scrape back and level what you have, maybe building in a slight slope as you go - hiring a sit on roller to flatten it, then put your new planings on top and roll to flatten / compact :)