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    Monte Carlo KWPN temperament

    Hello Anyone out there with youngsters by Monte Carlo? I’m just interested to know what temperaments are like and whether they’re quirky/tricky? I have a 4 year old mare by him which I’ve backed this year and I’m into about 5 months of ridden work. Trying to get inside her mind a bit! She’s...
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    Spooking 4 y/o - help!

    I backed my 4 y/o Dutch Warmblood mare nearly 5 weeks ago and she made a good start. I’ve been hacking her in company, riding her around the farm solo and schooling her/getting odd lesson - in all approx. 5 times per week for 30-40 mins. She’s now cantering nicely up the long side of the school...
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    4 year old lazy lunge-er

    Hi everyone, about 11 years since I last used this forum...! I’ve just backed my friends 4 yo Dutch warmblood mare and started riding away. I will be lunging her once a week and so far she’s been really well behaved in walk/trot and stand but lazy/unenthusiastic/too laid back! I seem to work...
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    Livery yards Surrey 2011

    Hi All, Not been on here for ages but I need some helpful suggestions from everyone with one of those tedious "Does anyone know of a livery yard in .......?" threads - sorry! I have checked related posts but they are all a bit bit dated so, here's what I need... I'm moving to Oxted area...
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    Loss of Use/Breeding

    I am currently seriously contemplating putting my mare into foal. Reason being she is off work again following an injury - this time to her check ligament in her near fore. Up until this point she was being prepared for Borde Hill PN, had recently been placed at a pairs HT, so I have been...
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    Days to find the right event stallion - opinions please on these 4?

    Hello all, this is my first post on H&H forum in over 2 years! I would appreciate some thoughts on a few stallions I am short-listing to cover my mare......which I'd like to do when she next ovulates in 10 days or so. My mare is IDxTB (1/2 bred) 13 year old maiden and has evented to...
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    More vile people making UK an unpleasant place to live! Why?? Can't we find the idiots who did this and do the same to them?
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    Fourtrak v Terrano

    Sorry if the 4x4 thing has been done to death but I have a couple of specific questions for those who own either of the above.... How easy is it to get fourtrak parts now that they don't make the vehicle any more? I know these things pull really well but I am a bit worried I am going to...
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    Any late entry comps Kent/East Sussex?

    Due to usual disorganisation and resigning from my job last week, I have only just realised that May bank holiday no. 2 is this weekend! I haven't entered for anything and not sure what is going on this weekend in Kent/East Sussex -anyone know of any events where entries will be taken on the...
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    What to feed after calm and condition??

    Right, all of a sudden my horse is starting to look fat on calm and condition and is decidely laid back (I know it may be to do with the heat but not this much!). I am pleased she's more laid back on the yard but she is lacking omph in the school and she's normally quite forward-going. What...
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    adjusting a pessoa - help

    I bought a copy of a pessoa off ebay a couple of years ago and I haven't adjusted it since I first used it on my horse. It came with English instructions of how to fit it but there is nothing to say how much it should be tightened by and after how long of using it. I have been using it once...
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    'Horse Ballet'

    BBC have just run a story on Daniel Manning who has won lottery funding in order to try and represent Britain in para dressage in 2012. BBC reporter said that dressage was better known as 'horse ballet' which nearly made me spit my tea out. After last night I would describe dressage in a...
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    Lorries + Dodgy garages

    Just enquiring as to whether any peeps have had problems with garage repairs to their horsebox in the last couple of years..... I won't go into detail as I am gathering evidence etc... But I am preparing to confront a garage near me who I used to do repairs on my lorry last October, charged me...
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    Five different tests in one day??!!!

    Just checked my times for a dressage comp I am doing this weekend and noticed that one competitor is doing five different classes!!! Is it just me that struggles to remember two tests on one day....let alone five!?! I know some people do dressage so often they get to know the tests off by...
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    Captive Sailors Coming Home?

