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  1. bumper

    Toggi Calgary please!

    I'm looking for opinions on these as I'm looking at getting them. Now, I had these boots about 5 years ago, but the zip went on one after about a year of only using them for hacking out, so I didn't buy more...however they were VERY comfortable and I loved them!! I'm wondering if they have...
  2. bumper

    Hay Hutch alternatives...ideas most welcome

    I'm looking for inventive ideas as to how to feed hay in a field please! Awaiting construction of a field shelter, I'm wasting a lot of hay in these winds, and don't particularly fancy paying a lot of money for one of those "Hay Hutch" things, as they would only be needed short-term. It's to...
  3. bumper

    Beverley riding

    I'm up from Cornwall to my Mum's near Beverley soon, and would like to go out for a ride during the week with my fairly novice 12yo son. He's competent to walk and trot (he'd say canter too, but has only done it a handful of times so, let's stay safe :D ). Looking at the Bleach Yard for a hack...
  4. bumper

    Cornwall hay

    Due to the weather...anyone who has seen the news will be aware of the situation down here in West Cornwall....we have very limited turnout/grazing. Running out of hay at a rate of knots. Does anyone know of any hay available in the Falmouth/Helston/Redruth area?
  5. bumper

    Turnout chaps for mudfever

    Recommendations please! I'm looking at the Equilibrium Close Contact ones, but have also come across Premier Equine/Shires ones during my search, and now I am undecided.... Does anyone have experience of using these, and which ones offer the best protection? Many thanks :)
  6. bumper


    Best thing for it suggestions please! My boy has mild thrush in fronts only. I had a previous horse who used to be prone to it, and at the time (a few years ago now!) I had a tame little local chemists who would happily make me up 10% hydrogen peroxide solution, knowing it was for the horse...
  7. bumper

    Why does he do this?

    My 7YO appy x has always done this when eating hard feed (I've owned him from age 4), and I've always wondered why? Friends say that their horses do something similar. Any ideas? And a short vid so you can see fully what I mean!
  8. bumper


    We were visiting Mum last week, and one of her dogs had conjunctivitis, diagnosed by the vet, and given antibiotic eye gel to use. Since returning home after our week's visit, one of my dogs has it too. I'm wondering if it would to be fine to visit my chemists and get some antibiotic eye drops...
  9. bumper

    Mange....anyone else had a horse with it?

    I'm looking for any experiences..and tips! My 6YO pb appy gelding started with bald itchy patches on his cheeks in the late Autumn, which was thought initially probably to be sweet itch. We're in Cornwall, and midges were still clearly about in large clouds right up until early December. He...
  10. bumper

    After some objective opinions

    Right...I have 3 dogs. Monty is 4, Poppy is 3....and we have recently (a month ago) acquired Roxy, 3. Monty (My baby, I've had him from 6 weeks old....yes..I know, there were good reasons: Pops: Roxy: So, I am almost 400 miles away from my widowed Mum, and am due to visit in...
  11. bumper

    How does one train a JRT?

    I have a 2 1/2 yr old JRT. I had a JRT cross once when I was a small child (crossed with a Westie), so I know terrier behaviour. She has fab recall and leave (my first principles with a dog), sits on command..but we cannot to "down", or "stay". I'm finding it tricky. I have two other dogs, x...
  12. bumper


    Loads of them around the field perimeter, which I encountered whilst pulling the remnants of ragwort. Lovely farmer had removed all from the field itself. Now, I just posted this pic on FB, and a friend with horses on restricted grazing has pulled all her foxgloves. I've never worried about...
  13. bumper

    Dr Cook's

    Just seen a pic of a friend's pone in new Dr Cook's. Not seen one before, so I have no idea how they are supposed to work. Now, I can see, from the pics, the arrangement, and it seems to work on the airway/nose. Can anyone enlighten me??
  14. bumper

    Help please...showing question

    Anyone know what's required in the "family pony" class in Ireland? I've a friend who wants to show at the Cork County Show.
  15. bumper

    Gah! Lost tape measure..please help!

