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    Happy Birthday Shirley Bassette

    I can't believe SB is 4,it seems only yesterday that I brought home a 5 week old puppy[rescue not wrenched from her mother]. As the top dog of the household,she is on the couch,under a blanket,with the heater going,as it's a damp,foggy day in OZ.
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    PippiLongstocking,Lucy and Shirley Bassette wish to inform all their friends that they are now ready for Christmas.After a visit today from their friendly vet Lorna,annual vaccinations,toenails clipped and...ahem...anal glands squished,the girls are ready to party. They send their very Best...
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    Snake bite!!!!Australia

    Pippi Puppi{whippet/ish] Is home from the vets after having been bitten by a brown snake yesterday,luckily we were there and when she collapsed, raced into town.The vet was waiting and after antivenine and a night in ICU she's home.All thanks to the vet{while not on call ]dropped everything and ran.
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    Busy Day!!!

    It's been a busy day here,first of all Pippi Puppi thought it would be fun to play tennis and removed/disabled my sand shoes,next she and Shirley Bassette helped to empty a basket of clean folded clothes all over the garden.A quick snooze then they decided to empty and shred the contents of...
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    Another Poorly Puppy

    Vixen[5months] has been offcolour for 24 hours and today started vomiting,so off we went to the vets,where I think we have a reserved spot,we are there so often.She has a temp,a very sore tummy,so we are going back tomorrow for some more tests.Healing vibes please.