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  1. ecb89

    Fancy a kiss?

    Paddy has puckered up and is waiting 😘
  2. ecb89

    What to wear riding abroad?

    I’m off on holiday and hopefully will go riding while I’m away, bucket list gallop down a white sandy beach. I have no idea what shoes to take. Don’t really have room in my suitcase for my riding boots. Would trainers be ok? I haven’t ridden in anything other than riding boots
  3. ecb89

    First time clipping

    I tried 😂 He’s getting finished off by someone who knows what they are doing haha
  4. ecb89

    Horsebox for 17hh

    I’ve seen a 3.5T for sale which I quite like. The current owner has confirmed that the internal height is 7ft. Does that sound enough for a 17hh Irish draught. Box would only be used for short local journeys. I think 7ft is about the same height as a 505
  5. ecb89

    What saddle do you use on your Irish Draught

    I know that all horses are different shapes etc but was just wondering what brands tend to be good for big chunky IDs. Getting a new saddle for my boy soon, currently in a Frank Baines working Hunter, just wondering what other people have. Thanks :)
  6. ecb89

    3.5T lorry

    I know this has probably been done to death before but i am only just starting to think about getting my own lorry. How much would something like this cost to tax, service, maintain etc a year. Also, I passed my test in 2007, can they really be driven on just a normal license...
  7. ecb89

    Coolest/lightweight breeches

    I'm the sort of person who gets hot before I even get on my horse! Any recommendation for the coolest breeches? Ideally with a full seat or sticky bum. Thanks :)
  8. ecb89

    Where do you put your phone?

    While out hacking? The weather was beautiful here in Essex yesterday, hacked out with just a polo top on. My high viz tabard doesn't have a pocket big enough for my I phone 6 plus, so I had to leave it at the yard, would rather have had it on me. Any recommendations for high viz with big...
  9. ecb89

    What colour half pad?

    Very important question I know :D Need to get my boy a half pad, going to get a Le Mieux one. I have a brown saddle and he's chestnut. Probably going to buy a teal dressage pad as well, they are on sale on horse health. How grubby does the white/natural fluff get? Am I best off getting...
  10. ecb89

    Numpty question about saddle pads

    Sorry about the really stupid question but I'm new to horse ownership. My horse has a working hunter saddle which came with him. If I want to buy a new saddle pad do I need the dressage square shape or the more forward cut GP shape. So for Le Mieux you have the big dressage square shape, the...
  11. ecb89

    Flat feet giving me back ache

    I've got flat feet, I have an arch when my feet aren't on the floor but they drop once I stand. I wear Ariat grasmeres which were fine for my once weekly lesson at a riding school but now I've got my own horse and doing 5 day full livery and DIY at the weekend my back is killing me after...
  12. ecb89

    My first horse...

    Is being delivered this afternoon!!! So excited!! I cannot wait until he arrives! :D
  13. ecb89

    Buying a young horse

    After many many years I am finally in the position to buy my own horse. I am looking at buying something Irish draught type. I have loaned in the past and currently ride at a riding school where I school the green and more difficult horses. I enjoy seeing them progress and seeing how much they...
  14. ecb89

    Hannah Francis (Wilberry Wonder Pony) has passed away

    How very sad. Such an inspirational young lady
  15. ecb89

    Hermann toortoise

    Does anyone have one? What do you feed them? My BF has one but we don't think he's getting a proper diet. Thanks
  16. ecb89

    Cat showing weird behaviour

    My BF has a lovely little cat but she's really nervy and unsure about everything in the world. She will sit by the patio doors and hiss if any cats come in the garden. But this week she has started hissing and growling at her reflection when it's dark outside, we thought she was being silly but...
  17. ecb89

    What questions to ask?

    Hello :) I am going to be phoning up an owner regarding a horse I have seen for sale. I haven't done this before and this horse will be my first. What sort of questions do you ask? Many thanks
  18. ecb89

    Bodmin Ponies

    Poor poor ponies. I know this winter has been horrible but there is no need for this to have happened. *Contains very upsetting images*
  19. ecb89

    Cat show Aww how cute is the Canadian sphynx
  20. ecb89

    Sore on cats neck

    Hello everyone I have just seen a sore mark on my cats neck and neither mum or I can figure out how she has done it. It's not a cut or a wound, more like a sore where the fur has been taken off and maybe the top layer of skin. She seems fine in herself. We aren't going to worry about vets...
  21. ecb89

    How much do you spend a month?

    How much do you spend a month on horsey things apart from the obvious like livery, shoes, bedding, feed etc Do you have some months where that is all you spend or do you find that you buy extra bits and pieces every month? Lots of thanks :)
  22. ecb89

    Books on how to school

    I've just agreed to share a horse two days a week :D I start tomorrow :D anyway I've never really schooled before, just a bit of hacking and lessons. Can anyone recommend a good book on how to school properly? Thanks :)
  23. ecb89

    Quick someone give me a good comeback

    Someone on facebook has just put this as his status: Zara Phillips' medal is an inspiration to anyone who grew up on the mean streets of Paddington with nothing but a £4M horse and a dream... Can anyone give me a good come back? People who say things like this really irritate me
  24. ecb89

    How old should puppies be...

    when they are handled by lots of different people? This probably is a numpty questions but I dont have any experience with puppies. I have a friend whos dog gave birth to 4 puppies a couple of days ago. She has been inviting all her friends round to go and see the puppies, pick them up...
  25. ecb89

    Tie back operation?

    Hello I have just seen an advert for horse for sale who has had a successful tie back operation in the last year. Can someone please explain what this is and how it would effect the horse in the future, would it cause any problems etc... Would it put you of buying the horse? Please...
  26. ecb89

    Yards near Loughton (Essex)

    I'm moving to Loughton in the new year and OH has agreed I can have a horse woooo :D I had a look at Woodredon Equestrian Centre and it seemed lovely, but a bit pricey compared to livery yards where I currently live, Chelmsford/Wickford area. Does anyone know of any other yards near...
  27. ecb89

    Suffolk Punch for sale Does The Farrier want another?
  28. ecb89

    Chestnut gelding from earlier post

    Just had another look on horsemart and his ad has been taken off. Do you think that means I have missed out?
  29. ecb89

    Another what do you think of this horse - sorry

    Can you tell me what you think of this gelding He is very cheap and looks like it is a dealer. I think I have a thing for the gingers
  30. ecb89

    16 hands tri colour >>>>>>>

    Advert doesnt say much but what do you think?