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    4yr old unbroken to sell

    OK where would the be the best place to advertise this type of animal, he is not a problem horse just been given time to grown and develop.
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    For those that like horse hunting help please

    Hi Everyone I am looking for a 14h - 15h horse on full loan that can move yards. Would be preferably bee looking for something that is a plodbut a bit of life is cool. The reason i am looking is that i need something for my sister to ride and all mine are too big and she is not as confidant...
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    Dirty rotten ants

    Yesterday my broodmare who is mega quiet kept bucking in the paddock, and had a few little bumps on her hind quarters, foal is fine. I was rather puzzled as she started doing it again today, smothered her in fly spray even though no flies around. This afternoon found a huge red ants nest...
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    Need help to find

    Ok i am looking for a cheap brown cob bridle, for breaking a youngster. I have tried ebay but am not finding anything on there at the mo. So you wonderful peeps any other ideas on where i can look Thank you p.s. or if any of you have one for sale pm me
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    instructor wanted herts

    Cam someone recommend an instructor looking for somone that can do novice and more experienced
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    Does anyone still feed straights

    As the title really, i am thinking of going back to feeding straights but it has been so many years since i done it, that was looking for some advice/reminder please
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    Starting youngsters to lunge

    OK i have 2 rising 3yr olds who are nick named dumb and dumber, well they are angels to walk around the roads in either headcollar and lead rope or bridle, Long reinging they are also perfect and responsive. Now come the but tried to strat with a little bit of lunging last week, had a friend...
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    My horse yard move from hell long but funny

    Ok where to start about my epic adventure weekend, and i was only moving yards. Thanks to many of the fab people on here who helped me out. Well it started with me moving stuff home for the last 2 weeks so only had, about 10 car loads left, so louisehenry went to the wrong pub to meet up...
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    Herts and local people any help appreciated

    Hi all as you prob know my YO is a complete twonk and i have to move yards next weekend which as you can imagine is a complete nightmare with 15 horses and all associated stuff. So if anyone is available to help especially if you have a lorry spare (mine is proper dead) i would really...
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    The love of my life went to sleep this morning

    The love of my life SOLA, my angel my treasure my everything for the past 25yrs finally had to go and join the angels this morning. Her daughter Pride was pts in november with a broken leg at 5 weeks old and i think she was calling her mum from heaven. I had the pleasure of knowing and sharing...
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    Horse coming back from loan

    Just had a lovely call from a lady who has one of my horses on loan and ask if i mind if she brings the horse back. Obviously i dont, but the reason made me laugh, its because the horse is too quiet. Not all 4 yr olds (nearly 5) are scatty and mad and very forward going, must remember in...
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    June lost her battle today

    Well My mare June who had Protein Losing Enteropathy (sp) got a temperature and infection in top of this condition and today she made it know this was one battle too far. So i made the kindest decision i could and put her out of her pain. She will now be running free with Ellie (12 nov 2010)...
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    Knowledge needed please

    Ok i have a thin skinned tb that got dreadful rain scald in the summer, so got it all cleared up (so i thought) yesterday took rug off to change it and it is back with a fighting vengance. So my prob is how do i attempt to clear it up when a) she dont do stables, it is like the wall of death...
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    Well i musted of really peeved someone off can i get any more bad news

    Vets rang this morning, Junes xrays are very bad, and its not looking good but they have given her another week for a miracle to occur and well there are no angels flying past my wndow at the moment so not loking to good. Then this evening get an Email from YO that as i have not been able to...
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    Cant stop crying 2 horse PTS in 6 days

    OK many of you read my thread about my 5 week old foal breaking her leg and having to be put to sleep on saturday. Well i just had a call from my vets that after to speaking to the top orthapedi surgeon in the country she had to be pts tomorrow. I also have a horse that had a glucose test on...
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    update on the ill horses

    Well June had her glucose test yesterday and the timed bloods taken so fingers crossed now that it is only malabsorption syndrome. Ellie did not have her hospital plates fitted as the vet and farrier were too worried about taking her heart bars off as that is what is holding her feet together...
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    Bon Jovi

    What a sat night, Bon Jovi on ITV Yummy Yum Yum
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    Pride is now and angel

    Well as you all know my 5 week old foal broke her leg last on thursday night, the vets tried everything they could for a way of mending it, but after speaking to every surgeon in the country and them all saying it was a no go, the vets rang this morning with the bad news. So at noon today Pride...
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    Malabsorbtion sysndrome

    Hi everyone Has anyone else had a horse who suffers with this problem, my mare is having a glucose test on monday to confirm this is what is wrong with her, so just wondered if anyone elses horse has this and what you do to help your horse. Thanks
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    Help and advise worst 2 weeks ever

    Hi folks Hope you are sitting comfortably this will be a long one. 2 weeks ago 2 year old gelding cant retract his penis and all swollen, having to massage every day and pop it back in and hold it in place, 2 weeks later less swollen but still not going back. nearly 2 weeks ago laminitic...
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    EDT needed in herts

    HI well all you lovely peeps i need an EDT in the herts/beds area. So if anyone could recommend someone for me would be brill Thanks loads
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    Simple Systems horse feeds

    HI everyone I am thinking of changing all my horses onto the simple systems feed stuff. Just looking for some feed back from other members that have or do use the products. Just that they have offered to send a nutri peron out next week and i am happy for this but would like some back...
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    Would you take the offer (hay)

    Local man has 26 acres which he needs to cut. Now the hiccup, there are about 100 or so ragwort plants on the land so he has offered that if i go pull up all the ragwort and put in a pile for him to burn he will cut and and bale all the land and i can have all the hay for free. I have...
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    Need some info please guys

    Can anyone give me any info on a place called dancing stud in leicestershire, i have a client who want me to go and look at one of the horses for them but i cannot find any info on the stud and aparently they are a big outfit, that sell to some of the top eventers. Thanks any info anyone has...
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    Hels_Bels is the best

    Thanks mate love my siggy, just have to sort out the photobucket account
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    chiropractor in the herts/beds/buck area

    HI i am looking for a chiropractor in the above area, as my yearling had pneumonia, and 2 traumas to his spine and poppd his stifle all in one go earlier in the year. he is now completely fine but when tired he stands most strange and has one vertabrae that when touched he moves off. So looking...
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    Surrogate mum available

    My darling mare gave birth this morning to twin foals who unfortunately did not survive, I am very upset about this but my mare is full of milk so if i can help anyone out and feel that some good can come from today please let me know. Also any advise on where else i can let people know, there...
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    giving flu and tet jabs

    Hi i am moving back to the Uk and was wondering, if like Ireland you can just go to the vets and buy the stuff and inject the horses yourself or does the vet have to come out and do it. Thanks, just weighing up the odds of buying the next batch before i leave or getting them in the uk
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    Flesh eating bug (sorry rather long)

    OK to cut a long story short my yearling got pneumonia last monday and somehow managed to get 2 traumas to his back and spine. As he had trouble getting up was (dead down the near side but that is nearly better now) while he was stuck down over night he was shuffling himself around the stable so...
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    Help Pneumonia

    Went down to the field and 1 of the yearlings (9months) was lying down when i went to check, he could not get up and was stiff all down naer hind, anyway got a digger driver to scoop him up carefully in the front bucket, and laid him in the gateway of my other field and had to drag him into the...