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    Cooked pork rib bones ??

    Can super spangle have them or too risky?
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    Feeding raw game

    Just a quick question, we have a working cocker rehome (OH planning on traIning him for gun work) we have a hare carcass but not sure if he is OK to eat hare bone (bits we don't eat) He is on dry kibble gluten free feed and non gluten training treats (seem netter for tum!)
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    Burglary - Sheepgate EC

    See news for details
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    Overseas winnings

    How do you go about finding out overseas dressage results/levels? Friend has an imported horse and has no idea how to find out - Westphalian - I know his name and chip number but don't want to post that on an open forum
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    Those of you with stables/arena at home

    Who do you insure your property with? Just had renewal through and seems excessive but I'm not sure if the 'run of the mill' insurance companies will cover stables etc
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    Foal stolen - cambs/norfolk Just seen this on BBC - don't know any more but warning people in that area in case it is a theft and not just wandered off etc
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    Lorry diesel tank replacements - HELP

    Does anyone know anywhere that makes pattern lorry diesel tanks. Need one for a MAN 8.153 M plate - obviously can get one from MAN but the £580+VAT price tag is putting me off! Anyone know anywhere that does pattern parts or can make one up if I can get original to them (obv local to S...
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    Farrier Recommendation - S Lincs

    Also in Comp/N Lounge for more viewing Can anyone recommend a good farrier in South Lincs/N Cambs - Holbeach/Spalding/Boston/K Lynn/Wisbech area Got to be good with babies
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    Farrier recommendations - Sth Lincs

    Also in Comp/Breeding for more viewing Can anyone recommend a good farrier in South Lincs/N Cambs - Holbeach/Spalding/Boston/K Lynn/Wisbech area Got to be good with babies
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    Farrier recommendations - S Lincs

    Can anyone recommend a good farrier in South Lincs/N Cambs - Holbeach/Spalding/Boston/K Lynn/Wisbech area Got to be good with babies
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    Headcollar for 8 month old

    Recommendations please - she is not getting too big for her foal size one - round nose and over head on longest holes. Jaw about half way. Have tried pony sized one on and fine length wise, nose a bit too big on tightest hole and far too loopy under her jaw Friend said to buy a yearling one...
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    Foal gone off hard feed

    We have 2 fillies - one 6.5 months one 5.5 months - both have been eating Winergy Growth absolutely fine - used 2 bags so far - younger one has been, till now a real gannett Opened a new bag yesterday and the older one eating fine but the younger one will not entertain it, even with extra sugar...
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    Insuring weanlings

    What company - have had a quote from NFU (other horses are with them) but not sure who else is 'reputable' Want death, vets fees, public liability.
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    Kerilli - PM's

    You need a muck out! Just typed you a huge long PM (trying not to let boss see) and you're box is full! A
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    Nearly breeding!

    Just bought 2 filly foals both pink papered/branded hannoverian by El Roon out of Trakehner mares, one marewith Consul/Mandant lines the other I can't for the life of me remember. Will be asking loads of foalie/yearling questions come end Nov/beg Dec as youngest I've bought before has been 3...
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    Shannon Equestrian - Another dealer question

    Have posted in CR but no response either way - anyone had any dealing - PM if necessary
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    Shannon Equestrian

    Any views? They appear to have some nice horses in my budget but as they are miles from me I thought I'd ask for any views good or bad before I trek all the way up there! PM if necessary
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    Your PM's are full
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    Rat Poison Question

    We have a couple of rat holes next to our garage - one of our cats has caught on adult and the other a young one but at the rate rats reproduce I don't think this is going to stop them Farmer over the road has given us a chicken proof poison feeder tube BUT before I put it out, is there...
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    Pretty Pollyanna TB Broadmare

    Put this in here as she was a TB broadmare only - never raced herself I don't believe. We have been told our mare is out of her and that she was sold from a racing yard (would be 16 years ago). She was put in foal to an ID stallion called "Silvermine Hero" (who is no longer a stallion I don't...
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    Garuda K

    Is one of the stallions we are interested in using this year on our mare - we are first time breeders ourselves so the actual stud part is new but used to handling youngstock and deliveries. quick question re Garuda K - looking at the stud card on Woodcroft Stud's website it appears that the...
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    Breeding from our mare

    We are thinking of breeding 1 foal for us to keep from OH's mare - question is: She is an unpapered ID x TB 16yo - we know who both parents are but it was never documented If we used say a Hannovarian stallion that was papered/graded etc etc - would the foal be registerable anywhere? I'm not...
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    Where to sell old chassis cab?

    Just swapped our horsebox body off our old reliable 1980 Bedford TL onto a (new to us and hopefully as reliable) 1995 MAN chassis. Now I presumed the old Bedford wiould be a scrap man job BUT have been told by more than one person that they still sell well as they get refurbed and sent...
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    Anyone S Lincs/N Norfolk/N Cambs

    I posted in Lounge but it disappeared really quickly. A friend is looking for a decent farrier in Spalding / Holbeach area - mine isn't taking on any new customers - anyone have any recommendations?
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    Farriers in S Lincs

    A friend is looking for a farrier in the Spalding/Holbeach area and ours isn't taking anyone on - can anyone recommend one?
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    Big praise post for my vets! Gibson + Lee

    Just had to post about the brilliant service Katie from Gibson + Lee (Peterborough/Stamford) has given me this weekend. She has been out (around 40 miles a time) 3 times now and coming back tomorrow morning as my 19yo had got Lymphangitis - she is always cheery and has been absolutely brillinat...
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    Cheer up vibes for OH please

    His mare Deedee came in lame from the field last monday night (after galloping madly up and down), vet out tues as she has injured her SDFT twice previously - scanned and it's gone again. He is hugely upset as he has spent the last 2 years bringing her extremely slowly back into work after the...
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    STOLEN/LOST Cambs/Lincs

    OH just heard on Hereward radio that a 3 day old foal has been stolen from Murrow nr Wisbech Obviously on local radio they have said no more but as soon as I see/hear any more I will post This is around 10 miles from where the suspicious sightings were at the beginning of the week although...
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    Suspicious sightings S Lincs

    Neighbour came round yesterday evening to say that there had been an attempted theft in Pinchbeck nr Spalding on Monday and another on Tuesday in the Holbeach area. Monday vehicles were a red Landcruiser and a white transit, tuesdays vehicles were a white transit and a green pickup with a...
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    Carl Hester in BD Forum fight!

    There was a post about this in here (CR) last thursday which it was posted on - can't remember who posted it though