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    Old owner asking me to do something strange

    There is no way you should eb doing this, consult the Passport issuing body, as it is very common for mares to be sold on and then the foal registered after the event. Do not give herb the passport back and let her transfer the mare back into her name then back into yours. Also your vet maybe...
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    URGENT - newborn foal needs surrogate mum.

    Thanks for your thoughts sadly my foal did not survive but if some good can come out of it and Lilly helps Amber to do well, there is a positive at the end of a very sad weekend
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    What do I do now?

    I would say your pony is more than capable or carrying you on short rides or shor schooling sessions, will help you lose that bit of weight. You only need to take notice of what your pony is saying
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    Ok, here it is.... seriously, why do people want to own thoroughbreds...

    Because i never wanted one and ended up with 6, and i love having huge vet, feed, rug bills lol
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    Didn't fall off - but still managed to injure myself!!

    Ouchie that looks proper sore, good thing is in no time it will heal
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    Seems an awful lot of deaths.

    QR as this subject really gets my back up. OK very sadly i lost 5 horses last year and i only have 20 horses so that makes a percentage very much higher than those that die in racing every year and then you have a owner thats only had one horse and that dies so that owners death rate is 100%...
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    Sorry to hear about your horse passing suddenly, it is a horrid experience and one you never get used to no matter how many time you have to go through (i lost 5 last year) and one was my old mare i had had for about 20 years. You mares sounds like she was there when you needed her and now have...
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    Livery Prices?

    £750 a month, 9 stables, tack room, feed room, about 20 acres, outdoor school, toilet block, kitchen, lounge/seating area. But most important part of all a fanbloodytastic YO
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    what to do when your friends take the mick out of you for liking horses

    QR so sorry if repeating whats been said above These girls at school don't sound nice at all so sadly the best advice i can give is take a step away from them and stand on your own, it maybe that other girls in your year are not comnig forwards to be friends with you due to the girls you hang...
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    help our uni riding club equine innuendos and slogans please

    100% rider born to ride
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    Welcome. Your mare sounds lovely and what a chance for her to have a new life, which i am sure she is enjoying.
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    Would you sell?

    Ok sorry did not see you had writtenthat, i still think ask her about it, cant see a good reason behind it, but for some extrodinary reason there maybe. Have to say one of my youngsters was getting very big and bolshy even though i had done tonnes of work with her but boredom had set in, so i...
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    Update: New loan horse!! Also, looking for hacking buddy!

    Stunning hope, sure you will have loads of fun times and cuddles with her
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    Rear facing horseboxes opinions please.

    I have to say i hate them and would never use one again unless extreme emergency, i found my horses travelled really bad in the one i used, my tb mare fell over 30 times in what should of been a 20 min journey and ended up taking nealy 2hurs due to having to travel along at 5mph and even slower...
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    Would you sell?

    First and foremost ask her about the filly before you start to worry it could be a late foal as said above, if you dont get the response you like tand can afford to keep him they find and excuse not to sell to her
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    Loan horses: do people expect too much?

    I have 3 horses out on loan at the mo with another 3 prob going out on loan soon, And my god i think i have met every type of potential loanee in my time. 1) talks the talk, dont turn up 2) talks the talk turns up and is terrified of the horse as its is soooo big (yep its is the size it said...
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    Anglo Arab needs rehoming.

    If she is stuck, i will help whats one more youngster in the herd
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    livery yard pettiness this one will amaze you

    I so would not of found any of it funny and would of had the little bint by the throat. Time to look for a new yard then tell the mother you want your money back and will be telling every person you know how badly run the yard is, also that you hope everyone on the yard is being honest in their...
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    Harlow council target gipsy horses

    Total and utter disgrace, i will say no more or will end up having a huge rant
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    people who have no idea what their pieces of tack do. RANT

    QR I stick to as basic tack as i can no matter if i am break-in, schooling or x-country, and the only reason is i darn well hate cleaning tack so hence i use as little as possible. Do use boots, for x-countr and bandages for schooling but they are easy just pop in the wshing machine and boots...
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    4yr old unbroken to sell

    He is a very good sort and middle of the road price, i was sent him to break and sell but having done my back in at the moment the owner has agreed to sell him unbroken. Will try Horsequest
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    Travelling horses. I was surprised by the musts

    I have regularly travelled horses with someone of the bigger named horse transporters and mine have always travelled naked
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    Price of an ex-racer

    I get given a few but then i have experience of dealing with the retraining of exracers. As to price i dont think you can say a price as each is worth a different amount that is like saying every warm blood is worth x amount
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    Do you have a point 2 air jacket? If yes

    I would love to get one as i break in young horses and some are just not all that easy, but to be honest i just cannot afford one, so for the time being the race safe BP does the job. Maybe one day my fairy god mother will send me one
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    4yr old unbroken to sell

    OK where would the be the best place to advertise this type of animal, he is not a problem horse just been given time to grown and develop.
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    What happened to Shergar???

    After speaking to a few gardi who were on the case at the time, my theory is that he was a bit more horse to control than the horse knappers thought and had to be disposed of. I also hope that in my life ime some oxygen thief gets a concience on their death bed and does tell all
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    Can't believe it's happened to me...Long, sorry.

    It is amazing how we cope when we need to, i always say i go into logical mode then melt down after when i have time. Gad to hear she is on the mend, fingers crossed for her to back home soon xx
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    can horses eat lettuce?

    a_e_don her has one of my horses on loan and she does give him some strange stuff which he loves. Do funny it funny when she comes to my ard with a bag of dates and the horses go mad for them before a_e_d i would never of thought of giving a horse dates, melon or celery or all the other stuff...
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    I enjoyed watching that, quite refreshing
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    How many ride in a "snaffle"?

    All mine in either basic, fullmer or frenchlink snaffle dont need anytyhing else and they are al l happy in them so for me no need to change