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  1. monkeybum13

    Eurocommerce singapore x Heartbreaker, anyone with similar?

    I have a 6yo gelding by Eurocommerce Singapore, he is a sweetheart. He can be a bit tricky sometimes (more to do with a teenage phase rather than breeding I think) but generally he's very well behaved under saddle and has a lovely pop on him. On the ground he is an angel.
  2. monkeybum13

    South West People Competitions

    Depending where in Somerset you are there's West Littleton, 5 mins from Bath junction of M4. They've got events the end of May (organised by PC) and 6th June (organised by BDRC).
  3. monkeybum13

    next one: stable rugs with clip on neck covers?

    As others have said FAL zip on, what size are you looking for? I bought this rug at Burghley, I was super impressed with it. It is a shame mine grew out of it
  4. monkeybum13

    Who's going to Badminton?

    Rubbish, nothing is more important, not even final year uni exams ;)
  5. monkeybum13

    Hacking out with someone on a bike?

    I hack out loads with my dad on his bike, there's lots of hills where I am and my horse is fit so trotting up hills is about the same speed as my dad on the bike (the hills do drag!) it is just going down hill the bike has to go a lot slower than usual! I find it really useful as our lanes are...
  6. monkeybum13

    fly rugs with detachable/clip on necks?

    Nope, they've fitted mine really well. Fits my WB like a glove :)
  7. monkeybum13

    Who's going to Badminton?

    All week! Monday - briefing Tuesday - drinks party Wednesday - mounted steward Thursday - Sunday, relax, enjoy and shop, shop, shop!
  8. monkeybum13

    fly rugs with detachable/clip on necks?

    My Mark Todd rug clips on. It is a couple of years old, not sure if the style has changed.
  9. monkeybum13

    What kind of XC boots does your horse wear?

    I love the le mieux boots, they fit my horse perfectly and don't slip or rub. If it's your first time XC do you really need proper XC boots? If you're not going to be doing it regularly a set of brushing boots or similar boots should be suffice.
  10. monkeybum13

    Badminton Dressage Championships Grass Roots

    It's a lovely competition, definitely worth going to qualifiers :)
  11. monkeybum13

    Horse Rugging Questionnaire

    Thank you everyone who has filled this in. The more responses the better :)
  12. monkeybum13

    Horse Rugging Questionnaire

    Thanks for all your responses :)
  13. monkeybum13

    Horse Rugging Questionnaire

    Thanks everyone!
  14. monkeybum13

    Horse Rugging Questionnaire

    Hi Everyone, My friend has complied a questionnaire as part of market research for a rug design business. If anyone had a spare few minutes to fill the questionnaire out that would be very much appreciated. If anybody has any further comments please post on here or PM me and I will pass these...
  15. monkeybum13

    Hock arthritis in a younger horse? And KS diagnosis

    Unfortunately it is fairly common, my mare had it so bad she was PTS when she was only 8 BUT she was an extreme case. I wish you well with Louie, there are lots of options to try :)
  16. monkeybum13

    Acceptable arena use?

    Of course you can ask her not to turn out on your arena. If I had my own arena I would never let anyone turn out on it! I don't understand why she has to do it if they get daily turnout anyway?
  17. monkeybum13

    Alfa-A anyone got any good experiences?!

    Never had a problem with Alfa A, I really like it.
  18. monkeybum13

    Sending horse away for schooling - yay or nay?

    £400 is mega money!! My instructor had my horse for a few weeks last summer whilst I was on holiday and he was much less than half of that figure (and we're talking 4* eventer)!
  19. monkeybum13

    XC Boots - PE, Le Mieux, Dalmar, Equilibrium, other?

    Really pleased with my Le Mieux boots :)
  20. monkeybum13

    Arena hiring Dyrham, Hinton, Doynton

    Wilkes Farm, Doynton hire out their arena. They have a B+B so try contacting that way.
  21. monkeybum13

    Standardbred owners NEEDED!

    Unfortunately by fabulous standie mare was PTS last summer but she was a fantastic horse, would dressage and jump but he main thing was hunting, she was unbelievably fun to hunt and not short of pace, she could keep up with Denman and would jump hedges brilliantly.
  22. monkeybum13

    Travelling without a partition

    Never had a problem travelling without a partition. Previously we could only take 1 horse so always travelled without, means you can tack up inside if it is raining :)
  23. monkeybum13

    trotting/cantering on long rein to stretch

    I always warm up and cool down like this but still need to crack canter, he struggles to stretch down and I have a tendency to ride on a loose rein rather than a long rein, oops! Stretching in trot on a circle is in Walk and trot B I think?
  24. monkeybum13

    Feel like giving up

    The art of being a good instructor is being able to improve, even if only a tiny bit a variety of different horses, sounds like this instructor has a set way of doing things and adaptability is not their strong point. Stick with the instructor you know and get on with :) The hardest thing is...
  25. monkeybum13

    Talk me through Winter feeding for the good doer?

    As much hay as you can give him without him piling on too many lbs, if he starts to look a bit dull I'd be tempted to give him a balancer, top spec lite, spillers lite or baileys lo cal for example.
  26. monkeybum13

    Ride and Lead, how do YOU do it?

    Led horse to the left, roughly at my knee. Always on a bridle. I have a rope which is halfway between a lead rope and a lunge line. I wouldn't trust using just a short leadrope! Always clipped onto the bit the far side, threaded over the poll and through the bit on my side.
  27. monkeybum13

    Bridle numbers and dressage writers

    OP I couldn't agree more! The amount of times I have written for classes and people don't even come up to the C end, it is a nightmare!
  28. monkeybum13

    Are unaff drssage scores getting unrealistic?

    What level is that the judge at? Seems fairly low criteria!
  29. monkeybum13

    What turnout rugs do you use on wet nights at this time of year?

    Mine has been in a 100g combo the last couple of nights, its a really handy rug for when it gets a bit chilly. He's got an assortment of no fills with standard necks and combos for this time of year, none have leaked and that's with going in the washing machine a lot.
  30. monkeybum13

    BRC Area 9 Dressage Report

    He’s ‘alright’ I guess, he can stay another week ;) Thank you! :D Oh I completely agree, just annoying when you get a low mark for breaking in canter when you didn’t, lol! Lazy sod in other words!