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    So nagging with your legs...

    Is very much acceptable in Olympic dressage. Some awful riding seen today, but hey because they are Olympians it's acceptable... Sigh.
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    'Headbutting horse' video

    Sorry if this has been posted before! A case of someone not paying attention to his surroundings I think. It wasn't headbutting either - that's a biter! And to be honest I have chucked water at a...
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    Poor, poor pony :(

    Warning - there are pics in this link. Whoever did this deserves the same treatment. I'll stand there with a long pole pushing them back in :(
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    Horse 'pts' by police after accident Condolences to the owners. Thank goodness sense was seen and the police put this poor animal out of it's misery without it having to wait, it can't have been pleasant for anyone involved :(
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    Well done QueenBee and Ben!

    As I was at the Royal Cornwall today I decided to try and find the two of them, in a sea of coloureds! Both looked very smart and took part in the class without any real hiccups. Ben was quite fresh in a jiggy way but didn't disgrace himself and QB coped really well with him. Well done...
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    SJ and dressage tickets back on sale

    Heads up for anyone that can get there. EJ002 for SJ and ED003 for dressage.
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    Union flag painted horse - very clever!
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    South Today's ragwort report

    Well done South Today for highlighting Hampshire's ragwort problem. Shame they had people supporting the wildlife ragwort loving issues too... I do think they needed more emphasis on the poisoning problems though.
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    Grand National to be made 'safer' I doubt it will stop fatalities, sadly that's racing for you, but it might give the not so clever horses a chance...
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    What a lucky horse!
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    Grace the starved horse has been pts :(

    Not sure how many people on here followed her story elsewhere but Grace sadly had to be pts yesterday after a bout of bad colic :( I guess it's no surprise that colic got her in the end but she had come so far and seemed out of the woods for good. RIP Grace x Not sure if this link will work...
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    How do you get over giving up horse owning?

    I have decided to let my gorgeous mare go off to be a broodie in the New Forest. I'm losing my livery as the owner is emigrating and financially I could really do with a break so have sadly decided to let her go. She's 15 and I've had her since she was 6 months old and although I'm trying to let...
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    Thank you Carol at Horse and Hound

    for changing the details in a news feed so promptly when requested. It is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Sick barstewards...

    Just seen on the 10 minute news that some sick feckers threw a load of apples spiked with nails and pins into horse fields. Didn't get all the details as I was listening to something on my laptop and just caught the end of it. I'd like to meet whoever did that and give them a piece of my mind.
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    Dear god...what's up with people! Can you imagine cantering into that? It doesn't bear thinking about! And it's not just us riders, cyclists and walkers were in danger too. I bet the gits that did it were hiding nearby and watching to see if anyone got caught by it...
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    Poor pony :-(

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    Can any Cornish peeps recommend a good riding stables near/on Bodmin

    moor please? Off to Cornwall at the end of the month for a week (Port Issac) and determined to get a ride in somewhere whilst there. I own a 16:2 TB mare so I like quality forward going horses and would prefer a ride that doesn't have a huge amount of roadwork (too much of that at home!)...
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    Today's Fugly post How dreadful...... poor horses, I only hope they didn't suffer.
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    How sad... colt died fleeing dog Poor horse and poor owner
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    Zara's fall frame by frame....

    Ouch! Any HHOers in the crowd?
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    Good riding stables in Cornwall

    I'm off down to Port Isaac for a week and although I own my own horse when I go away I always try and get a ride in where ever I am. So can anybody recommend a good stables that does exciting rides (no plodding please!) on quality horses (I have a beautiful but nutty TB) around Bodmin way...
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    Yet again words fail me.....
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    Spanish horses in the Uk

    Does anyone have any links to sites for any Spanish horses for sale in the UK or breeders of. I've googled the obvious but not getting a huge amount of useful info (only one good site and they never update it ). Not after a specific breed so any info would be gratefully received! Thanks!
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    Are horses too trusting??,,30200-1301121-8,00.html I love the comment that none of the owners would harm their horses..... I bet a few horses were singed or burnt when their drunken (but caring!!) owners rode them through the fires
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    My horse is moulting already.....

    My TB mare has started shedding hair - normally she starts round about the end of the month but it does seem a bit early this year! Anyone elses moulting earlier than normal?
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    Anyone tried the Nupafeed calmer?

    If so what kind of results did you have? I have a 12 yo TB mare who gets incredibly over excited when warming up for showjumping and I really need something to help reduce this. She is generally an airhead anyway and it would be nice to have a horse that doesn't freak out so much when ridden...
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    Highland breeders/sellers

    Does anybody know of reputable Highland breeders that may have brood mares or fillies for sale (must be dun)? Posting this request for a friend who doesn't frequent HHO.
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    Foals being loose jumped

    This makes me want to weep.... poor foalies.... Scroll down in the link for the piccies
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    Anyone in Helston remember Seahawk Saddle club?

    As it says really Does anyone remember this Naval riding stables (part of Culdrose)? It folded in 1970 - 71 when I was in Hong Kong with my family and I was heartbroken at the time. My dad showed me the list of the horses and ponies for sale - quite cruel of him really! Just wondered if...