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  1. jules9203

    What do you pay for zoom training???

    I'm looking at putting some training packages together including zoom meetings. What would you all be prepared to pay for a private or group zoom meeting focusing on various subjects such as goal setting / confidence / mind set / visualisation etc? Looking at 1 hr sessions.
  2. jules9203

    Horse evading contact - any advice??

    A cob at my yard was driven for several years. It is now owned by an older lady who rides him. He can work nicely but has a habit of leaning on the bit, putting his head down or into his chest and running when she does canter work and when she tries to do pole work. He has had back, teeth, tack...
  3. jules9203

    Travelling boots for a skinny legged horse!!!

    As title - I have a 15.2hh mare with very skinny legs. Tried a set of Mark Todd cob size travelling boots. Right height but far too big width wise. Anyone got any suggestions?
  4. jules9203

    Rant re running a small livery yard :)

    I am so flipping fed up with people expecting super cheap diy. I had some one ask the other day for diy + turn out & bring in 5 days a week for less than £225 per month. Including ad lib hay, good grazing and hacking, late night checks and use of school. I rent out 7 boxes and the rent I pay...
  5. jules9203

    Youngster not accepting the bridle after the dentist

    Looking for advice - I have a 3yr old that I'm starting to back. She was shown as a 2 & 3yr old and accepted her bridle with no problem. Before starting lunging her I had the dentist come and remove her wolf teeth (August) She fought the sedative and the vet was worried about the amount he had...
  6. jules9203

    Micklem Girth

    Has anyone seen or used one of these yet? I had heard he has designed one but can't find any information about it
  7. jules9203

    What sentence from a seller would stop you going to look at a horse.......

    Just curious. Years ago I was looking for a youngster and a lady told me she had "a 4yr old that was going beautifully in a double bridle with a market harborough". Needless to say I didn't go and see it.
  8. jules9203

    Best bit to start a horse in

    Just curious to know what you feel the best bit is to start a youngster with. I'm about to start backing mine and as there are so many makes/types of bits I would like to know what you have found works well? She's TBxWB with a small mouth (not fleshy lips or big tongue). Had her wolf teeth...
  9. jules9203

    Recommendations for Huge Overreach boots.....

    I am looking for some very large over reach boots. We have tried LeMieux XXL and they don't meet in the middle. XL rubber ones from Robinsons fit (just) around the hoof but are not long enough. He's a cob and has very wide feet. The farrier says he has the largest feet he shoes. I have a pair of...
  10. jules9203

    Recommendations for Huge Overreach boots....

    Putting this on here as technically hoof care?? I am looking for some very large over reach boots. We have tried LeMieux XXL and they don't meet in the middle. XL rubber ones from Robinsons fit (just) around the hoof but are not long enough. He's a cob and has very wide feet. The farrier says...
  11. jules9203

    Facebook Page - The Sarcoid Centre

    I have a mare with sarcoids. I have tried herbs, creams, vet treatments and every time the sarcoid has come back more aggressively. In the last yr there are 4 others appearing - various different types. She is in her 20's and I am not prepared to put her through lasering (which is my last vet...
  12. jules9203

    Centre10 / Charlie Unwin / APEC Advanced.......????

    Anyone have experience of these training courses? Looking at the advanced but would like some feed back before signing up. Have done a days training with Charlie which was very good.
  13. jules9203

    Looking for someone to help with a pony that naps/rears - recommendations

    I'm looking for recommendations for some one to help with a 6 yr old pony who has a tendency to nap & rear. Teeth/back etc all checked. Definite tensions issues. The owner has only had it 6 weeks and we do not know it's previous history. Pony is based just south of Reading.
  14. jules9203

    Licking soil, rust metal & chewing rotten wood.......

    I have a 3 yr old mare who is doing the above. She has good quality grass when out (at the moment 18hrs + per day) When she is in she has ad lib good quality hay. She also has 1 feed per day - alfalfa, vits & mins and dampened with sugar beet. She's 15hh and 500kg and is a good wieght. Anyone...
  15. jules9203

    Horse lame - landing toe first on right hind......possible causes?