    Totally numpty question. I've been riding in a Western saddle, but just got my Barnsby GP back, and it fits the boy. Trouble is, the Wintec elastic girth I have is far too big. I THINK it's a 50/51"; it was the girth for same saddle for my previous horse. What length (ball park figure) for a...
  16. bumper

    English and Western

    Does anyone ride both with the same horse? My gut feeling is that my boy can manage this. He was backed gently before I got him rising 4, using a Western saddle and Western cues for groundwork etc. When I got him I rode in an English saddle, but found him jigsaw-like to sort out as he responded...
  17. bumper

    Boot search HELP!!!

    I have finally managed to kill my beloved pair of Mountain Horse protective rider boots, as in: I'm, quite frankly, bereft, as they have been on my feet every day for the past 5+ years, and I love them, but they have...
  18. bumper

    Lump on dog..advice please!

    My lovely 3 yo mixed breed Monty (1/4 each lab, collie, lurcher, mastiff) has a lump under the skin, roughly between the top of his shoulder blades. It's oval, about an inch long and 1/2 inch wide, hard and non-mobile. Doesn't hurt him if we touch it/manipulate it. He's well in himself, and we...
  19. bumper

    UPDATE on periocular sarcoid

    I posted a while ago about my appy x and his sarcoid on his right upper eyelid: my vet sent pics to Liverpool, and they sent the BCG vaccination. Months on, it's all looking fab, and I am thrilled! This is what we were dealing with: A couple of weeks ago, after injection number 6: Today...
  20. bumper

    Fly Mask Recommendations

    Could anybody please recommend a make of fly mask that is difficult to get off??!!?? (I don't mean difficult by me, difficult for the horse!) My boy has a sarcoid near his eye, we are waiting for Liverpool to get back to the vet re treatment, but in the meantime, and undoubtedly during...
  21. bumper

    Sarcoid near the eye

    Does anyone have experience of treatment of this? My boy has developed one on his upper right eyelid, the vet is coming on Monday. I have been searching online, and it seems BCG vaccination can be good in treatment of ones near the eye.....anyone got good/bad experience of this treatment? Or...
  22. bumper

    Bootcut riding jeans

    Where can I find some? I am a big Musto fan, and on googling bootcut breeches found some lovely ones that they do...or rather DID as they are now discontinued :-( A friend suggested Robinsons, she has some from there, again I can't find them on their site. Suggestions anyone??
  23. bumper


    Have fleas become resistant to this? I have been using it with my two, every month, since they were old enough. I treated both the large one (mastiffxlurcherxlabxcollie mongrel-and-gorgeous, age 2 1/2) and the tiny one (rough coated JRT age 1) last week, but tonight after wondering about her...
  24. bumper

    New Hat! Champion Evolution???

    Dropped my Champion Ventair about 10 days ago. Yes, I know, numpty! I am looking at replacing it with the same, so was just about to order. However, they have a newer design, the Evolution. Does anyone have one of these??? Any comments???
  25. bumper

    What's the best rug reproofer??

    As title: one of my Shires turnouts leaked like mad yesterday in constant rain, and I am looking to reproof it.
  26. bumper


    My little 12 month old JRT bitch has a thing about my feet.....washing them. She is VERY keen on licking them clean, and fastidious about getting inbetween my toes. It's a bit tickly at times, but not unpleasant! I should add that I DO shower daily and don't actually need to be washed by a dog...
  27. bumper

    Lost dog cornwall

    My friend has lost her year-old JRT bitch. She went off after rabbits on the outskirts of a farm near Baldhu, which is close to Carnon Downs, Threemilestone and Chacewater, and not that far from Truro, on Christmas Eve. The local dog warden has been contacted, the police, vets, rescues, and...
  28. bumper

    What breed/mix do you think??

    My 4YO has unknown breeding..what do you think he is...I am not going to tell you what it says on his passport lol!
  29. bumper

    Car sickness

    I have a 20 month old xbreed dog, and just acquired an 11 week old JRT bitch. He was always good at travelling..the normal vomit on the first journey home..but she is terrible! I have been taking her on short 5 min trips, and while she is no longer whining/barking, in fact she seems settled, she...
  30. bumper

    Bot flies on teats

    My friends mare has a four day old foal, and is being plagued by bot flies on her teats. How can my friend repel she is worried about applying anything to the bag?