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  1. Illusion100

    FAO: Janetgeorge/ID breeders

    Hi Janet, In a rush and couldn't find you quick enough to PM! A while back you really liked a stallion a friend bred and I said he sold him to America decades ago and he's probably dead by now, Rockrimmon Silver Diamond (Jack), well I was speaking to the breeder and he's not! Long story...
  2. Illusion100

    Suing someone in another Country?

    Via Small Claims Court? (Equine Related) I would be the one initiating the claim, for an incident that happened in England but due to poor health/personal circumstances I haven't put together my official case and it will be impossible for me to persue this in it's entirity before I move back...
  3. Illusion100

    Horse is a Bully!

    Been out in a field of 3-4 other geldings for the last year. He was 2nd in command and when the 'Boss' moved to a different yard just very recently he has taken over and become even worse of a bully to the others, to the point YO stated he has had to go into individual turnout. Fine by me, the...
  4. Illusion100

    Vet issue: WWYD?

    Ok so a friends horse has had ongoing bilateral forelimb lameness issues. Diagnosis was LGL and mud fever/oedema issues, think cankles! X-rays had been taken etc and nothing was going on with the feet, i.e nothing major of note/no rotation/navicular etc. This lameness claim (although with a...
  5. Illusion100

    Rearing in general.

    I've just realised I've never actually owned a horse that hasn't reared on a few occasions, either on the ground, under saddle or both. There is an essay coming, so either get yourself comfy or hit the 'back' button! :D The below is of course just my perspective and please feel free to put your...
  6. Illusion100

    What prompted this reaction in your eyes? Not only falling off (rider) but booted by the horses knees on the way down to the ground, Ouch! Apparently this horse was given away free after several years off due to surgery. Do you think this was a pain reaction, a...
  7. Illusion100

    Passport/travelling Query

    Okey doke, so taking my horse 'home'. Bought him as a weanling 5 years ago and was given the Vet identity sketch sheet (which is completed, signed, stamped and dated) plus another smaller document that is filled in but is in German. As he was 5 months when I picked him up, his passport hadn't...
  8. Illusion100

    Recommend a transport comapny please?!

    Planning to move my horse from East Yorkshire to Co. Down, NI. He's never been on a long journey and certainly not on a boat before. He does travel well but would prefer his first experience like this to be in the company of other horses. So has anyone used a particular company for this...
  9. Illusion100

    Spinal Stenosis/Wobblers and pain.

    First off, I have suffered from advanced spinal canal stenosis that affected the lumbar region. I can truly tell you without any exaggeration it was the worst kind of pain I've ever experienced and it was constant 24/7. I've had the offending bone growths and other parts of vertebrae removed via...
  10. Illusion100

    How much do saddles interfere with your riding?

    Just musing over a few points over the week. One rider keep mentioning that they were struggling with getting what they wanted from their horse and their riding position. Agreed to have a nosey and the saddle fitted the rider so badly it was no wonder they were having a tough time. Yes, there...
  11. Illusion100

    For free?! Lucky duckies!

    Lovely vet friend will be visiting for a w'end catch up soon and has generously decided to not only give my lad a free MOT but also free chiropractic and acupuncture treatments......AND a free session for anyone on the yard who wants one! We are spoilt! :)
  12. Illusion100

    Yard Owners that do what they say on the tin.

    Currently, I have a fab yard owner. A rare find in my experience. Never a yard atmosphere, no 'big' decisions made without first checking in, horses are the absolute priority as are the owners needs, no strops or tantrums if a livery needs the horse looking after if they have an emergency...
  13. Illusion100

    New XC Safety tech (EQRI) - Eventing Ireland - I like it! :) I think this is a very clever idea. :) Better than many the FEI have come up with lately............ Thoughts?!
  14. Illusion100

    Why can't/don't people fit tack correctly?

    Just why? Especially with the low, floppy noseband and the high, tight brow band. Don't get me started on martingale fits, in particular the lack of stoppers. I appreciate in the grand scheme of things it isn't the worst sin in the world but what is the point of using tack if you don't...
  15. Illusion100

    Brilliant, just Brilliant! Really made me laugh! :D Enjoy!
  16. Illusion100

    Horse acting out of character.

