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  1. Polos

    Introducing a hot horse to hacking

    Thank you for all the advice :) I’ll ask if we can meet at my yard but if not I’ll walk her I hand down to her yard and get on there. side note: has anyone got any brushing boot recommendations for fine legged types at a price that won’t break the bank!
  2. Polos

    "Discontinued" second hand stuff...what the hell..?!

    Yeah proper matchy matchy tends not to be cheap Secondhand as it costs so much to buy new and it’s often in limited runs so it does turn out to be quite collectible if we are talking about the cheap rhinegold stuff then it literally sells for pennies on eBay / normal horse fb groups so if you...
  3. Polos

    Introducing a hot horse to hacking

    Bit of a backstory: I’ve owned my 11 year old mare since she was 4 so I know her quite well now. Unfortunately I have never hacked her due to always being stabled on a main road and she never hacked with her old owners in the country I imported her from. She went to the beach when we were at a...
  4. Polos

    Warm Show Rugs

    You can’t beat the Kentucky fur lined show rugs imo. I bought mine from massive equestrian sale on Facebook for just under £80 Which was a massive saving
  5. Polos

    Jai Johnson

    having not personally used him i've decided he is not someone I would support due to some of the questionable and nasty behaviour I have seen him display towards other people on social media. i've seen one too many instances of this now - the most recent one including a string of very nasty...
  6. Polos

    Anyone else clipped already?!

    Ours are fully clipped all year round
  7. Polos

    Double bridle reins - how do you hold yours

    I ride holding the ‘normal’ way as it’s the only way I’ve been taught but I’m interested to try the fillis way. I have fibromyalgia and dyspraxia so my grip isn’t very good. Sometimes I find it hard to be clear with my hand aids and I feel like I’m using curb and snaffle rain at the same time...
  8. Polos

    Noisy breathing in canter

    My mare does the prft prft prft with every stride in canter. She’s always done it and I’ve had the vet out and she’s fine. I find it’s a great indicator for identifying when she is tense in canter (the only pace she gets tense in) so it’s a useful reminder for when I need to get her to relax...
  9. Polos

    Can anyone with a stubben martingale check something for me please!

    Hi, can anyone with a stubben martingale check something for me please. Is there a size stamp/mark anywhere on it? And what size is your martingale? also if they do size mark the martingale what mark would they use for cob/medium size? I haven’t got my martingale to hand but my bridles aren’t...
  10. Polos

    Can anyone with a stubben martingale check something for me

    Hi, can anyone with a stubben martingale check something for me please. Is there a size stamp/mark anywhere on it? And what size is your martingale? also if they do size mark the martingale what mark would they use for cob/medium size? I haven’t got my martingale to hand but my bridles aren’t...
  11. Polos

    Has your yard put any potential provisions in place due to Coronavirus?

    I’m currently not allowed to ride or go to the yard full stop. I’m the only livery on the yard too. I’m hoping I’m not going to have to wait 12 weeks to ride or even groom my horse as I won’t be impressed...
  12. Polos

    Facing major surgery - what to do with horse?

    I had a full ACL rupture, meniscus tear and tibial spine fracture that required 2 surgeries to fix. I didn't ride for 2.5 years. Like you it came at a really frustrating time as we had just stepped up to 1.30m tracks so it was quite frustrating. I turned her away for a year which was great for...
  13. Polos

    Traveling to Burghley 2020 from the states

    yes Peterborough 😊 - OP there’s loads of nice restaurants within walking distance
  14. Polos

    Traveling to Burghley 2020 from the states

    the bull hotel is lovely - about 15/20 mins from burghley. We stay in it every year and we are staying there for burghley 2020 :)
  15. Polos

    Working with horses when you don't jump?

    I also agree that you do not need BHS qualifications to have a successful career in the equine industry. I have been based with a professional showjumping rider for 6 years now and none of the grooms have had BHS qualifications but all have had enjoyable careers. Most professionals will have an...
  16. Polos

    Olympia finale

    I thought this too, I was actually quite disappointed with the finale this year. It definitely felt like it had been done on the cheap. I feel like they get worse every year if I’m honest! When I first started going it was great fun with all the horses etc
  17. Polos

    Acavello Opera v Flex On Incline Ultimate

    From a fellow dodgy knee sufferer (complete ACL rupture which has required 2 surgeries to fix) if you want flex on you need the mixed dots tread and NOT the incline The incline is designed for the French market who ride a lot shorter which means they will be painful for you to ride in. Shadow...
  18. Polos

    Riding after ACL surgery

    I had complete ACL reconstruction and microfracture surgery using a graft from my hamstring. I followed the surgeons and physios advice religiously. I went to the gym, swimming, physio and lower limb rehab class so I really worked hard with my rehab. The surgeon said 6 months minimum before...
  19. Polos

    Insurance question

    Thank you very much for your help 😊
  20. Polos

    Insurance question

    Thank you 😊 so basically my insurance would never cover a scenario like this as it wasn’t me personally involved?
  21. Polos

    Insurance question

    Theoretical question here, If your horse was on competition livery and whilst being ridden by the rider kicked and broke an arena mirror (horse is known to be very sharp) (riders insurance does not cover this - not sure what insurance they have) What insurance would I need to cover this...
  22. Polos

    Has anyone else had a bad ankle break/ returned to riding etc please

    My friend broke hers quite badly after a bad fall. She followed the surgeons advice to a t and it was about a year before she got back on. She still keeps up with physio/pt sessions now. When I had acl reconstruction it was about 10 months (it actually lined up with the surgeons estimates)...
  23. Polos

    Flex-on stirrups

    Also they do make after stirrups that open in the event of a fall - they are called safe on’s
  24. Polos

    Flex-on stirrups

    You can get them without the spikes if you are worried about that. My flex on’s are fantastic for me after my ACL reconstruction, they are the only way I’ve been able to keep riding. I don’t know if they would work for your issues but I’d highly recommend getting a pair on trial first...
  25. Polos

    Customer Service from Tredstep

    Customer service never responded to my emails when my Donatello’s and da Vinci boots fell apart. The customer service is just as crap as the quality of their boots imo
  26. Polos

    How do you get your livery bill/pay

    I get an invoice via WhatsApp and then I bank transfer the fee
  27. Polos

    Ariat sunstopper tops

    Thankyou I will take a looks at these!
  28. Polos

    Ariat sunstopper tops

    I’m wanting something long sleeved and breathable hence why I thought they could work 😊 I have really fair sensitive skin that gets burnt easily but I can’t wear suncream as I’m allergic to it so looking for something to cover up but still stay cool
  29. Polos

    Products that actually work!

    Kieffer bridles! The quality is fantastic and they last so long. My current one is 6 years old and has had a lot of abuse but still looks new. I do have another one that is over 10 years old now and in perfect condition but it’s too big for my mare so it’s in storage for the future. Yes...