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    DIY or Grass Livery in Cirencester

    I don't know if they have any space but ampney down farm on stow rd are nice and quiet and fantastic value. I paid £140 per inc haylage and grazing was fab
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    Riding Schools in Cheltenham area?

    Ullenwood? Barton end in nailsworth?
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    DIY or Grass Livery wanted around Cirencester

    There's a few places. AMpney down farm on a419 stow road. The old kennels by the college in the park. Green hill equestrian and h&b equestrian in daglingworth Plummers farm in siddington These are all have diy options and offer assistance.
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    Copper deficiency (pictures) dark brown almost black horse has turned ginger this summer but two things have changed this I havent put a fly rug on and two she stopped eating her vits and mins..i was wondering if it was the vits and mins does promote a glossy coat. Shes always been very...
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    Splint advice please....

    yep I would just check again tomorrow and work quietly a few days and monitor it but stop as soon as there is any sign of heat or pain. I wouldnt get the vet unless they were hopping and it could be fractured or it was near the knee. If it does flare up ice it then field rest a couple of weeks...
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    Best Joint Supplement???

    i totally recommend equine answers premierflex horse has completely transformed!
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    Feedmark benevit advance supplement?

    ive fed mine on this for 6 years and she has a very shiny coat but in the ladt month she has suddenly refused to eat it!! im now deciding if i will go down the pro hoof route or not bother!
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    Devil's claw

    I use premier flex plus which is the one with devils claw in it. I also use the one without. I noticed a huge difference between the too..amazing :)
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    riding a wet horse, what do you do?

    someobe call the rspca..i quite happily would just tack up a soggy horse and ride as long as I have a numnah underneath which is probablt filthy! Id warm my horse up the same way, if they were coming in cold and wet then I would be cursing myself for not having rugged my horse suitably..surely...
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    How often do you Hack?

    I mainly hack now since my horse was diagnosed with spavins and couldnt cope with schooling but after a year of solid hacking she is now able to school and jump again so I do this maybe once/twice a week and hack between 1-4 hours the other 4/5 times!
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    TB x Cob - jumping?

    mines a tb x cob (presumably welsh) she loves jumping and is fairly bold. temperment mind varies...lately shes found fifth gear and wants to do everything at speed, shes sweet to handle and willing to please but just gets a little opinionated at times and lukes to bog off with me!
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    Whips good or bad

    mines very handy for puling gates shut and keeping cars away from my stirrups :)
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    Hacking in Winterbourne / frampton cottrell??

    ah yes, hacking great down that bit. wickwar itself is rubbish if you have to hack on the road!
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    Hacking in Winterbourne / frampton cottrell??

    wickwar is rubbish for hacking! Horton/badminton ace. alveston/almindsbury also good. frampton/winterbourne do have bridleways but those roads would make hacking a bit hairy and would put me off. If you go chipping sodbury way you can hack to badminton as well as hinton/dyrham. PM me if you want...
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    What supplement worked for you re; joints?

    i put mine on premierflex ha in summer which helped but became stiffer in winter so tried the plus version which is the same but with devils claw. I now have a very strong, fast pingy horse back which im having to learn to control again after 2/3 years of ploddy, resitant horse!
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    Do you use your Fly Bonnets/Veils for looks or protection?

    I use mine as i found it helped reduce headshaking but as a side effect I also found it reduces spooking. I bought a bright purple one for hacking which helped drivers spot me and they slowdown plus lots of walkers comment on how pretty it mines a multifunctional one really. I shpyld try...
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    Squeaky Barefoot Saddle

    Ha I was riding in mine today (leather cheyenne) and thinking it is currently squeaking more than normal but mine is coming from the pommel. If I hold the saddle against the pommel it stops. Its driving me insane!
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    bridleway with horses grazing on it

    from the other perspective the owner is putting her horses at risk from injury. if mine had lucked theres would I have been held responsible?
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    bridleway with horses grazing on it

    I dont have a choice of routes, this inefoems part of a circular route too and is one of two decent of routes are roads. The way I assessed it the first time was see how the horses reacted and they ran off and U also figured if they are grazing on a bridleway they would nit...
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    bridleway with horses grazing on it

    ok thanks i will report it then
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    bridleway with horses grazing on it

    there is a bridleway near me that takes you through a field with horses grazing in it. Ive been through once before and the horses ran away from the gate and never bothered me again but the next time I went through there were different horses and they cantered from the otger side of the field...
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    Phrases that get up your nose?

    I know my pelvis is out of can see one hip is a good inch or so higher than the otger side and if I go to physio they badically do that ramming shoulder into buttock type movement and I walk away takes a few sessions for my muscles tendons and ligamenrs to maintain the...
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    Getting the correct canter lead

    you could try looking over your right shoulder/slightly behind it eg when at a look at c.
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    Cirencester Park Endurance Ride!

    I'd love to have a go at this as all we seem to do is go for long hacks! Im just up the road so if I can get some transport I may give it a go :)
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    He stands weird when he eats

    has he always stood like this or is it something youve noticed recently? My mare does this dometimes butt hink its when shes in a bit of pain in her back from hock spavins. I would seriously doubt this would be the reason for yours though!
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    Best remedy to use on a bald patch?

    try vaseline :)
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    Stuff you never use

    isnt there a swap shop on fb?
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    Hit and run.(not horses)

    ok cool i know a few people round there..will ask them to keep their eyes peeled.
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    Hit and run.(not horses)

    hope you are ok. where exactly did this happen?
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    anyone elses seasonal headshaker...

    yes flintmeg, bugs are the main trigger for mine too and she also shakes with snowflakes!! there were a lot of midges the other thinking its going to be a combination of factors setting her off just very annoying as I enjoy winter riding with no headshaking normally!