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  1. Doormouse

    Would you and do you turn out on rough frozen ground?

    As title and at 7am? New livery arrived on the understanding that we are on slightly restricted turnout due to wet winter but promised 3-4 hours per day and offered to do the turning out and getting in for her for her for free. Arrived Saturday pm, we discussed turnout and I suggested she...
  2. Doormouse

    DIY Price Per Week in South West?

    Please could you all be very kind and give me an idea of what you pay per stable plus extra facilities like turnout, school, tack room, solarium, wash area etc? Trying to get an idea of prices mainly in the Salisbury area but happy to hear from further out too.
  3. Doormouse

    Can a pony have Cushings and EMS?

    I have an 11.2hh 15 year old Welsh Section who we bought recently for my daughter. He came with Metformin as we were told he had been tested for EMS 3 years ago and prescribed Metformin which helped. We had had him a week when I decided to test for cushings as he was drinking excessively, was...
  4. Doormouse

    Horse with blocked nasal passage WWYD?

    Long, long and very expensive story but cut short, last September my very precious old man had to have 2 upper back teeth removed as one was rotten and the other fractured. Surgeon rang me during removal to warn that removing both (fractured one hadn't shown on x-ray) could make healing tricky...
  5. Doormouse

    Hedge Trimming

    Probably a really stupid question but is it ok to turn horses out in a field where the hedges has just been trimmed? Landlord trimming the hedges today, horses are in all day to keep out of the way. Is it ok to turn them back out tonight or is there a risk of them either eating sharp chips or...
  6. Doormouse

    Feed for underweight cushings pony?

    My daughters truly wonderful old pony is a 13hh 24 year old section b with cushings, contolled by 1/2 prascend a day. He came to me on the poor side, I went wild with the feeding and because he was unsettled about moving and then full of food he frightened my daughter witless! I came to my...
  7. Doormouse

    Getting my mare to settle cantering in fields?

    My 5 yo Bogof, who is in theory a wb but definitely has some Welsh cob in there somewhere, is giving a bit of a headache cantering in fields. She was great as a 4 year old, very settled and easy, then I took her Autumn hunting and she was quite awful, Broncs, leaps, very strong etc. I forced...
  8. Doormouse

    Beach Riding Weymouth

    Please can anyone help? I would love to take my daughter and her friend down to the beach with their ponies and our nearest is Weymouth. I can find bits of info via Google but nothing about where to park or who to contact. If anyone knows more about it or has done it themselves, please reply...
  9. Doormouse

    My Bogof does her first hunter trial and scares me to death!

    Still struggling to post photos on here but suffice to say that I may as well have done the 1m class as opposed to the 80cms as we jumped at least that and more over every single fence!
  10. Doormouse

    What to feed a spooky good doer who lacks energy?

    Ok, I know you are all thinking, is she mad? It does sound a bit like it to be fair! My 5 year old warmblood x welsh cob is a fairly laid back individual who gets fat on thin air but she can be very spooky. I wouldn't mind if she wasn't very short and lacking in front which means an average...
  11. Doormouse

    The adventures of Precious the ex racehorse.

    A quick background on Precious aka Oscar Dan Dan, Grade 1 winning hurdler, 6th in the World Hurdle to Big Bucks, ridden by Ruby Walsh, AP McCoy, Paul Carberry to name but a few and winner of over £300,000 in prize money. Now retired from racing and as it turns out retired from retraining as...
  12. Doormouse

    Horse worried in traffic - any solutions?

    My 6 year old ISH is not good in traffic. He is fine with a nanny and slow moving traffic but not fine at all if he is on his own or if the traffic is a bit faster moving. We live on very small lanes where traffic has to virtually stop for us to pass and so he is fine and in the places where...
  13. Doormouse

    Feeding straights advice please.

    Ok, could really do with some here please as I am getting very confused! My ISH has a dust allergy so can't have any chaff / chop in his feed. I would like to take him off his current diet of top spec balancer and ulsakind nuts for 2 reasons, his feet are poor on it and expense. He is a fussy...
  14. Doormouse

    Hoof quality - can anyone help please?

    I have 2 horses and a pony. They all seem to have very poor feet at the moment and I am not sure why. 1 16.3hh ISH and 1 16.1hh ex racehorse, both shod. I have been feeding topspec since August and they have the general balancer, ulsakind nuts, micronised linseed and the ex racehorse has top...
  15. Doormouse

    Spring Tree Saddles & Berney Bros Saddles - any experience

    Just wondering about Spring tree saddles, the good, the bad and the ugly? Also, anyone use Berney Bros saddles, and if so your experiences with them?
  16. Doormouse

    Any saddle fitters on here that could answer a question please?

