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    New Pony 25 yrs old

    What a lovely, happy thread! Look forward to pics of Misty x
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    Colic claims another - RIP lovely Gem

    How dreadful, I'm so sorry for your loss of beautiful Gem. The letter is very good. I would think and hope that it will be an extremely effective prevention of anyone who reads it from feeding your horses again. Kind Regards.
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    Transport to new livery yard

    Thank you all for your replies & for taking the time to give advice, I've passed them onto my friend and she is being moved by her new YO.
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    Transport to new livery yard

    Thank you. I wondered if it was acceptable to ask new YO if they can collect horse (at cost of course) or is this not usually done?
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    Transport to new livery yard

    How is this usually arranged please?
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    Body Protector, Airowear Outlyne, Help for Big Boobs !

    Oh, this sounds like a problem to me as I've just ordered exactly the same bp in same size 4l and your proportions are identical to mine except i'm not lucky enough to have natural lady lumps! hmmmm, here's hoping that it does indeed become more comfy as the heat helps it mold better to the body!
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    Got my confidence back

    Fantastic, well done, it's hard to regain confidence once lost (for whatever reason) I'm trying to now! Enjoy yourself.
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    Horse has died *need hugs*

    Very sad, I'm sorry you lost your lovely boy.
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    Can someone please recommend a good livery yard in Darlington?

    Thanks Lamb-ski! Chaplynns had been highly recommended to me and I went to ask if they had any space but unfortunately not at the moment or foreseeable future, I guess when you're at a good, friendly yard you don't want to move. The other 2 are just too far out for me being DIY or even Part...
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    Can someone please recommend a good livery yard in Darlington?

    Thank you very much Kal !
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    Can someone please recommend a good livery yard in Darlington?

    Anyone please? Need somewhere ASAP now and all are full unless they are almost 40m away, not the most practical for us.
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    Im looking for a stable in the Darlington Area

    I'm looking too and everywhere seems to be full at the moment! Good luck.
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    Cushings pony - very sad afternoon.

    Couldn't agree more with the above but nevertheless it's a terrible decision for you to have to have made and you have my sympathies. Sorry for you and I hope you can take a little comfort from the fact that she is now free from pain. Kind Regards, Elle x
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    Can someone please recommend a good livery yard in Darlington?

    Or possibly PM me details of where to steer clear of, I'm new to the area and would appreciate some advice. Many Thanks, Elle.
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    Recovering from the worst day of my life

    What a dreadful dreadful thing to happen. I am truly sorry for you, your story moved me to tears along with the photo of you and Rupert, it's clear to see the love and harmony between you both. I know your heart will never truly heal but I hope your injuries heal swiftly and that you do end up...