    Don't want to jump the gun but so glad that the stand-off looks to be over for the navy personnel. Also glad that president Blair didn't take a Bush-style appraoch and try and nuke the Iranians, no-one needs another war! Their families must be soooooo happy!
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    Equine Dentists in Kent/East Sussex

    Hello. Can anyone recommend a good one in this area, please? I last used Westrow when I was over at Sevenoaks but as they come from West Sussex, I thought I was a bit far out at new yard. Horse seems to like having her teeth done, so no handling issues!
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    BIG bale haylege in Kent/East Sussex

    Ok, revised from a previous post becasue I now have someone to share a big bale with me.... Can anyone in the Mid Kent/East Sussex area recommend a haylage supplier big round or rectangle bales who might deliver and how much per bale. Thank you!
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    Small bale Haylage Kent/Sussex

    Does anyone now if there are any small bale haylage sellers in Kent/Sussex area? I don't mean the branded stuff, I used to buy farm-produced stuff (elsewhere) for about 3.50 a bale. If not does anyone do large square bales?
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    rubber ankles

    Does anyone else here have really weak ankles which collapse outwards when they do rising trot? I have knackered both ankle's ligaments (overstretched) and sometimes it can be really difficult trying to keep my toes pointing forwards when keeping leg round the horse. Sometimes when I do...
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    Fly sheet recommendations pleeeeese!

    Thinking of getting a flysheet/neck cover combo to turn my horse out in this year. Haven't bothered so far as I always thought they were too hot/unnecessary etc.. But one day last year I got to the yard to find a distressed sweaty mare who'd been charging around due to the flies so figure'd...
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    Lorry Testing in Hastings

    Does anybody in the Sussex/Kent region know the contact details for the lorry testing place in Hastings? Lorry plating is now due - have been trying to get the contact number but google keeps taking me to the VOSA corporate site!?!
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    Badly brushing - Hind Boots?

    My horse is on walk only work at the mo and I have been hacking her on the road, around the fields and going round and round in the school. She has always moved close behind and so wears hind brushing boots. Trouble is she brushes very low down and is constantly brushing the inside of her hind...
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    Tattersalls at Newmarket

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum but for the attention of racing peeps. I have to go up to Newmarket on Thursday to the Tattersalls and according to the catalogue the sale begins at 10.30 a.m. Does anyone know whether this is the actual time that the first horse should go through or are there...
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    Glandular swelling around the head

    My mare seems to be getting frequent swelling around the glands on her head area (jaw/cheek area at the junction of the throat and below the eyes) - sorry, I haven't got any diagrams so I can't give the veterinary name! My last instructor said it was a type of allergy from pollen in grass but...
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    Some Happy News!

    Just seen the article about the Brooke hospital getting a huge cheque from a racehorse owner. Restores my faith in the human race - hopefully there are lots of other loaded race-horse owners out there who are doing the same...hint, hint.
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    Anyone got any ideas as to how I can get my horse to be less needle-shy? Fortunately (fingers-crossed, touch wood etc) she has only needed injections for her annual boosters, so far. It is always a bit traumatic though and I always warn the vet beforehand. Trouble is she's become a bit...
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    Good Grief! How many rugs....??!!

    Got to the yard last night and one of the girls asked me if I thought it was going to be really cold. I replied that I thought it would be around freezing, to which she asked 'should I put another rug on him (her TB ex-race horse)?' I asked how many he had on already. Five, she replied...
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    Hickstead Horse Feeds - WHERE?

    Does anyone use Hickstead Horse Feeds and where to get their products? I have a load of vouchers which I need to use but don't know where to get the stuff! Tried phoning and got fobbed off 4 times by a woman who said she didn't know where it was stocked in Kent (promised to ring back...never...
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    Vitamin Supps

    Oooops. Have just run out of my regular feed supplement (Total Eclipse) and only stockist is miles away/can't deliver before Xmas. Can anyone recommend a general all round vitamin supplement to add to horsey's rather dull diet of Hi Fi Light and Readigrass that I can get hold of easily.
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    Albion KB Bridle bits

    I have one of those Albion KB bridles but lost the flash strap a while ago. does anyone know whether it is possible to get albion bridle parts?