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  1. Regandal

    Bringing into a contact

    It’s only been a couple of weeks since I managed to crack the contact with my little ISH. I am guilty of washing line reins, and it took a fair bit of ‘shorten the reins and give with your hands’! My instructor is quite strict about getting a good level of forward energy going before asking...
  2. Regandal


    Protexin. Good stuff.
  3. Regandal

    I think I only have one option left here: barefoot

    That’s some improvement! Well done your trimmer.
  4. Regandal

    Electric fencing - no electricity

    I struggle to lift the battery, even to move it a few feet. So I put it in a shopping trolley from Aldi. My battery has 2 posts on each side but I have in the past put the clips on the same post. Edit to add that the solar panel is fixed onto the handle using cable ties.
  5. Regandal

    Electric fencing - no electricity

    I’ve got a diy setup using a leisure battery and a solar panel. Still got a fair belt in it, as I frequently discover. It’s ran for months now, sheer bliss not having to charge batteries.
  6. Regandal

    Picking out feet

    My horse is barefoot, I leave any mud in his feet as it is part of the support system! I will pick them out before I rasp them though.
  7. Regandal

    Should I put on a medium rug

    Check the temperature in the armpits. Ears are like feet, they vary their temperature quite randomly as they are on the periphery of the horse.
  8. Regandal

    Headpiece for poll pressure

    As above, be careful you’re not just increasing the pressure. Have you tried bridles that are cut back at the poll? Horsemanship saddlery do one, others are available.
  9. Regandal

    Pictures Picture to make you smile

    That is a lovely picture, pure love x
  10. Regandal

    Laying over a horses mane

    Whilst looking for the above, I found this. Wow!
  11. Regandal

    Laying over a horses mane

  12. Regandal

    Good lesson yesterday: transitions

    ‘corpulence’. Love that word. Well done Keith.
  13. Regandal

    Saddle recommendations

    Lavinia Mitchell saddles have a wide channel, very comfortable, at least my one is!
  14. Regandal

    Farmers lung.

    My first thought was sand as well. Could you make a hard standing area in one of the fields, have them live out?
  15. Regandal

    WWYD -Livery Issues

    Fantastic! Great outcome x
  16. Regandal

    Wanted Livery near Auchterarder

    My friend was on a yard up the hill from Cleish, very nice but absolutely baltic in the winter. You would need a 4 x 4.
  17. Regandal

    Saddle fitting help please

    It’s a minefield. I’m heartbroken that my horse has taken a massive dislike to the LM saddle, comfiest saddle I’ve ever sat on. He now has a GFS one, muscle is building nicely. Good luck with your search.
  18. Regandal

    That horse smell (on hands!)

    I wear thin cotton gloves under my waterproof ones, which get filthy. Seems to help. DERMATOLOGICAL COTTON GLOVES
  19. Regandal

    Blue- Introduction + Photos

    That’s one gorgeous looking boy! I hope you have many happy years with him x
  20. Regandal

    Foggage - and what to do with it?

    My field was topped in late summer. Tried it as foggage before, but the first lot of heavy rain and wind flattened it all. Unholy mess underneath.
  21. Regandal

    I'm going to have to do it (Rambo rug)

    My horse is currently out in a Swish rug, it’s either a 50 or 75g, can’t remember. Hasn’t leaked in 3 years.
  22. Regandal

    Black Beauty *sob* 😭

  23. Regandal

    WWYD -Livery Issues

    Take a pic of the notice on your phone and send it to her.
  24. Regandal

    Anyone willing to assess these hooves please?

    I never touch frogs or soles either.
  25. Regandal

    WWYD -Livery Issues

    I think you can serve an abandonment notice, then sell the horse after a certain time. Best check though.
  26. Regandal

    bit for a strong ex racer?

    I second a bit fit consultation. They will tell you what type of bit will suit his mouth. You don’t have to buy it from them.
  27. Regandal

    Which books have made a difference to your riding?

    I’ve started reading the Sylvia Loch books, trying out the weight aids on my horse - they work! Who’d have thunk?! I’ve got the Bill Dorrance book, couldn’t get into it though.
  28. Regandal

    Anyone willing to assess these hooves please?

    I use gardening gloves, thick ones with a rubberised palm - easier to handle the rasp. Plus you can brush crud off the sole with them.
  29. Regandal

    Show me your hoof transformations!

    As an aside, how on earth do you all get the date onto your photos? Seems to be beyond me, on an iPhone.
  30. Regandal

    Anyone willing to assess these hooves please?

    I echo Paddy re wearing gloves. You have no idea how much skin a rasp can take off the back of your hand! Ouch.