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  1. Illusion100

    Horse sold and not collected.

    You sold the horse and the buyer paid the requested amount. They have not collected the horse, despite your goodwill and communication and requests for them to do so. I'd keep the money they transferred and re advertise sale. Sell your horse to another buyer and let the people who have messed...
  2. Illusion100

    Can you pass a poo?

    Is your therapist my therapist?
  3. Illusion100

    Can you pass a poo?

    I'm just disappointed about being mislead by this thread title.
  4. Illusion100

    It’s official... my husband hates me

    But seriously, who actually needs a husband?....
  5. Illusion100

    Horse catching/ knocking elbow when jumping

    Is she shod (obviously a metal shoe knocking off the joint isn't ideal) and so can she go barefoot in front for the interim? I'm no expert in unteaching a horse to be less careful but perhaps she needs training work on her bascule, working from the hindend, or perhaps more importantly the back...
  6. Illusion100

    Most stupid horsey thing you've ever said, asked, done etc.!!!

    Stretched out forelimbs and as that horse was a general chilled dude, got lazy/complacent and held the foot over my knee instead of in front of it. One wayward kid kicking a football off a tin barn door during said kneecap dropped like a Black Friday discount
  7. Illusion100

    Turning out colts

    At near a year and a half old, if it were my 'just weaned' colt I'd happily put it in a herd of geldings. He's not a baby, he can figure things out, he knows interaction/body language. As long as there is plenty of room and good grass/shelter I wouldn't even question this. Unless the other...
  8. Illusion100

    Feeds to disguise supplements for excitable horses?

    Traq dart in bum.
  9. Illusion100

    To shoe or not to shoe?

    It comes down to several factors really. The feet are what they are depending on genetics, diet/correct and timely trimming/weight management through initial development/growth plate closure as a youngster. So the question really is are the feet good enough to not need shoeing..... Specific...
  10. Illusion100

    Can I compete in tall boots at the age of 14?

    You would need to contact the relevant show/class/competition/pony club organisers to confirm the dress attire required for any particular event in case they have specific regulations. However, I competed in long boots younger than you, but then again I also competed in short boots with chaps...
  11. Illusion100

    Borrowed a friends bridle but can't get hold of her?

    I'd just be worried someone may lift the bridle (and choccies) if OP did that. I'm not sure how trustworthy the yard might be. Or am I just paranoid?!
  12. Illusion100

    Borrowed a friends bridle but can't get hold of her?

    Give the YO a call and say you've not been able to get hold of your friend and hope she is ok, that you wish to return some property of hers, so would they mind passing on your number/leave her a note.
  13. Illusion100

    No grazing in paddock

    Had mine on an otherwise great yard but there wasn't enough grazing/very small paddocks, although there was some extra forage put out he became frustrated and started being aggressive to other horses in his herd. Moved him and now he has more grass/space than he could possibly need and is...
  14. Illusion100

    pts or keep trying

    Death comes to us all, hopefully before the suffering becomes unbearable. Sometimes there is nothing else that can be done but give the dignity of a humane death. By doing so you aren't letting him down but providing him with the kindest act you possibly could.
  15. Illusion100

    pts or keep trying

    If he was mine, I'd PTS given the clinical history, lack of diagnosis and effective treatment plan, his age and mostly the fact the sparkle is gone from his eyes. It's so tough but in your shoes I'd feel I was making the right decision for my faithful friend.
  16. Illusion100

    When horses and ponies had proper 'horsey' names....

    I can't think of a more appropriate name for a hamster to be honest.
  17. Illusion100

    Narcolepsy in horses

    Narcolepsy usually has a trigger that causes an episode, in your horses case it appears to be standing quietly on the yard. So the bottom line advice is don't put him in that situation where possible, as preventing the trigger is key. Keeping him stimulated, or attempting to, might not be a...
  18. Illusion100

    How to jump down a bank correctly

    Drops/jumping off banks benefit from a bit of versatility at times haha. Lots of factors can influence how you ride off a bank and therefore the most ideal position at the time, for example style of the horse, experience of the horse, height of drop and whether there are further elements to...
  19. Illusion100

    Crazy remedies ...

    Administering anything to a colicking horse prior to veterinary exam is a very poor choice, imo.
  20. Illusion100

    Crazy remedies ...

    Milky bars as treats (just like mares milk apparently) for bonding with weanlings. Covering a swollen and infected knee with honey for a week. It seeps in you see and kills infection. Had to be PTS. Peppermint tea to cure colic.
  21. Illusion100

    "Pretty" vs Effective Riding

    Do what gets the job done! Everything should be a work in progress, refinement always comes at a later stage once communication is clear, concise and understood. Much better to have a few 'ugly duckling' moments and get the desired effect than sit pretty and let it fall apart. IMO anyway.
  22. Illusion100

    FAO: Janetgeorge/ID breeders

  23. Illusion100

    FAO: Janetgeorge/ID breeders

    The American that bought him died and trusted 'Jack' to the Irish Horse Trust or something similar for the Irish breeding programme and he's loaned out for a couple of yrs at a time to various studs aroud the country. Only found out the other day when I went up to that stud to see my horse.
  24. Illusion100

    FAO: Janetgeorge/ID breeders

    Hi Janet, In a rush and couldn't find you quick enough to PM! A while back you really liked a stallion a friend bred and I said he sold him to America decades ago and he's probably dead by now, Rockrimmon Silver Diamond (Jack), well I was speaking to the breeder and he's not! Long story...
  25. Illusion100

    Innovative ways to get drugs down a fussy one?

    Maybe try giving him a small handful of feed packed with garlic. His taste buds/sense of smell should then be overwhelmed/confused enough not to then smell/taste the meds in his 'proper' feed. Then just prepare and present his feed as normal as you would every other day so he has no reason...
  26. Illusion100

    Name needed!

  27. Illusion100


    I give a pint 1-2 times a week (depending on the horse) when they are prepping for or are 3DE fit.
  28. Illusion100

    Riding with 2 fingers bandaged

    Once a horse and I had a disagreement over which skinny to jump during an XC combination. As a result when trying to turn one direction (and the horse the other) off a bank I dislocated 2 fingers on my right hand. Then I went and did the SJ a couple of hours later after medical attention, riding...
  29. Illusion100

    being asked to sell?

    Correct me if I'm wrong and although I fully undertand why, it appears this comment from the YO has been taken personally by you. I would take it personally too and I think your YO was a bit out of line, however my advice is don't let it get to you. Put it out of your mind and carry on with...
  30. Illusion100


    Just getting in touch with a friend in that area who may be able to help, if not they may know of someone closer. If you could PM with a more exact location I'm sure that would help them out. :)