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  1. Gucci_b

    This video is very difficult to watch....

    But these people over in Egypt helping are making a difference
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    Never seen a Shetland travel this way before !!! Video
  3. Gucci_b

    Can't believe what I have just seen on facebook, photo

    What the...... just when you think you have seen it all!/photo.php?fbid=543672788977162&set=a.196977940313317.52606.148573848487060&type=1&theater
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    Nedzbed, Geoff Billington & a saucy photo ;)

    What a great sport Geoff Billington is...!/photo.php?fbid=271711062951949&set=a.129321560524234.20973.100003391730183&type=1&theater
  5. Gucci_b

    Oldencraig Fun Horse Show.....

    Is anyone going to the fun horse show @ Oldencraig 16th Dec Sunday !!!!!! :)
  6. Gucci_b

    Saw this video of Imperial Horse dealers on face book :(
  7. Gucci_b

    Peter Beck Horse Chiropractor....

    Has anyone used Peter Beck??? he is coming to my yard to look at a few horse's and have been asked if I also would like to use him, they tell me he is quite ££££ but worth every penny and more!!!! Thanks :)
  8. Gucci_b

    Robert Smith talks about Team G.B showjumping Squard as "mediocre" and no medal....

    click on the link to listern.... Guess he was VERY wrong :p
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    Anyone struggling with finding the Eventing on TV watch live here

    Click the link below :)
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    Why Gatcombe had to cancel, very muddy photo's

    B.E has put up a few snapshots of why Gatcombe had to cancel the event :(!/photo.php?fbid=415237161846176&set=a.120376154665613.8191.108821902487705&type=1&theater...
  11. Gucci_b

    Looking for a yearling, best place to look :-)

    A friend is looking to buy a yearling, either a colt/gelding or filly. What website's are good to look on :) or if anyone knows of one for sale pls.
  12. Gucci_b

    **Mega fast fall on the gallops, with a head-cam video

    A friend posted this on her f.b of her-self and her horse the other day, taking a tumble on the gallops while wearing a head-cam. She is fine after the fall :)
  13. Gucci_b

    RIP Amy Tryon, who passed away today

    Sad news about Amy Tryon, who passed away in her sleep at the young age of 42 years old.
  14. Gucci_b

    40% off clothing... I've been shopping again ;-)

    Another good sale ;) 40% off winter clothing. Had to share :)
  15. Gucci_b

    Country Pleasure Driving Class Gone Wrong!

    just saw this on face book... when things go wrong, they really do go wrong :(
  16. Gucci_b

    King cotton gold has sadly passed away

    Just seen the very sad news that eventer King Cotton Gold has passed away. This is such sad news for his owner and all involved. :(
  17. Gucci_b

    Even Charlotte Dujardin horse has an off day!!! photo

    But what a fab dressage score she gained, goes to show that even the best have off days!/photo.php?fbid=10150505786155528&set=a.93084860527.97269.9588500527&type=1&theater
  18. Gucci_b

    Building an Arena *** how much*** and where to buy from!!!

    My yard is building an arena 50x20 (poss30) we would like silica sand and rubber crumb (chip) so am shopping around for lime stone (the base), silica sand and the rubber. I know how many tonnes I'm shopping around for but it's the price !!. If you have brought your arena materials where did you...
  19. Gucci_b

    Heard some terrible news this morning....15 horses at the stable's of the Grand Prix

    15 horses at the stable's of the Dutch Grand Prix rider Bart Bles die in barn fire. What very sad news.!/photo.php?fbid=345518262138851&set=a.196175217073157.48105.159992830691396&type=1&theater
  20. Gucci_b

    **Do you know this man ? Suspected Equine crime PHOTO

    Not my post, but Passing this on...!/photo.php?fbid=10150560686735091&set=a.175069785090.157245.606275090&type=1&theater
  21. Gucci_b

    Another online Tack Shop Sale

    Just been flicking on Oldencraig's web site and noticed another fab tack shop sale at 30% OFF :) I ordered from their last sale, like many on here and even tho my order took a little time (understandable really, with all the orders they must have got) I did receive all my order. click on the...
  22. Gucci_b

    Strictly Come Dressage, who is entering or going to watch !!!!

    This Dressage event looks very good and for such a good cause, it's being held at Oldencraig Sunday 13th Nov. I'am planning to go along to watch.
  23. Gucci_b

    The full list of the British Eventing Top 100 for 2011 The EWW Team Paul WhiteLouise ElliottSue PolleyWendy CochranEWW Contributors Paul WhiteChesterJames SommervilleMan of MysteryOliver TownendNina BarbourChester’s BlogPaul White BlogJames Sommerville BlogLaura Cocking...
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    Tut tut.... who got caught drink driving, & now banned

    Not me ;)
  25. Gucci_b

    I want to buy a horse to go to the worlds... very funny video

    click on the link :) :)
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    The stallion will fix her... video Very Funny

    deleted.... as already posted :)
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    Not sure if I want to watch Inside Nature's Giants, tomorrow evening, Racehorses

    The team explore how the racehorse has been biologically engineered for speed, revealing the spring system that propels it to 45mph, its super-sized organs and its built-in turbo-booster.. going to be gorry Who might watch !!! Channel 4 at 8 p.m
  28. Gucci_b

    Oldencraig E.C tackshop sale. I got my order, who else

    Very happy with the OEC tack shop sale, as I got most of my order today :) still waitting for a few items so I gave them a call and they have told me that I will get ALL my order very soon, as new stock coming into the shop. OEC told me that the sale will be on the whole of September :) on...
  29. Gucci_b

    50% Off Everything at Oldencraig E.C tackshop on line, Who brought what !!!

    Such a fab sale Oldencraig tackshop are doing though-out Septemeber :) so who brought what!!!!
  30. Gucci_b

    50% Off Everything at Oldencraig E.C tackshop on line

    Click the link below :)