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  1. monkeybum13

    Horse Rugging Questionnaire

    Hi Everyone, My friend has complied a questionnaire as part of market research for a rug design business. If anyone had a spare few minutes to fill the questionnaire out that would be very much appreciated. If anybody has any further comments please post on here or PM me and I will pass these...
  2. monkeybum13

    BRC Area 9 Dressage Report

    I very rarely post about Wally but I think he deserves a little write up, I think I last did a report type thing last November! For those that don't know Wally he's a little warmblood who turned 5 on Monday, I've had him over a year now, doesn't time fly?! Wally is a very laid back chap, takes...
  3. monkeybum13

    BRC Area 9 Dressage Report

    Posted in wrong place!
  4. monkeybum13

    Prolite vs gel pad?

    My horse had a physio check yesterday and she noted he has some tender points at the back of his saddle, most likely caused by him playing and slipping over in the field so I was looking for something to offer some padding/protection whilst he has sore areas. I have a le mieux half pad I could...
  5. monkeybum13

    Wally says Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Wally would like to wish everyone on HHO a very merry Christmas!! :D:D
  6. monkeybum13

    Introducing my 4yo, pics + vids

    I have been nagged and nagged to introduce my ‘new’ boy to the forum so here goes. The first bit is a very sad bit and I will keep it short so I don’t get upset, in the summer my lovely mare Lacey was put to sleep. She was only 8, far too young to be crippled with arthritis like she was. She...
  7. monkeybum13

    Mark Todd v Jumpers Horse Line Lightweight Turnout Rug

    I like both MT and JHL rugs but don't own any of their lightweight turnout rugs so have no experience with them. Which one do people prefer? Can't see much difference between the 2 really so am looking for people's opinions. Thanks in advance :)
  8. monkeybum13

    Equilibrium massage pad - charger light

    Have just purchased a massage pad and Badminton today and its now on charge. When I first put in on charge the light came on, after about 40 minutes the light had turned off. Is this an indication of a fault with the charge or do other people's massage pads charge but with the light off...
  9. monkeybum13

    Big thumbs up to Derby House

    Last time I ordered something from DH it took ages and ages to arrive so I was a little wary ordering a rug from them but it was heavily reduced and free P+P so I thought I'd give them another ago. I ordered the rug last Saturday afternoon (so after Saturday post) and it arrived today. Not...
  10. monkeybum13

    This is what Christmas mornings are made for...

  11. monkeybum13

    Robinsons requisite rugs, any good?

    Has anyone bought requisite rugs from robinsons and are they any good? Thinking of getting a combo rug but is the neck length decent or is it short? Thanks in advance :)
  12. monkeybum13

    Tildren, any experience?

    My mare is booked in to be treated with Tildren next week. She has very slight OA in her hock and this is the course of action the vet has recommended. She had her hock medicated 9 months ago and re Xrayed today and there are some slight changes. It is nothing major and he said you could just...
  13. monkeybum13

    Good lightweight/summer jodhpurs?

    Any recommendations for nice lightweight jodhpurs or breeches? Ideally in a dark colour and doesn't matter if they're jods or breeches. Thanks in advance :)
  14. monkeybum13

    Skewbald markings - tobiano/tovero

    All these terms are a minefield to me, I stick to skewbald and piebald :p Can someone tell me the characteristics of a tobiano and can they have blue eyes? Thanks :)
  15. monkeybum13

    Neil Spratt - schooling/teaching

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience of being taught by Neil Spratt or any experience of sending their horse to him for school or competition livery? All opinions wanted whether good or bad! Thanks in advance :)
  16. monkeybum13

    Spreading ashes on grazing land?

    Slightly odd question on behalf of a friend. If equine ashes have been spread on grazing land is it safe to then graze horses on the land? How long should be left before horses are turned out on the grass? Or is it a big no no? Any other advice gratefully received. Thanks in advance.
  17. monkeybum13

    Saddle company saddles

    I'm looking at buying a saddle company saddle and was just looking for opinions on them. Thanks in advance :)
  18. monkeybum13

    Best way to wash a half pad?

    I've got a nuumed half pad that is in desperate need of a wash. Being nuumed it is lambswool so what is the best method to use for washing and drying? Thanks very much! :D
  19. monkeybum13

    Tresham Endurance Report – Highs and Lows

    Sunday was Lacey’s (and mine) second endurance ride. We’d entered the 28km non-competitive ride having had a ball at Cirencester Park 30km no-competitive ride last year. I knew something would go wrong seeing as it was April Fool’s day but more about that later. I’ll try and keep this short...
  20. monkeybum13

    Endurance - Cirencester Park cancelled

    Sorry if this has already been posted! Looks like endurance at Cirencester Park is no longer... Did my first endurance there and had great fun and was hoping to do a longer distance one this year, any suggestions for alternatives, what...
  21. monkeybum13

    Just Togs Denver Country Boots?

    Anyone have a pair? Would you recommend them? They're cheap and have seem them on sale for very cheap but because of their price are they awful quality? Obviously don't expect amazing quality but don't fancy a pair of boots that fall apart within weeks. Thanks in advance :)
  22. monkeybum13

    Horses and Great Danes

    This morning whilst walking my horse out in-hand (box rest and 10 mins walking) we passed a man with a great dane and stopped for a chat. Madam thought it was a great excuse to have a little snooze whilst we chatted. Anyway when we got back to the yard I said to another livery how we'd passed a...
  23. monkeybum13

    Big bale hay prices

    Just a quick question. How much does everyone pay for large round bales of hay? Been offered some at £30, is it worth it? Only ever bought small bales before. Thanks
  24. monkeybum13

    First one up has to feed all the horses rule

    Following on from another thread. Is anyone at a yard where they have this rule where the first person on the yard has to feed all the other horses? I would hate it, I'm normally first up and would hate having to feed everyone elses horse for them. Surely the horses would then start to...
  25. monkeybum13

    I love Allen and Page!

    Last weekend I was at a riding club "day camp" and one of the sessions was with feed specialists from Allen and Page and they also had a weigh bridge. The specialists were very good (they said madam was looking perfect ;):D ) and we were given 2 small freebie bags of fast fibre to try instead...
  26. monkeybum13

    Chinese Lanterns

    When I was poo picking my horse's paddock today I found a chinese lantern than must have come down last night. They're a real nuisance, I'm very thankful my horse didn't decided to go and sniff it as it was one made with metal, am I right in thinking you can buy ones made of bamboo or a similar...
  27. monkeybum13

    A simple questions about barefoot horses/ponies

    When I had ponies none of them were shod and then a horse I used to ride was shod in front and without shoes behind. My current horse is shod all round. The ponies did all disciplines, pc activities etc absolutely fine. There was never a "barefoot craze" about they just went without shoes...
  28. monkeybum13

    Anyone feed pink powder?

    Does anyone feed their horse pink powder from NAF? Would you recommend it, have you seen an improvement in horses coat, condition etc from feeding it? Any comments good or bad would be much appreciated!
  29. monkeybum13

    Endurance people - Phoenix Ride 28th August

    Anyone entered for the Phoenix Ride next weekend or anyone been there before? My mum noticed that they are taking late entries and I am very tempted to enter, just wondering if anyone on here has any useful information on it? Can you tell I have been bitten my the endurance bug?! ;)...
  30. monkeybum13

    Travelling horse without partition - legalities?

    Does anyone know if there are any legalities regarding travelling horses without a breast/breeching bar in trailers? One of our old ponies used to travel without a partition but we always made sure he had a full breast bar and a full breech bar but many other people travelling without...