    I have had a saddle made for my 4 year old. She is 15.1hh, quite wide and has a wither but only just really. She also has very big shoulders and is very short coupled. The saddler told me I would need a saddle made on a straight cut tree and then he would make the flaps forward cut for me. He...
  17. Doormouse

    Has anyone any used the Bomber Bits Happy Tongue?

    Just seen these on eBay and was wondering if anyone had used them and if they had been good or not and in which circumstances?
  18. Doormouse

    Would desensitising help?

    My 4 year old has thus been horizontal - easy to break, been all sorts of places and been very laid back but she has always been very spooky and looky and now she is feeling stronger and fitter she is getting to be a bit of a nuisance with it. Mostly she just pokes and peers at everything from a...
  19. Doormouse

    More energy for a well rounded 4 year old?

    My 4 year old is broken and working gently daily. She hacks most of the time but we have one lesson a week, mainly flatwork with a bit of jumping. She goes fabulously at the beginning of each lesson but she does run out of oomph quite quickly and much as I realise that is to do with weakness...
  20. Doormouse

    Please recommend a no rub fly rug for thin skinned tb.

    My dear old boy is very thin skinned and everything rubs his shoulders especially in the summer. I have tried using a bib to help with the fly rug rubbing but not only does it not seem to work but also makes him very hot. He is currently wearing a Rambo Bug Buster, his Weatherbeeta rubbed him...
  21. Doormouse

    Grazing wanted please within 15 miles of Sherborne

    Looking for summer grazing for 2 horses for approx 6 weeks within about 15 mile radius of Sherborne. Both horses just need a summer break, don't need any facilities other than water and natura, shade. Would check every day or happy to pay for someone to.
  22. Doormouse

    Best fly mask for pony with protruding eyes?

    My daughters section A is an old lady with cushings and her eyes are set a bit far back and protrude rather. So far, the fly mask she came with, (Bloomin Ponies), the expensive Equilibrium one and the shires one all inhibit her eyes. The shires is the best of the 3 but still not great. Any...
  23. Doormouse

    Could anyone identify these for me?

    I was poo picking last night and every poo is picked up was literally crawling with these little bugs. Are they simple dung bugs or are they something more sinister?
  24. Doormouse

    My horse is going bald - help!

    My 13 year tb has been out in the field all winter, rugged and fed. He has come back looking poorer than I would have liked and lost his muscle completely but hopefully spring grass and proper gentle work will deal with that. However, he is now throwing out his coat, as you would expect, but...
  25. Doormouse

    Still one of the best & most logical pieces ever written

    “MADNESS, MADNESS – MADNESS” by Sir Mark Prescott How many hours did Parliament devote to debating the war in Iraq? The answer is 41 hours. How many have died since that war began? If you believe independent sources 220,000 men, women and children. How many hours did Parliament devote...
  26. Doormouse

    Lead rein pony help - am I being silly?

    Long story but shortened version is bought a lovely 7 year welsh section a pony last April, was very overweight but otherwise sweet, kind and easy. Couldn't get the weight off no matter what I did, always footy although farrier swore no signs of lami, diagnosed incorrectly by vets as in foal...
  27. Doormouse

    Fixed peanut link Happy Mouth?

    A friend lent me an old happy mouth bit for my horse which he loves. It is a loose ring jointed bit with a peanut link that doesn't roll. The trouble is that it is a Dutch gag with the 3 rings so can't be used for dressage. I have hunted everywhere for a plain snaffle with the fixed peanut link...
  28. Doormouse

    Livery Sherborne or Yeovil Area

    I'm looking for a livery yard in the Sherborne or Yeovil area for 2 horses and a pony. Would really prefer a small yard but can't afford to be choosy so any suggestions very welcome. TIA
  29. Doormouse

    Need some lunging inspiration please.

    Storm has woken me up, so am wide awake now! I have managed to give my horse a sore back and he is on antibiotics, feeling rather guilty, and so am grounded for a week. Lunging to keep him fit but am struggling for a bit of inspiration to make it a bit more interesting for both of us and to...
  30. Doormouse

    Help with small pony outfit for tinsel ride?

    Tinsel ride next week from the yard to the pub and back. Daughter is 3 so will want lots of tinsel which is easy but are there any cheapish 'Christmas costumes' for ponies out there? I know I should make it but my sewing skills are on a par with the ponies to be honest!