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  1. jules9203

    Recommendations - Young horses first saddle

    I used a peter jones gp and it was lovely. Bought it 2nd hand and it held it's value. It now doesn't fit my youngster ( a yr on) so I've changed to a Monarch jump saddle (adjustable gullet) . I love it and feel completely happy doing flat work in it. Always felt that a youngster doesn't need a...
  2. jules9203

    What do you pay for zoom training???

    Thanks everyone. This has been helpful. I'm going to be including a zoom session into some training packages so this post was worth while xx
  3. jules9203

    What do you pay for zoom training???

    Worked with horses for over 30 yrs, BHS Stage 4 Coach and Stable Manager, BHS APC, Centre 10 Advanced Coach. Run a succesfull livery yard and freelance coach. Competed BE, BD and BS. Just want a rough idea what people charge or are happy to pay
  4. jules9203

    What do you pay for zoom training???

    Wow is there really no interest? After the first lockdown and this one I would have thought the way forward would be on line.I know it can't replace face to face learning but there is a huge amount to be gained doing some 'out of the saddle' training combined with in the saddle work ??
  5. jules9203

    What do you pay for zoom training???

    I'm looking at putting some training packages together including zoom meetings. What would you all be prepared to pay for a private or group zoom meeting focusing on various subjects such as goal setting / confidence / mind set / visualisation etc? Looking at 1 hr sessions.
  6. jules9203

    Dissertation ideas....

    Contact I'm sure they'd be happy to help you
  7. jules9203

    Moving from individual to group turnout - experience?

    I introduce every new horse by putting them in the paddock beside the 2 or 3 horses they will be turned out with. The amount of time they spend beside each other will depend on how they all react meeting each other. TBH most of them (in the last 7 yrs) have got on fine bar squealing and the odd...
  8. jules9203

    Sports psychology?

    See if there is a Centre 10 coach in your area. The will have done training in rider psychology.
  9. jules9203

    Which bit? Advice please.

    Seriously try it - preferably before you do a big hedge;)
  10. jules9203

    Unbranded saddle

    I've no idea what make your saddle is so not much help, however, I had an old jump saddle that was unbranded. I loved it and providing a saddle fits I would have no problem with buying an unbranded saddle
  11. jules9203

    Why do so many people think its fine to have fat horses?

    As a YO I have found over the last few years that owners are increasingly putting human emotions on to their horses. They cannot understand that just because they are cold/hot the horse is not feeling exactly the same. They also have no proper understanding of what is light/medium/hard work for...
  12. jules9203

    Which bit? Advice please.

    He looks lovely. If your hands come up when he is strong then the action of the bit can be reduced. You could try keeping your hands lower and 'shimmying' with your shoulders, whilst keeping your leg on. Your body movement will have a far better result than your arms.
  13. jules9203

    Horse evading contact - any advice??

    Thank you everyone. Absolutely understand what you have all said. Will have a chat with the rider. I know she is not capable of riding well enough to do what has been suggested but she may be open to getting a pro rider to re-school. XX
  14. jules9203

    Horse evading contact - any advice??

    A cob at my yard was driven for several years. It is now owned by an older lady who rides him. He can work nicely but has a habit of leaning on the bit, putting his head down or into his chest and running when she does canter work and when she tries to do pole work. He has had back, teeth, tack...
  15. jules9203

    Feed for energy

    I know some one that swears by Omega Rice. Never tried it myself.
  16. jules9203

    Saddle wanted - does this exist?

    If you can find them Style jump saddles are foam, I think.
  17. jules9203

    Travelling boots for a skinny legged horse!!!

    As title - I have a 15.2hh mare with very skinny legs. Tried a set of Mark Todd cob size travelling boots. Right height but far too big width wise. Anyone got any suggestions?
  18. jules9203

    Would you expect a YO to be able/willing to remove a shoe?

    If the shoe has moved and I can remove it without causing major damage to the hoof wall then yes as a YO I would remove the shoe. If I could cause more damage removing it compared with a farrier/vet then I would try and get one first. I thijnk it depends on YO, Horse, Farrier, Vet
  19. jules9203

    Livery yard chaos

    Depends what level of 'nasty' ?
  20. jules9203


    Unless they are changing leave them alone. As mentioned before take photos so you have something to compare. Sarcoids can go away on there own, stay as they are or be very aggressive. If they are the aggressive type then anything you do to them could cause them to come back bigger and more...
  21. jules9203

    😳 I just spent £65 on a bit of plastic

    One of my liveries bought one this week. Had to cut a slightly bigger hole in the base but seems ok xxx
  22. jules9203

    Electric wheelbarrows - anyone got one?

    This is the most exciting thing I've heard in ages -sad i know :p Off to research them now :D
  23. jules9203

    Vets now doing 12 month flu vaccinations again

    Mine was due last week so have to start over again. I'm really annoyed that I fell into the 7-10 day bracket when they weren't doing them and have ranted and raged about it today to anyone that would listen! However there is a lot worse happening out there, this is minor really. Wont stop me...
  24. jules9203

    Music while you ride?

    bouncing_ball - she would put on anything Radio 1,2,3 or classical
  25. jules9203

    french link snaffles

    Neue Schule have definitely done some research on this, including taking x rays of the two bits in the horses mouth and the change created by rein pressure. I can't find it at the moment but have read it! It did change the way I had thought about the two bits
  26. jules9203

    Music while you ride?

    My old boss used to have the radio on in the indoor school. She would ride what ever pace suited the music. She rode at international event & olympic dressage level so it must have helped. I do the same (not nearly to that level in anyway) Would never ride with earphones in. I find the horses...
  27. jules9203

    Problem horses

    You bought her cheaply, she's had minimal human contact and she's been branded. 2 weeks is not going to sort any of the issues she's going to have with people. Having said that you also need to evaluate how much money/time you are prepared to spend trying to sort her issues out. I'd suggest...
  28. jules9203

    Mares in season

    A couple of the mares here are very much in season. Being very grumpy with it x