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  1. Tarragon

    Do any of you recommend use of supplements for general old age stiffness?

    I have tried doing searches on this topic to see if it has been discussed before but I feel it is one of those topics that is a bit of a moving target as new developments are made. I also haven't discussed this with a vet as I feel that at the moment it is just old age - he is probably an...
  2. Tarragon

    We have come a long way

  3. Tarragon

    The Archers and Laminitis

    Who would have thought we would have nearly 5 minutes on last night's episode of The Archers, where the vet and farrier were discussing the causes and treatments of laminitis in such detail. Was the BBC trying to do its bit to raise awareness?? I wonder what the non horsey listeners thought of...
  4. Tarragon

    Travelling a single pony in a double trailer

    Hi All, I have a pony-sized double cheval liberte trailer, and I have the option of travelling with the partition in place, without the partition at all and with full-width breast and breeching bars, or having the partition swung to one side at the rear and secured and have the full-width...
  5. Tarragon

    Happy Christmas All

    I tend to only log on during my lunch break at work. So, seeing as tomorrow will be my last day at work until Jan 2020, I thought I would wish you all a Happy Christmas and New year and some quality time with all your lovely horses and ponies.
  6. Tarragon

    How many of you use round pens and what for?

    How many of you use round pens and what for? Having seen a round pen being used to get excess energy off a sharp horse it has got me wondering how different horses may react to it. The person was using quite strong body language to send the horse on and cantering round and kept it up for quite a...
  7. Tarragon

    A saddle fit with half panel numnahs question

    The question I have is "does having a half panel numnah affect the fit of the saddle if the saddle previously fitted with a full numnah of similar thickness?" The reason for the question is because I have, on the advice of a saddle fitter, recently bought a beautiful, but quite old, second hand...
  8. Tarragon

    Hello all ....

    A long time lurker here thinking about time I joined. This forum has helped me through many lunch hours sitting at my computer at a desk at work 😁 I have learnt loads over the years