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    Hi, Just wondering if anyone knew any Unbelievable Darco offspring, I am hopefully going to look at a gelding by him to event. Any thoughts/info would be very much appreciated, especially if anyone has any eventers by him :)
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    Can you wear white breeches for BE???

    As title really, I wear white purely as personal preference (with a navy jacket). But at BCA yesterday I had my eventer friend helping me and she said that you weren’t allowed to wear white at the lower levels (doing BE90/100 atm) She also said that she overheard a girl at...
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    Dressage Cobs- any out there?

    Hi, This probably is not allowed but just thought it was worth a plea to all you lovely HHOers! :) I am trying to help my mum find her next horse but so far we have been to see a fair few and also called up after about 1000! Now I have just sold a horse and I know how frustrating it is...