    Asking for some one who isn't on here. The horse came in this morning sound. Has been in for 8 hours. Came out of the box really quite lame on the right hind. Putting the toe down first. this did not get any better with a few minutes walking. The horse is shod and was last shod 3 weeks ago...
  16. jules9203

    Absorbent bedding.....

    Has anyone used either Megazorb (wood pulp) or Equisorb (flax) bedding? I'm looking to semi deep litter a couple of boxes and wondered if anyone has any good/bad feedback on either. Or any other suggestions? Currently using Fibremax and wood pellets.
  17. jules9203

    Foam Trot Poles - why??

    Hi - as title really. I heard of these for the first time today. Could someone explain why they would be used? I always thought trot poles were used to get horses to lift their legs. Surely if they are foam they will not encourage horses to step over them (possibly be able to step on them) and...
  18. jules9203

    Anyone else having this problem with grazing???

    In April I still had mud and little grass. May & June were good grass months. By the middle of July I had no grass due to lack of rain. Suddenly in the space of a week I have too much grass again(It is very short but has a high sugar content we've had behaviour issues with the youngsters and a...
  19. jules9203

    Flies....Has anyone tried..... Has anyone tried these? If so did they help with keeping flies away?
  20. jules9203

    Biting advice

    I have recently bought a 4yr old TB mare. Previously she had been ridden in a nathe straight bit which apparently she became strong in and then a neue schule verbindend which she isn't that settled in. Since having her home I have tried a straight bar and the ns verbindend and agree she isn't...
  21. jules9203

    Insurance query re instructors

    I run a small livery yard and have insurance covering my teaching, public liability etc. However if I were to let an outside instructor come and teach one of my liveries (at the livery's request) how would I stand if something went wrong in the lesson and the instructor had no insurance?
  22. jules9203

    Insurance for 1yr old

    Can anyone let me know which insurance companies are good for insuring youngsters?
  23. jules9203

    People that have hacked around Cliddesden, Basingstoke

    Hi, I'm looking to find anyone that has hacked around Cliddesden, Basingstoke, Hampshire since 1985. Particularly the fields behind the Junior school across to Farleigh Hill road (so down from the church for instance). We need to prove these tracks and footpath have been ridden for at least...
  24. jules9203

    BHS Exams - never too old!

    Well I did it. 32 years after passing my BHSAI I have passed by BHS Intermediate Teaching. Whats more I actually enjoyed the day!
  25. jules9203

    I'm thinking of starting a 1st time breeder blog.....

    I have no knowledge about doing this at all - advice please about how to do this (technically as IT illiterate!!!)
  26. jules9203

    So very cross..........Buying a horse or not!

    This is a rant. I arranged to see a horse today and took my trainer along with me. We turned up and I rode the horse and really liked him. Said to sellers that we liked him but I needed to discuss with OH (as its his money!). When I got off the horse the next person to try in got on board. I got...
  27. jules9203

    Reactor Panel Saddles

    Hi, Has anyone had any experience in using/riding in one of these and if so what were your thoughts - pros and cons please!
  28. jules9203

    Looking for a Bushland Terrier

    As title really - I am looking for a Bushland Terrier (possibly 2!) - puppy to 2 years old. Does anyone know of any for sale in the south or anyone that breeds them? Happy to travel a reasonable distance.
  29. jules9203

    After some advice re getting an equine passport......

    I will be looking at getting my foal micro chipped and passported later this year. The dam is a TB by Bandmaster and the Sire is Royaldik, an Oldenburgh Stallion. There seems to be a range of passports out there and just wanted some advice as to what one would be most relevant. Apologies...
  30. jules9203

    Arcequine .....Anyone used one? Views please

    As the title really. Seen the Arcequine unit and obviously all their reviews on the website are positive. Has anyone used one and if so what for and do you think it helped? Link to website -