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    Sure clip clipper help

    So I bought my self a pair of sureclip clippers. I know they are cheap, but I clip one horse once per year so thought I would take a punt. Clipped about a third of a blanket clip on my fine coated tb. Clipped ok impressed for price. Took the blades off cleaned and put them back on. Now they...
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    Tragic horse deaths from contaminated food

    Haylege appears to have a reputation to being a better feed round here. One livery really panicked about feeding her horse hay incase it lost weight/ energy when haylege was not available. I much prefer hay and find all my horses do well on it. Haylege always seams to make them a bit squitty...
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    Renting field & stables advise please

    I'd be very clear about what you expect, maintenance wise and how the land is managed. if you need them in over night to preserve land over winter, stipulate it. Even basics like must be checked minimum 1x per day or 2 x between October and April. and stick to your rules. The last thing you...
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    Silly question about haynets and tacking up

    If mine is loose with a haynet. I put pressure on his chest and ask him to step back away from his net to enable me to put his bridle on. If he does not step back I would be a bit tougher. They should always respect your space and it is good to practice asking to step back. Also try when you go...
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    Got a hedgehog in our garden, the dog wants to attack it!

    We have loads of hedgehogs, 3 of our own cats and several neighboring cats. I have yet to see a cat bother a hedgehog mine will share a bowl of food with them. So moving to the cat hunting ground is probably a safe bet
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    Ride and lead...

    Ride the slower one. If you are on the naughty one and it plays up, it makes it twice as hard if you are a attached to a lump of wood.... :D
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    Something is digging holes in my field

    I fill my holes with my poo picking 😳 saves me taking it to the muck heap😂
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    Moveable field shelter DIY ideas

    If it was me I’d save the £500. 2 months will go quicker than you expect. My two live out 247 this time of year no shelter no problem. I would only build something if I would need it for hay/ straw storage later on
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    Snazzy new rug

    Ohh where’s it from? 😀
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    Let's play consequences....

    Hide! said Ponio1 a shetland
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    Implications on horse care. Coronavirus.

    My plan is to have a large bale put in the field and they can live out worst case scenario. If I am ill all liveries will pull together and vice versa. If I really had to go down for welfare reasons, I would go after everyone has left and not use anything communal, spray the gate with...
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    Round bale small hole net hack cheap £18! Or make large trickle nets

    I would be interested in seeing your trickle haynets, i am tempted to have a go
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    Anyone else lost their motivation in this continual rain

    Im always on it :) minimum 4 times a week.... My horse has lost a shoe and i haven't even contacted the farrier :eek: I've got a lot going on (as have most people this time of year) I can easily justify that i cant ride due to missing shoe....:oops:
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    Gelding looks pregnant and not losing weight?

    He probably finds more than 30min tiring and stops concentrating because he’s not used to it. I would push for 40min once or twice per week He should get better once fitter. I would also go for some good long hacks. Up the trot and canter work that usually get the weight loss started.
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    Feeding Straights

    Thank you that is very useful. I'm down to the last few scoops of current feed at the moment so feed shopping tomorrow
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    Feeding Straights

    Thanks it sounds like I am along the right lines. I have an old pony and an Irish/TB. The pony only has a token feed to add supplements to as he is semi retired and prone to porkyness 🐷 the Irish/tb sounds similar to yours Hello, he gets chubby in summer but it can drop off quickly this time...
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    Feeding Straights

    So I am looking to cut down on feeding junk-fillers sugar etc. So I am looking into feeding straights along side a mineral balanced from progressive earth. currently my two do well on chaff, own brand pony nuts, sugar beet and micronised linseed. I was thinking change chaff to a grass based...
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    Clipped legs or not (hunting)

    Do a search for blended legs, you clip down to the knee/hock and then blend with the unclipped lower leg I also took the feathers off. Looks smart but leaves a bit of protection. l tried this for the first time this year. It doesn’t look bad and wasn’t too hard. I think if you had a bay it...
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    A completely ridiculous question about sponges....

    People wash sponges? is that a thing? I assumed mine get washed when I use them... maybe I need to up my hygiene. tbf they don’t look manky and have never caused a problem. Tend to use jumbo car sponges and they last quite well
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    Filled legs despite 24/7 access to paddock and herd life

    I agree 20 x 40 is small for 5 horses, you say he has spent many weekends in a stable sized paddock but if he is having prolonged period in the 20 x 40 that may have an impact. But Also get his heart checked just in case
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    Hacking etiquette (pointless rant)

    My horse is a bit iffy about been overtaken/passed I accept it is an issue he/I need to deal with I am working on it and he is getting better, fine in company now, and fine being passed in the other direction. I appreciate a bit of consideration such as trotting after they have passed not...
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    Ginger - politically correct?

    I have a ginger cat called - Ginge Without fail every vet we get is vibrant Ginger and has to shout in the waiting room "Ginge Please" :oops: I'm contemplating giving him a false name next time (I love ginger hair and covert it for myself, dyed never looks natural)
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    Fighting a losing battle - scabby knees

    I have seen a few people swear by head and shoulders! worth a punt for what it costs
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    Thoughts South Herefordshire hunt.

    I went out a couple of times, mainly cubbing, fellow followers openly admitted it. I'm no expert on hunting terms but for example the field surround a Sugar beet field, hounds look for and flush fox out, followers around outside chase fox back in towards hounds and hunt staff, hounds kill fox...
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    Thoughts South Herefordshire hunt.

    I had a horse that would have really benefited for a few days hunting so went recently with my local pack. Sadly although they initially give the talk about hunting within the law. It quickly became apparent that they were not. I have never been particularly anti hunting even pre ban but this...
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    The alternative Rambo summer series thread for sensible people

    I have a Rambo summer series, really disappointing the waterproof part tears so easily just on the hedgerows round the field. The lining inside has torn. It is a great concept, the liners are great but not the usual toughness i expect from rambo. I prefer the premier equine version
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    Happy hacker horses

    It is likely that your "happy Hacker" would step up and do a bit more when you are ready. IMO 95% of healthy horses are capable of jumping a 90cm course and elementary dressage. I would go for it.
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    Tack cleaning wipes vs leather wipes

    Just use a cloth! Much cheaper :) I can see the appeal of wipes but i am consciously trying to reduce the amount of rubbish thrown into landfill. Most wipes are made from plastics and will never break down
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    Shivering cob

    I would say my natives coat is the equivalent to a 200gm rug. Horses coats are very efficient at keeping them warm. So if he is in a 100gm with a full coat. Then I clip I would put him in a 300gm. Cobs and Natives are hardy but take their coat away and you take that hardiness away and some can...
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    PE rug neck fit

    If the rest of the rug fits well, they often have neck covers in the sale for less than £10.00. I often buy replacement ones. I would just buy a large one in a close as matching colour as possible. Stick your neck on ebay. You will struggle to sell the rug 2nd hand for what you paid for it...