    So when I went today to sort my lad he was already in (by a few mins) and just watching goings on over the door. Sounds normal enough but something was amiss with this picture, he didn't have a mouthful of hay. As I walked onto yard, I didn't get my greeting whinny, again unusual. He had hay...
  17. Illusion100

    How was this allowed to happen?! Pony abuse. Where to begin on this one?! *Goes off to calm down*
  18. Illusion100

    Happy New Year to you all!

    Wish you all every success and joy! Have a fabulous night with whatever you are doing and look forward to reading of all your experiences in 2016. Lots of love and best wishes. xx
  19. Illusion100

    Bite Dodging!

    Ooof, close call this aft! Seen the damage this horse has done to others, yet managed to stupidly get distracted and walked close past stable door while I was in on way to tack room. That moment when the last chance your peripheral vision can work, you see a horse lunging over the door at...
  20. Illusion100

    Is this my imagination? Farrier/foot query.

    My lad has cracking feet and is barefoot. He gets trimmed a couple of times a year (previously regularly while growing but now rarely needs anything other than a tidy). A few horses on yard were being seen by farrier that day and YO happy to hold mine for a trim instead of a 1hr 30 min...
  21. Illusion100

    The Digital Pulse.

    You do know your horse IS supposed to have digital pulses.....right?! :p I'm going to go ahead and blame Vets for, what seems to be, this general confusion.... :D Had a lightbulb moment just now after thinking about how I had managed to offend someone the other week....... They had a...
  22. Illusion100

    I think accidental but interesting technique either way!

    I don't think this was a planned escape, what do you think?!
  23. Illusion100

    Where would you go from here? (Poorly horse)

    Owned by friend and bought as a happy hacker around 6 months ago. Cob/Native type, approx. 10 yr old mare. Not vetted. Arrived very portly with loads of feather. Unwilling to pick up feet and looked 'off' when moving, so feathers removed to reveal horrible weeping sores under inflamed, hard...
  24. Illusion100

    Not knowing/Misreading or Ignoring the signs?

    Came across this vid and thought how did they not see that coming?! Then again, often in conversation people will say such things as 'they were resting a leg before they kicked out', or 'they lowered their head...
  25. Illusion100

    Do you use a noseband when first riding the babies?

    So mine was started on the ground without a noseband for the backing process, in both lunging (including jumping) and long lining. In the photos I was sent of the first time he was leant over/sat on he had a Micklem on. I asked if he had a Micklem on for any particular reason, answer was no. So...
  26. Illusion100

    How lame was your horse before nerve blocked?

    Follow on from this thread. Work-up has been done(ish). Horse trotted up on concrete, then lunged on soft and hard surface. RF was showing up as a bit of an issue. Then...
  27. Illusion100

    Sterotyping/accepting/excusing Breed behaviour?

    This is a bit of a waffly one with no real point but I suppose because it's a bit of a pet peeve of mine, I'd post about it and see what everyone else thinks. I find myself musing about this quite often.... For example, a friend was asking me recently whether her new Instructors advice was...
  28. Illusion100

    How do you manage Navicular?

    As title, if your horse, or a horse you've known has either been diagnosed or suspected of having Navicular, what treatment/management steps have been undertaken/advised and how well have each of them worked out short/long term? Thanks. :)
  29. Illusion100

    Tonight was the Night. :)

    I finally got on my little beastie for the 1st time! Hasn't been sat on since he came back from Trainer when he went to finish being backed in June (which didn't go quite as smoothly as expected) and he really hasn't done much at all since. I can be overly critical and I have to admit I...
  30. Illusion100

    Who's stuck their magnetic rug/boots in the washing machine?

    And how did it go?! I've a rug and 2 sets of boots that could do with a good wash but too scared to put them on a cool handwash setting in washing machine. Also the carnage I would cause by trying to wash them in the bath probably wouldn't be worth it! How have you washed yours and how...