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  1. Gucci_b

    This video is very difficult to watch....

    But these people over in Egypt helping are making a difference
  2. Gucci_b

    Never seen a Shetland travel this way before !!! Video
  3. Gucci_b

    Laura Collett Tweseldown today

    I was at Tweseldown today working and I saw her fall, all I will say is the medic's were very quick to attend to Laura and wishing her a speedy recovery
  4. Gucci_b

    Fixed peak hats for XC

    I know when I tried the new HS1 hat with a peak at badders, the gatehouse rep said that the peak eill shatter on impact,
  5. Gucci_b

    Polo Lessons in the SE?

    Sandhurst use to give polo lessons
  6. Gucci_b

    Those that have a gatehouse conquest..

    I also had a conquest fitted at badders, at the Gatehouse trade stand but I did'nt like the way the hat sat on my head, so going to get another HS1 and try another hat make :) and I found that the hat peak would break/crack very easy
  7. Gucci_b

    Livery in Pirbright/Worplesdon/Bisley/Brookwood/West End etc

    Have sent you a message :)
  8. Gucci_b

    Online shopping help...where to buy?

    Have you looked on the Oldencraig tack shop web site!!! 10% off everything :)
  9. Gucci_b

    Cooling down legs after XC

    I personally wouldn't use iced bags and leave on for any amount of time as this can cause "ice burns". I would hose with cooled water or sponge off repeatedly. Their is plenty of B.E legal leg cooling gels on the market now.
  10. Gucci_b

    How does this sound for a foaling kit?

    Let the vet take a look at the placenta as their maybe a tear !!! And he/she may that it away for you ;)
  11. Gucci_b

    They are back, have yours arrived yet ?

    Yep, came back to nest yesterday in the barn and already s*** all over the place.... nuce to see them tho :)
  12. Gucci_b

    Milk Testing Strips.......

    De-ionised Worked fine for me ;) brought from home base
  13. Gucci_b

    Turning out?

    I left my mare out 27/7 and the last 3 weeks I brought her in at nights. I think its very good for them to exercise as much as possible and have a munch on the grass. Then after foaling she snd foal was out in the afternoon.
  14. Gucci_b

    Finally after 352 days, he has arrived

    Beautiful foal :)
  15. Gucci_b

    How many days?

    342 :) with help from the milk test ;)
  16. Gucci_b


    Have you checked to see if she is micro chipped! !!! Then you'll have some history to go on
  17. Gucci_b

    What would you do? RE: EHV1 Virus

    I too would not be going...
  18. Gucci_b

    We only went and won! Tweseldown report.

    A huge well done :)
  19. Gucci_b

    Monty Roberts at Merrist Wood

    I went to see him a few years back now at Merrist wood, he is very good and honest, he had most of the audience in tears with his sad life story's.
  20. Gucci_b

    Can't believe what I have just seen on facebook, photo

    What the...... just when you think you have seen it all!/photo.php?fbid=543672788977162&set=a.196977940313317.52606.148573848487060&type=1&theater
  21. Gucci_b

    Anyone tried a Norton dressage girth? Cheaper alternatives to Fairfax needed pls!

    Black country are lovely
  22. Gucci_b

    Peter gledhill

    Pete is very good, he was always on time and never in a rush with the horses. Very accommodating if you needed him between appointments. I would recommend :)
  23. Gucci_b

    Richard spragg saddler

    Jen J Exactly what happen to me, he came out and told me my lovely saddle did not fit my horse, and he poked and proded my horse and touch a few pressure points on her making the horse move, then he went on to say the saddle has made her sore and his wife was by his side also said that the...
  24. Gucci_b

    Where to look for a yard to rent in Surrey (other than a haystack?!)

    Waves :) Are you willing to go a little further a field !!!! Might be able to help. Call me
  25. Gucci_b

    Girthing up - stretching out forelegs...

    ^^^ ditto this :)
  26. Gucci_b

    Best on-line sales?

    Oldencraig have 20% sale of everything in their tack shop :)
  27. Gucci_b

    Does "feed 2% of body weight in roughage a day" go out the window in winter?

    I feed hay in the field and the stable completely ab-lib in the winter months, I'd rather see some left over hay than them go hungry and very board :)
  28. Gucci_b

    Nedzbed, Geoff Billington & a saucy photo ;)

    Are u on face book!!!!
  29. Gucci_b

    Nedzbed, Geoff Billington & a saucy photo ;)

    What a great sport Geoff Billington is...!/photo.php?fbid=271711062951949&set=a.129321560524234.20973.100003391730183&type=1&theater
  30. Gucci_b

    Oldencraig Fun Horse Show.....

    Is anyone going to the fun horse show @ Oldencraig 16th Dec Sunday !!!!!! :)