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  1. Tarragon

    Retitled “when I become an evil dictator”

    I use back country easy boot gloves on my ponies. They are such a good fit that sometimes I have to use a little wooden mallet to knock them on! They tend to stay put, but on the rare occasions they have come off I have gone back later and found them. I know some people use a bit of vet wrap...
  2. Tarragon

    Travelling in a trailer with no partition, good idea or not?

    Either, though front is preferred if possible
  3. Tarragon

    Travelling in a trailer with no partition, good idea or not?

    I use a long line and wrap it round the breast bar while I go back to put up the breeching bar. This way I can hold him in place without tying
  4. Tarragon

    Covid impact of our Equestrian Lives

    The two main differences to me has been that firstly I have gained two hours a day as I no longer have to commute and secondly I have actually entered in a few online competitions which is new for me because I don't really compete! I have found that being able to do something at home, where I...
  5. Tarragon

    Finally back on board!!

    Wonderful to hear! I am so pleased for you and you look so good together too. He is a good looking beastie! Onwards and upwards :-)
  6. Tarragon

    Blue at Fat Camp

    I have really enjoyed seeing these series of photos of fat (ish) to fit and lean. Inspirational.
  7. Tarragon

    Your Winter Daily routine?

    This is mine: 2 ponies field kept and I work 5 days a week. Up at stables about 7am, bring in for feed and fresh hay net. They have access to the stables from the field, so the net is hung up for them to pick at over the day. If it is nice, I will ride and turn back out on my return. If it...
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    Weight loss progress keeping a record

    What a lovely pony :-) She is looking great
  9. Tarragon

    Travelling in a trailer with no partition, good idea or not?

    I travel mine without the partition; he loves it. I had to buy proper full width bars, but now I have them I can have the option. The only problem I have is where to tie the haynet! Being only a little pony, he can't reach the haynet if it is tied to the front of the trailer, and if he is cross...
  10. Tarragon

    Bean of the week!!!

    Golly that is a beast of a bean!! He must feel so much more comfortable now
  11. Tarragon

    Struggling to fit in exercise

    A lot of people would consider what you do already sufficient exercise! What about running with your horse, and get you both exercised at the same time
  12. Tarragon

    The stupidest thing you did- horse wise.

    I went to Australia for about 9 months, after my A-levels at the start of the 1980's, and got a job working in racing stables. I think that my parents probably got 3 letters from me the whole time I was out there. I think that the world operated on the understanding that no news is good news...
  13. Tarragon

    What's your dream horsey holiday?

    I think that my ideal horsey holiday would be either a working ranch based one, or a classic Philippe Karl based training one or trekking in Iceland on those fab ponies. The reason why I haven't done any of these is because my OH is really REALLY not horsey and it wouldn't come with me and would...
  14. Tarragon

    Very good doers and muzzles.

    I tried a muzzle on one of my ponies, and I think he would have rubbed his ears off - he hated it! I manage without by always leaving them out 24/7, so that they don't have get into a starve/binge cycle, in as big an area as possible with always not quite enough grass so that they are hungry...
  15. Tarragon

    The stupidest thing you did- horse wise.

    I have got one, though it does seem fairly tame to most of these. I grew up in rural Suffolk in the 1970s, and I once galloped across a rape field which had been cut, jumping each cut row as I came across it. Pony started to realise that there was nothing substantial there and we ended up just...
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    As I see it, the costs of horse owning are nearly all associated with the costs of keeping the horse and not the cost of buying the horse. I was once trying to sell a much loved pony and I had two families wanting to buy him. In my guts I knew that family A would be better for him but they were...
  17. Tarragon

    Slang words/phrases

    My husband's mother, from the North East, would call the action a cat does when it kneads with its paws, "ploating". I was convinced she had made it up. (That was a tricky paragraph to write for someone who has problems with where to put apostrophes!)
  18. Tarragon

    Slang words/phrases

    I think we are talking about the same plant, but we call it goose grass!
  19. Tarragon

    Behaviourist Advice Appreciated (FOOD AGGRESSION)

    I am so glad that this thread has sorted itself out. Misunderstandings clarified and assumptions explained; relevant and pertinent advice can be given :-)
  20. Tarragon

    Cushings: please help me

    One of my ponies has been on Prascend for 4 years now. When he got to the age of 16 I decided to give him a special MOT so that I could be prepared for the next 10 years, and the MOT included a blood test for cushings, purely because it was free at the time and not because he was showing any of...
  21. Tarragon

    Questionnaire on body condition scoring

    Done but found it difficult from the photos.
  22. Tarragon

    Pictures I LOVE MY PONIES 😍

    I love you photo. Those two will get anyone through a bad time. So sorry to hear about your Dad, nothing has been easy this year.
  23. Tarragon

    Motivation- What are you doing?

    With field kept ponies, any riding I can do in the winter months is a bonus. I sort of assume that I cannot ride because of wind/rain/fog/ice so if I get up and the weather is ok then I am pleasantly surprised, brush off the worst and take my hairy pony out for a ride.
  24. Tarragon

    Small Pony and Carriage Transport

    At the moment I can either fit a pony in my trailer, or the carriage, but not both! On the rare occasions I have gone away for a drive I have gone and dropped off the carriage first and then come back for the pony - not ideal. I am watching this thread with interest :-)
  25. Tarragon

    Adults riding ponies

    but ... you find yourself expected to open all the gates! I went cubbing on a donkey once - now that raised some eyebrows! Especially when she brayed :D:D:D:D
  26. Tarragon

    Adults riding ponies

    Dales crossed with an Exmoor! No wonder I liked her ;) Wonderful cross.
  27. Tarragon

    Adults riding ponies

    Lovely photo SEL! I think that the perception is that you may "look" to be "too" big but I reckon absolutely not in practise. I had a 12hh Exmoor pony for a while, a chunky leg-in-each corner type, and I knew that he was fine with me, but I felt too big and self-conscious on him. So, it was my...
  28. Tarragon

    Adults riding ponies

    I think that when you have adults riding ponies, it is the torso to leg ratio of the person riding that makes the difference to the overall "picture". If you have a long torso, you must have a bigger impact on the centre of gravity. If you have long legs, you are probably fine, but it is...
  29. Tarragon

    Pony shopping

    Looking forward to seeing the photos!
  30. Tarragon

    Best grooming tool for removing dried mud in mane - sensitive pony

    I would just use my fingers. Hold a bunch of mane in one hand and ease away strands a bit at a time. It is the way i was taught to do tails as well. It stops thinning.